Fury Ocean

By Unknown

Fury Ocean Prologue 1

Fury Ocean Prologue 1

Prologue: Break the dawn (One)

Prologue: Break the dawn (One)

A pained breathing sound repeated again and again in this empty room. Nobody knew when it started and when it would end.

In the center of the room, there was a beautiful woman inside a sealed transparent water tank. Her body had hundreds of tubes inserted into it.

She lay huddled, like a girl holding a pillow while sleeping. Her skin was pretty white due to the long-term soaking. Her hair was sprawling in the suspended liquid and it was clear enough to see her high nose bridge through the glass tank.

Her eyes were closed. She frowned and suffered from the pain that came from the pipelines attached to her. There were dozens of pipelines deeply rooted into her body. Some of the tubes connected with her blood vessels and others reached even deeper places inside her body. An unknown liquid was flowing through the tubes, which were connected to a red and blue indicator light on her back. In the dark, it seemed like a creature was blinking.

As water flowed, it was still difficult to see her face. However, it was not hard to tell how gorgeous she was because of her body. She looked perfectly calm during her sleep and seemed to ignore everything.

The room was fully white; white roof, white walls and a white light. Her breathing echoed around this empty room. Everything remained the same for years, her voice, rhythmic breathing and bubbling sound.

Time became meaningless in such a silent environment. Under the bright light, everything seemed unreal and it was difficult to distinguish between illusion and reality, except this tank which was incredibly simple but very real.

In the tank, her chest heaved.


“Blood pressure is normal.”

“Heartbeat is normal.”

“Intense neural activity, brain fever 42.”

“Genetic transformation?”


“Non-allelic genes ratio?”

“3.5! And it’s increasing, 3.6, 3.7……”

Within a larger room, there was a tense atmosphere. There were 38 computers around the room and everyone analyzed the various types of data on the screen. Any sign of unusual situations would be reported to a gray-haired old man.

The huge projection screens caught any movements the women had in the water tank. Even a slight twitch could affect everyone’s feelings.

In the front of the screen, a disheveled old gray-haired man paid all his attention on the screen and was ready to react with any unpredictable threats.

“How far is the nucleic acid transfer at? And the speed!”

“6 into 7, and the speed is decreasing.”

“Add three milliliters more of the No.1 medicament. Wait, No, 2.5, Harry, Harry!”

After changing the instruction, the old man shook his head and suddenly lost his balance, almost falling to the ground. Due to the fact that he stared at the screen for too long, he was pushed to the limit physically and mentally.

There were two men standing nearby the old man, a young man who had a baby face and was sweaty. Another man wore a gray windbreaker and slightly frowned when he stared at the screen.

“Professor Lawrence!”

The young man was shocked when the old man almost fell to the ground and quickly grabbed his arm.

“Professor Lawrence, you need some rest…..”

“Go away!”

The professor tried to shrug away from him and moved his attention back onto the screen.

“ZERO, you are the most special one, and the only one left. I left you to the last minute, you must be successful!”

“Yeah! She’s the final experimental object. She has to succeed.”

The middle-aged man said, with a sort of mocking voice: “Billions of funds and nearly a hundred top biologists and researcher people. If the result is still unsatisfactory, I fear that nobody will believe you anymore ……”

“What do you know!”

The old man loudly roared like a furious dragon.

“This is the evolution of mankind, almost as important as when we started walking upright! No, even more significant than walking upright! You guys just care about money, money, if she can succeed, that will be…. be…… ”

There were no successful objects since the experiment started, so the elderly also had no idea about what will happen if it became successful.

“How strong is it? Even if the last one succeeded, we still need to test her capabilities.”

The elderly man didn’t know what would happen if the experiment failed, but the middle-aged man knew, and said with a smile: “So, Professor Lawrence, I just care about money, you don’t need to be angry at me. I just want to warn you that the company deals with huge risks and the pressures from the public opinion. If the Genetic Solider Project fails, the lab will be shut down and firing you probably is the least serious punishment you need to deal with.”

“I do not care! If she is successful, I do not care about anything else!” The old man was enraged by the threats from this middle-aged man.

“Want to kill me? Kill me? Come on, Come on!”

“Forget it, forget it.” The middle-aged man shook his head, and started to regret what he said.

Most of experts were a little bit crazy, especially those leading experts. Probably, this old man was the craziest one. Since the experiment started, hundreds of experimental subjects failed or died so this old man cannot feel anything except rage and desperation.

Now the middle-aged man began to understand, this old guy didn’t care about anything … even his own life.

He said. “Professor please focus on the experiment. We put so much effort on it, at least, we can get somethings back. ”

“Mind your own business! ” The old man angrily yelled at him: “I would like to remind you as well, my research is evolutionary, not to create any soldiers for you, not to make weapons to kill!”

“Not to create soldiers huh? ……Never mind, your purpose is great.”

The middle-aged man sneered and after a few minutes, said: “Professor, honestly, I don’t care about the outcome. It doesn’t matter whether she becomes a warrior or not ”

“What do you mean?”

“If the experiment fails, it simply means that your idea was an illusion and this lab will definitely close. That’s what I desire. Even if she is successful, it costed millions of dollar and around 100 expert to create one perfect soldier…No matter what it’s a failure unless she can fly or has invulnerability.”

The old man understood his meaning. He asked: “So, no matter what, you will shut down this project if you control the firm?”


The middle-aged man did not mind that his idea was exposed and frankly said. “Do not worry, there are lots of talented people working for you. I will not forget them, I will provide them with a high salary and allocate them to other departments. However, for you, professor, I don’t know……”


Suddenly the professor heard screaming from the young man who had a baby face. Everyone screamed before the professor figured out what happened.

“Heartbeat is increasing!”

“Blood pressure is declining!”

“Neural activities, brain fever is too high, 43 and 44, are still rising!”

“Genetic transformation, 90, 91, 92 ……”

“Danger! This is too dangerous, inject quickly ……”

The situation became dangerous when they argued. The gray-haired old man was furious and cursed the middle-aged man for the distraction.



The young man screamed again, and he became the first person who broken old man instruction.

“She she she …… …… she woke up!”


She woke up.

She felt a headache after she woke up.

Like her brain was full of chaos. She suffered from the pain inside her brain. Like one thousand horses running, ten thousand ducks fighting with each other, one hundred thousand frogs tearing their throats to sing, hundreds of millions of ants eating their prey.

Suddenly, she found out that she lost her freedom.

She was surrounded by water, lots of unknown pipes which transported something into her body, especially the one pipe behind her head bringing her the pain.

Therefore, she woke up, she had to.

And became angry, she had to be!


She wanted to roar, however, there was also a pipe inside her mouth. She instinctively took the tube out and threw it away.

Those pipes floated in the water tank. She didn’t stop and pulled every tube out one by one.

Along with pain, lots of wounds were born, and shortly, the water changed color due to it mixing with her blood. The only thing she wanted to do right now was to untie these “chains”, and be ready for her next move.

She turned over and then she stood roughly, like a dog. She had no idea on how to stand up.

Should she use both feet? Or use her arms and legs?

Although the pipe was gone, she still hardly focused on anything, even being confused over the simplest questions.

She had to discover slowly by her instinct.

After she tried several times, she was confident about what she was doing, then she groped the walls of the tank and stood up and looked around.

Suddenly, her eyes changed color.

It was not black, nor sapphire, nor red, nor yellow …… but green, which nobody else had.

Green indicated the extreme cold. She became more calm after her eye color changed.

Like a switch, just for a moment, she spun off from an angry state, and became completely calm.

She still felt the pain and bleeding, but she didn’t care, as if they did not exist.

In the muddy tank, she looked all round and looking for the exit.

Then, she soon discovered, there was no way out.

The tank was closed without doors, no entrance. The tank was made of a metal alloy.

In addition, she felt worse, because of the suffocation caused by the lack of oxygen!

Ordinary people cannot stay underwater for a long period. She was not normal, but she understood the need of oxygen, and she had to hurry up.

The oxygen tube was still bubbling. She stretched out her hand, clenched her fist, and punched toward the tank violently.

Her movements were stiff. However, there were no drawbacks. It was hard to believe she was fighting for the first time in her life. Her movement drew a perfect arc and she punched accurately on one particular spot of the wall.

Nobody taught her how to do. However, she reacted like this subconsciously.


The solid tank had a crack after her punches. She shook her head a bit and frowned slightly.

It seemed that she was dissatisfied about the result. She moved back a little bit, made some adjustments and made ready for another punch.



“How? How could this happen!”

The professor’s roar echoed in the room yet no one could give the answer.

Considering the specialization of the experiment, they injected anesthetic into her body periodically. Even an elephant would never wake up under this situation.

Was the anesthetic expired? Or fake?

It was impossible that she woke up. How could she wake up? How?

Well, this was an unexpected turn of events. Theoretically, she should be exhausted even if she woke up. Why did she become so powerful after she opened her eyes? In the past, she was designed as a powerful being so to make sure she was not a liability, there was an obedience and hypnosis program inside her body. How did all the programs lose their effects?

Well, this was unexpected as well. She was the future of mankind now. These phenomena could not be easily explained by ordinary people. But……

Why could she think independently?

Any movement was determined by the will, which was symbolic of all living things. Her behaviors were well-organized since she woke up. Undoubtedly, she had her own will.

She wanted to get out, she wanted to escape, she wanted to be free!

And this was definitely what she couldn’t have.

Therefore, they must prevent her.

“Emergency, emergency!”

“Guards! Guards! Get over there!”

The bell started to ring loudly, like air raid sirens. The guards rushed to the scene from several directions and waited for upcoming instructions.

“Make sure to catch her alive, no, make sure ZERO’s safe as well! Then ……Ce Ge, you bastard!”

Professor Lawrence looking grimly at this middle-aged man, after roaring through the microphone. Suddenly he remembered something, turned around and seized the middle-aged man’s collar.

The middle aged man never expected what the professor would do. This man was stunned and shocked. Although he was strong and tall, he was caught by this old and short man and could not get away.

“Is that you, what did you do! You are the only person who hoped this project would fail in the company! You bastard, asshole ……”

“You …… let go, let me go!”

“Why? Why did you do this? Why, why!” At that moment, the old professor turned into a demon who would not let his prey go.

“Cough, no…… Cough, no ……” Ce Ge’s face was flushed and started suffocating.


The young man had to do something to stop the professor and tried his hardest to rescue the company’s future leader.

“Cough …… cough ……”

It was the first time he felt how weak he was and how much he needed air. He was left panting for breath. He stepped back and said to himself.

“In the future, except for when I’m sleeping with women, I must take a bodyguard when I see anyone.”

Ce Ge looked at this old man with the resentment, and said after a few minutes.

“You crazy old man, cough ……”

His hands were shaking, his voice and body were trembling, he could not describe how angry he was right now. At this moment, Ce Ge wanted to tear this old guy up and feed the sharks. However, the only thing he could do was sigh.

“How would I ……”

Whatever, now was not the right time for revenge!

If you want to be successful, you must learn how to be tolerant.

He repeated it again and again. Unfortunately, he turned those grievances into a sentence which was only the precise description of this old man.



“You are a psycho, definitely ……”

The professor was restrained tightly by the young man, but he still wanted to beat the middle-aged man up.

“Pu De, let me go, let me go. If you don’t, I will fire you!”

“Shut up!”

Ce Ge yelled after he suppressed his anger and pointed to the screen. The young lady was trying to break the tank. That was the most crucial thing they should be considering right now.

“The experiment was successful, but how do we deal with it!”


The old man was surprised for a moment. He twisted back and looked at the screen.

“No, it’s not successful, the genetic transformation isn’t completed. But now she ……”

“Absurd …… I say it is successful!”

There was no time to explain what happened, Ce Ge gazed at the screen and contemplated for a bit.

“Alloy glass, how powerful must she be in order to be able to break the it? What are your employees doing…… why are you still stand here?”

“What? Oh, right right, we have to stop her, the guards are on their way …… Wait, you want me to stop her?”

The old man suddenly became angry again, cursed him: “Do you want me to fight with her and match my strength against a terminator?!”


Ce Ge smiled, and wanted to say that the old man was pretty strong when he tried to fight with him.

“What is a terminator?”

“She is a terminator, ZERO…..” Professor Lawrence said hesitantly: “Never mind, you won’t understand.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I understand it or not, you must keep her alive.”

Ce Ge knew that resentment didn’t help, and tried to convince the professor patiently, “See? If she ran out of the lab, ordinary people cannot stop her.”

“Guards take a tranquilizer gun. Uh yes, a tranquilizer gun may not work for her. Attention, attention. The target resists the anesthetic. Triple the dosage .. No quadruple it …… If the guards could not deal with her, I have to fight her?! ”

Professor roared through the microphone, and refuted what Ce Ge just said.

“I am a biologist, not a fighter!”

“Nobody told you to fight.”

Ce Ge shook his head without any words, this old guy was silly or faking it.

“For such an important test object, do you not have any backup plans? For example, installing some kinds of control devices inside her body?”

“Idiot!” Professor contemptuously looked at him: “This is a genetic transformation. ZERO is a human, she is not a robot. Before the experiment, we must make sure the body is the same as normal people. How do we install extra devices inside her body? Besides, how do we control them? Are you suggesting we implant test subjects with time bombs?? ”

“…….” Ce Ge because speechless when the problems became related with the professional field.

“However, we can try another solution.” The old man pondered and seemed hesitant, ”We must use that, but ……”

“No matter what, be quick!”

Although they bickered, the projection screen showed the woman’s behavior. She punched more rapidly and smoothly. Her power was rising undoubtedly.

Everyone knew that ZERO improved herself as the time passed. That meant it became more difficult and risky to restrict her as time went on.

“Professor Lawrence, I must warn you, you have to take full responsibility for what happens here!”

Ce Ge became frantic and, urged Professor Lawrence. He persisted that this crazy senile guy could not be in charge anymore after today.

Suddenly, the screen switched to a camera showing the water tank, which was surrounded by a dozen armed guards, being dented from the woman’s punching.


“Kacha!” At the same time. This sound echoed in this room.

“Oh, shit!” Ce Ge suddenly realized something and his facial expression greatly changed.

“Let’s do it!”

Professor Lawrence told the younger man and ran straight to another door behind him.

“Pu De, follow me!”

“Sure.” The young man turned around and ran to the professor without asking.

“Wait …… what are you doing?!” Ce Ge shocked.

“Idiot, of course, I need to get something.” Professor said and his finger was rapidly typing on the keyboard of a coded lock.

” Get something?”

“Something important.”

“Uh ……” Ce Ge understood and asked the professor: “How about here?”

“You take charge right now!”

“Me? You should tell me how to do. I ……”

The professor and the younger man disappeared after the door closed. In the room, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Ce Ge expectantly.

“This old man! Well …… everyone please be calm!”

Just a few minutes, Ce Ge suddenly seemed to switch into another person and became solemn and self-confident. He adjusted his clothes and picked up the microphone which Lawrence left and said.

“Code Red! Code Red! It’s now the state of emergency, all guards suit up!”

After instructing his first order, he took out a headphone from his pocket, turned it on and lowered his voice.


“Yes.” Moca responded.

“Keep up with Lawrence, and bring the thing he getting here once the professor obtains it.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Moke, you take others to the lab. If the guards cannot stop ZERO, you guys take over and stop her.”

“Yes.” The voice asked: “If the target revolts?”

“If necessary, kill her and leave the body.”



The tank cracked and water flowed out. The woman looked at the armed guards. The only word in her mind right now was,


This word was deeply rooted in her brain like a seed. The seed was already growing into a tree by the time she broke the tank.

She slowly stepped out of tank with the flow of water, like a beautiful fish covered in blood.

Some guards were shocked by the crack. Some guards screamed. Some were attracted by her charming and graceful naked body. Everyone delayed and only three people pulled the trigger.

She didn’t care, only one thought was in her mind: Kill!

She dashed up to an unsuspecting guard and threw her fist towards him. The only thing the guards saw was a flicker.


The body of this guard was broken into pieces by her powerful punch. His blood scattered on the floor, mixed with his organs.


The sound echoed in the room. His face was deformed because of pain. When he fell on the ground, the women had already stepped out and went to the second and third guard.

Without a pause, she punched the third guard’s neck.

Bang! Crack!

The sound was louder and louder. The guard was hit by her fist and his shoulder blades fractured. Nothing could stop this monster.

After the punch, the guard’s head was crooked.

This third guard was the captain, the leader of these guards. He was conscientious, never made a mistake in his life. Now, his vision was blurring out from the extreme pain. However, he could still clearly hear what was still happening around him.

The sound of collisions echoed in this empty room and it was difficult to distinguish from each one.

There were no signs of any weapon. The only sound was of a body hitting the ground.

The captain knew what it meant, his men were being slaughtered. They couldn’t do anything to fight back, except wait for their death.

He felt a little confused, he did not understand how this happened. How powerful was she? Normally, women could not fight back when they were naked. However, ZERO didn’t care whether she wore clothes or not.

She was human?

With incomprehensible doubts, the captain slowly lost consciousness while saying to himself.

“God, ah, what kind of monster is she!”


The room became silent again, she stood over the bodies and blood.

She killed these men. She didn’t regret what she did. The only thing she was about confused was the reason why she wanted to kill them so badly.

It was common to kill people when people felt anger. After she reflected back on what she did, she realized their death was not caused by their weapons or their behavior. In another word, no matter what they did, she would kill them anyway.

Not only that, she thought that even next time, she would kill them. She even felt that although she wanted to let them go, she could not control her body.

That was not right, absolutely not!

She instinctively felt a potential crisis, which was more dangerous than those armed guards and their guns.

She wanted to figure out the root causes first and solve it.

She thought hard but still could not find the reason. She felt like she was walking into a forbidden zone in her psyche.


She felt a headache again and could not suffer the pain. She fell to the ground as she was enduring the pain, her eyes burning like fire.

She felt like there was an invisible pressure and only someone could help her release it in a certain way.

Who can help me?

Perhaps she would recognize when she saw him/her.

If she found him, what was next?

Maybe kill him/her?

She felt the pain again. This time, the headache was not only caused by physical injuries, but also the effect from the fight. So, she stopped thinking about this person and began to focus on others things.

She knew, this was her first step in the pursuit to freedom so she couldn’t relax.

She reconsidered the battle and the process of the killing. There were lots of mistakes, for example, her movements were not smooth enough, she punched the wrong spot, and she killed one person with two punches instead of one.

Some of errors belonged to the “don’t need to improve” category because they were caused by her weakened and injured body. Otherwise, she learned from those errors in order to improve herself and become stronger.

In addition, to the pursuit for freedom, becoming stronger was her instinct. She did not want to miss any opportunities or waste any time.

When she was reflecting, her efficiency became unimaginably fast. Simply just playing the battle over again in her mind, the resulting condition she would be in and the improvements she could make would be embedded in her mind. Thus, she could absolutely make progress in the battle, just because this was only her first battle, she had not found out her real capability.

The same mistake would not happen ever again.

However, there was a problem. She found it difficult to improve because she put forth her strength too hard!

Although the lions fought with rabbits with their full strength, it only represented their fighting attitude. During a real battle, we wouldn’t necessarily put forth our full strength. Rabbit and bison were born different, so to kill rabbits and to slaughter the bison were not the same. Similarly, her strength was way above that of the guards, so there was no need to waste effort.

When she attacked her first target, she noticed this. That blow almost blew away the lower body of the guard. He became a lifeless miserable human form, but what was the point? Even if she held back most of her power, the man would die as well.

Fighting with minimal effort meant lasting longer. She knew it was important, so she was very willing to improve.

Then, when she attacked the second goal, the power was still so great.

Why did this happen?

She had no idea. Finally, she shook her head, and her mind shifted again.

This time, the glow in her eyes slowly faded, until it became like an ordinary person. She looked at the bodies one by one, and soon she found what she was looking for: a relatively short guard.

She walked over there and moved the dead body. Very soon she took the bloody uniform off and put it on herself.

The uniform she picked did not fit, so it wasn’t a nice natural look. However, she didn’t care, because her goal was just to cover herself. Now it had been realized.

The security captain was wrong. She was still a person. She did care about whether her body was exposed.

She put on the coat, looking at the shoes on the guard and realized that she didn’t fit. She shook her head. Then she looked at the guns everyone on the ground and the tasers on the guards’ waists, and she shook her head again.

She seemed to have been born to know these things. She could use them, and she should be very proficient at using them, but she didn’t like them. From a practical speaking, those guns were not equipped with live ammunition; the tasers had a short range. They were not really useful.

Such a move wasted a lot of time. All of a sudden, she heard the communicator on the guard ringing. Some notification transformed to communication channels, then it turned silent.

There was no value.

Thinking about it, she stood up. She walked bare feet out of the door, and left the white cage that she was caged in for a very long time.

Outside, there was a narrow hallway with a piercing alarm ringing. Someone far away was yelling, followed by the sound of boot steps, moving to her direction gradually.

“Kill them!”

The ideas emerged out of her mind all of a sudden. Her eyes became bright again, and her body moved forward to the sound as if it was a given direction.

With several more screams and cries, some red meteors flashed in the passage, bright and eye-catching, accompanied with some sounds.

That was the characteristic sound of firearms.


“Hurry! Hurry up!”

Professor Lawrence ran to the third floor without taking any elevators. His step was incredible quick, impossible for a 60 old man. He directly rushed to his private room instead of his office. The young man followed him behind, and became nervous.

“Professor, we just leave?”

“Leave? Of course! …… We have to!”

The Professor was obviously tired while breathing heavily. However, he still ran to his room without pause. He took off a landscape printing on the wall.

Everyone knew that the painting was his beloved treasure, often showing other proudly. He never allowed anyone to touch it. He joked, if the painting was destroyed, his life probably would end on the spot.

At this moment, Professor Lawrence just torn it apart without the hesitation and hit a position on the wall.


There was an old safe box just behind the wall.

It was a very old-fashion method to safeguard something. It was difficult to imagine professor Lawrence, who understood advanced technology, to still use this method to hide treasure.

“Those idiots, Ce Ge! He thinks I do not know what they want.”

He took out a key and inserted into the keyhole. Professor Lawrence sounded angry and declared proudly.

“I worked for them for this entire life, dreaming!”

Behind him, Pu De suddenly started to admire this old man.

“It’s here, ah!”

Everyone knew that the professor loved this painting. Therefore, no one believed that the professor would hide the most important things he had behind it. Unless the relationship broke, the company would never check this wall. They were afraid of the professor and they could not afford the risk.

“As long as people were alive, the company would find out the deepest secret in the life through a million methods, not to mention this old man.” Professor Lawrence nagged, his face was ruddy because of excitement. He opened the safe box and took out a silver box from inside and held onto it tightly.

Through his movements and expression, it seemed to be his worth the world to him.

“This is my work yet I have no idea what happened?”

“Ce Ge that idiot, he thought the experiment went wrong. I almost strangle him, ha ha!”

“Yes, if I did not do that, he may doubt it.”

“ZERO, you really didn’t let me down!”

“Genetic warrior. Oh, What kind of genetic warrior. She is a Terminator yet the genetic transformation isn’t completed. If successful, the world will end!”

“Haha! Ce Ge never expect that the Terminator’s mission was to destroy here, and kill everyone. This is the only chance for me to get away ah!”

“This f***ing place, no one can leave without help. He really thought that he could keep me here forever. Ha ha! So when I go out, I will rebuild the laboratory, and there will be millions of Terminators working for me. At that time, I will dominate the world!”

“Professor.” Looking at the professor in madness, Pu De was a little worried, so he could not help to remind him: “We are not there yet, but ……make sure that you have anything with you, and don’t leave anything behind.”

Professor Lawrence nodded: “Right right right, we are not there yet, but soon. The terminator is killing. Ce Ge really stayed there, that idiot, ha, he thought I really …. .. ”


“Huh, anyway, hurry up. By the way, how about the plane?”

“The plane is not ready and is waiting for Ce Ge.”



“Positioning tracking device?”

“Already set up, it was a piece of cake for me.”

“That’s good. Let’s go, and say goodbye to this place.”

Professor Lawrence was holding the box and said. Suddenly he found out something.

At the same time, Pu De suddenly turned around.


“It’s me.”

The voice responded in a deep voice. Suddenly, a tall guy entered the room.

He was nearly two meters tall and had an oily, tight face.

“Professor, did you get anything you need?” Moca stared at them and said, “Something went wrong, Mr. Ce Ge hopes you can come back as soon as possible.”

“How do you ……” Lawrence was shocked. He didn’t hear anything when this huge man entered,

“Got it?”

Moca saw the silver box Professor was holding and moved to take it without asking.

“Professor, I’ll take it for now.”