“Congratulations for being the ten-thousandth user of this toilet!” I won a big prize just by pooping in school! Listening carefully, I found out that the toilet under my butt was talking! In fact, Aladdin, who got the wonderful oil lamp back then, turned the lamp genie into numerous small genies to let his children and grandchildren to have a share of the power. But they didn’t cherish the power and changed them to commodities for their own convenience—certainly including toilets! And these lamp genies can grant wishes of owners who used them the ten thousandth time! However, these lamp genies do not grant wishes for nothing. Once the power is used up the owner must rub the oil lamp again…Eh, I should have said the toilet. Having knowing the ‘oil lamp successor’ in the Geographical Club, I discovered that owning an oil lamp wasn’t exactly a good thing. Strange things came in one by one. Who was the ‘princess’ that the mysterious person mentioned? What was the wish that Aladdin made back then?