Fox Demon Usurping The Throne Daily

By Lu Tianyi,吕天逸

Fox Demon Usurping The Throne Daily part1

Fox Demon Usurping The Throne Daily part1

Short story:

The story of the emperor and the little fox.

狐妖篡位日常 by 吕天逸



1-5 (Part 1)
Translated by peonynoveltl



        A long long time ago, there was an emperor.
  The emperor went hunting and saw a fox. When the bow was ready to shoot, the fox saw it and hurriedly turned into a beauty.
     The beauty's peerless appearance was better than the three thousand beautiful women in the harem.
     Thus, the emperor's mood became lively.
  Regardless of the courtiers' admonishments, the emperor brought the fox that became a beauty into the palace and bestowed the title of Noble Consort upon her. Since then, he only favored the fox demon and doesn't even take a look at other women.
  Soon, the fox demon conceived and gave birth to a child. It was a fox cub through and through.
  The emperor held the newborn little fox and said lovingly: "Look at the little prince, he looks so much like zhen."
  The old eunuch who served the emperor for more than 20 years: "......"
  His Majesty is truly in love.
  The emperor sighed heavily: "These eyebrows are simply carved out from the same mold as zhen."
        The old eunuch stretched out his neck and looked at the swaddled fox cub: "......"
  Where are the eyebrows!?
        The fox demon was pampered in the imperial palace and even gave birth to a little fox. The emperor had no other children and soon set the fox as a prince. The courtiers refused to accept it and admonished the emperor. The emperor didn't listen.
  The courtiers jointly wrote a Qing Ci to sacrifice to heaven. They picked an auspicious day and burned it to complain to God.
  So the fox demon who was originally five hundred years away from the Heavenly Tribulation was forced to face it in advance. After a bolt of lightning struck down, it split off half of her life. She had to turn back into her original form and return to the mountains to cultivate and rehabilitate.
  The fox demon ran away and the emperor was so distressed that he lost all desire for food and drink. The belt became wider and wider. In a few months, he passed away from lovesickness.
  The prince who has eyed the throne greedily for a long time quickly rushed to ascend the throne.
  The prince also has his own son. When he dies in the future, he will of course want to pass the throne to his own son.
  So the new emperor held his sword and searched everywhere in the imperial palace for his imperial brother's little fox. He plans to root out all the weeds to avoid any trouble in the future.
     The old eunuch who loyally served the emperor for more than 20 years packed up a bunch of valuable items and ran away with the little fox. They found a small village with beautiful scenery to stay.
  Even if it's only a fox, it has the blood of the previous emperor flowing inside, it cannot be severed. At worst, it's just two chickens a day and raising it for a lifetime.
  So the old eunuch began to raise the fox cub in the countryside.
  The new emperor's little prince is as big as the little fox.
  When the little prince learned to walk, the little fox ran on the ground with all four legs.
  When the little prince babbled to learn the language, the little fox and the big yellow dog at the entrance of the village learned to bark.
  When the little emperor recited the four books and five classics, the little fox learned the forty-five types of calls to attract bitches.
  When the little prince learned to ride a horse for hunting, the little fox went to the villagers’ house and stole chicken to eat every night...
        The old eunuch had to pay from house to house.
  The neighbors all spoke at once with the old eunuch to lecture the little fox.
  The old eunuch was helpless: "What can I do, I'm also very desperate ah."
  Time passed.
  The little prince became a beautiful boy, like a jade tree facing wind. The old emperor also passed away and the little prince succeeded the throne, he became the new emperor and unified the whole country.
  The little fox also grew into a big fox that's shiny and smooth, and unified all the chickens, ducks, cats and dogs.
  One night, the fox demon whose injuries has healed, went down the mountain. In a farmhouse, she found her son who was born more than ten years ago in the chicken coop. She sacrificed her own beast core, cut it in half, and gave it to her son to eat.
  The little fox ate the beast core and transformed from a fox that was stealing chicken to a beautiful bare bottom boy that was stealing chicken.
  The human form of the little fox is exactly the same as the human form of the fox demon. The only difference is that one is male and one is female, one is younger and one is older.
  As for the eyebrows, it doesn't look like the old emperor's.
  The fox demon was very self-blaming: "Look at me, I have been in the mountains for so many years to heal my injuries and actually forgot about you."
        The beautiful boy nervously pinched the mouth of the chicken in his hand, not letting it call out.
  The fox demon conjured a piece of clothing and threw it onto the little fox: "It’s not too late to start from now, come, mother will teach you how to use sorcery."
  So when the little emperor began to learn reviewing memorials, the little fox began to learn the art of seduction and illusion.
  The old eunuch was heartbroken: "......"
  First of all, the prince went astray.
  Secondly, the prince's eyebrows are really not like the emperor's.

Translation notes:

- Zhen: royal 'I' used by the emperor

- Qing Ci: a taoist ritual

- Four books and five classics:
Four Books:
大學Great Learning
中庸Doctine of the Mean
論語Analects of Confucius
Five Classics:
易經Classic of Changes
詩經Classic of Poetry
禮記Classic of Rites
書經Classic of History
春秋Spring and Autumn Annals

-  A jade tree facing wind: used to describe a young man's talent and appearance.
A person who is tall, stately, and handsome, and whose movements are gentle and gracious.



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