Eternal Martial Emperor

By Supernatural Expert,异能专家

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 1

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Martial Emperor's Rebirth!

“What did you do to me last night, Lin Yun? I’m your father’s woman!”

Lin Yun suddenly heard a woman’s voice beside his ears.

He opened his eyes, then saw a bootylicious woman.

The woman was about twenty years old and her beauty could overthrow cities and ruin states.

She was laying down on his body with her clothes in disarray. Her gesture was tantalizing and her eyes were blurred and piteous.

Her disheveled clothes were hard to keep her white skin out of Lin Yun’s sight. Her messy hair were hanging down in front of her chest, which looked pretty enchanting.

After seeing such a confusing scene, Lin Yun wasn’t frightened but immediately calmed down.

Because Lin Yun was the peerless emperor of the God Domain, known as “The Eternal Martial Emperor”.

One hundred years ago, in order to help his lover Female Celestial Fenly become a Martial Emperor, Lin Yun ran out of his body vigour.

However, Lin Yun didn’t expect that after successfully breaking through the realm to be a new Martial Emperor, Female Celestial Fenly and Lin Yun’s best friend Transmigration Heaven Emperor took this opportunity to attack him together!

One of them was his favorite woman.

Another one of them was the best brother.

Lin Yun never imagined that his two most important people would unite to betray him!

He felt pain!

The pain had almost teared his heart apart.

He felt hate!

The hate had almost imprinted itself into his bones and was inscribed in his memory!

Till now, Lin Yun still clearly remembered Female Celestial Fenly’s indifferent expression and Transmigration Heaven Emperor’s sneer.

After death, Lin Yun should have been perished both his body and his soul. However, he was in this voluptuous woman’s bed now.

What the hell was going on here?

Lin Yun felt puzzled. He sat up from the bed with a sharp pain suddenly squeezed into his head. A variety of memory fragments were filled with his mind.

“Lin Yun aroused his Soul of Martial Arts genius at the age of twelve! He is the best genius in Greencloud City!”

“Lin Yun’s pubic region was smashed by a demon monster in the Wildness Mountain Chain! He can never use his Soul of Martial Arts again!”

“The master of Lin family wanted to find the all-healing grass in the Wildness Mountain Chain! But half a month had passed, he still hasn’t come back yet…”

His memory and this body’s memory gradually combined into one.

When Lin Yun was bearing a splitting headache.


The door was kicked open.

A man ran in the room at full speed. Befor Lin Yun realized what happened, the man had spanked his palm on Lin Yun’s forehead.

Before Lin Yun had fused all the memories, his consciousness was plunged into darkness.

“This beast, her stepmother is only six years older than him! How dare he drug his stepmother and try to rape her!”

“In order to help him recover his health, his father went to the Wildness Mountain Chain, but he actually did such an unscrupulous thing! He is really a beast!”

“Sigh. The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day.”

In the darkness, countless voices rang out.

Ice-cold water was poured on Lin Yun’s face, forcing him wake up again.

Lin Yun opened his eyes and looked around.

In the courtyard, dozens of people were standing in front of him.

Their eyes looked at him with disdain and aversion, stabbing on his body like swords.

As for himself, he was tied to the cross in the middle of the yard.

After seeing this scene, then combined with the memory he just received, Lin Yun immediately understood the current situation.

After he died, hundreds of years had passed. He didn’t know the reason, but he revived in Temmu Continent and possessed this new body, which belonged to a boy name Lin Yun before. Now, he had completely taken over the boy’s memory.

From the body’s memory, Lin Yun learned that this young man was the young master of one of the four families in Greencloud City.

When he was only twelve years old, he had aroused his Soul of Martial Arts and was recognized as the best genius in city Greencloud City.

He had heard all kinds of praise and faced all kinds of flattery.


One year ago.

His fiancee and he went to the Wildness Mountain Chain to practice their martial arts together. Unfortunately, they were attacked by a demon monster.

In order to protect his fiancee, he stood up to stop the demon monster. Fortunately, he finally escaped from the demon monster, but unfortunately, his public region was broken due to the demon monster’s attacks.

The has-been genius suddenly became a waste who couldn’t use his Soul of Martial Arts.

In order to rebuild his pubic region, Lin Tianyang used all the family resources he could use, but nothing could  be helped.

Till six months ago.

He hard a rumor that there was a kind of grass named “All-healing Grass” in the Wildness Mountain Chain, which could certainly be used to rebuild Lin Yun’s public region.

In order to find the grass, Lin Tianyang went deep into the Wildness Mountain Chain. After that, no one saw him again.

After Lin Tianyang’s leaving, Lin Yun suffered a disastrous decline.

Praise turned into ridicule, and flattery became insult. Even his fiancee also requested to break off their engagement.

And last night…

Someone used sleeping potion to him in his bedroom. He directly lost his consciousness.

At that time, some miracle happened. He, the former Eternal Martial Emperor, revived and took over Lin Yun’s body.

Then he saw that he was in the same bed with his stepmother.

This was obviously a trap!

Somebody was going to frame this boy up!

Since Lin Yun was reborn inside this young boy’s body, then the boy’s business was his own business.

“Lin Yun, from now on, I am you and you are me! I promise that I will take revenge for you!”

After getting Lin Yun’s promise, the remaining soul of the young boy finally freed itself. Two souls perfectly combined into one soul.

“Lin Yun, how dare you to commit such a crime to your stepmother! According to the rules of Lin family, you should be teared your body limb from limb by five horses!” A middle-aged man said coldly and pointed his finger at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun knew who the middle-aged man was. He was Lin Tianhai, the sixth elder of Lin family.

He was also the person who broke into the room and knocked Lin Yun unconscious!

After Lin Tianyang disappeared, Lin Tianhai had colluded with Lin Yun’s stepmother.

Lin Yun had been clear about it from the beginning, but he couldn’t find any solid evidence. In that case, no one would believe his words.

The event happened last night must be their plot.

After hearing Lin Tianhai’s words, everyone else just chimed in with him.

“Kill him! Kill him!”

“Kill this beast!”

“What an unscrupulous beast he is! He is our Lin family’s biggest shame in the past hundred years!”

Facing the indignant crowd, although Lin Yun was tied on the cross pile, but he showed no fear.

He was the former Eternal Martial Emperor! His soul was millionfold stronger than ordinary people!

Although after he revived inside this body, he was just a piece of broken soul with his past memories, but his spiritual force was still far beyond ordinary people’s imagination!

Having strong spiritual force meant that he could do many thing which ordinary people couldn’t do. For example, scan own his body condition.

Lin Yun immediately checked his body.

The body’s pubic region had been broken, besides, he was hit by Lin Tianhai. At this moment, he didn’t have any strength at all.

In order to extricate himself from this difficult position, he must first heal himself first.

Lin Yun immediately found a healing martial art from his memory and began to practice it.

During the progress, he found that there was a rhombohedral diamond inside his pubic region.

“The Devil God’s Nucleation!”

Lin Yun was almost wild with joy.

That was the reason why Female Celestial Fenly and Transmigration Heaven Emperor killed him. That was their goal.

Lin Yun thought that the Devil God’s Nucleation had been taken away by them.

Unexpectedly, the Devil God’s Nucleation followed him, reborning in this world again!

It was said that the Devil God’s Nucleation was a supreme legacy of an ancient Devil God.

Tens of thousands of years ago, it broke the void and fell to the ground from the sky.

Its appearance once triggered a war in the God Domain. Countless god-like beings scrambled for its ownership.

According to the rumour, its owner would become the master of all worlds!

Unfortunately, if you wanted to use it, you must first give up all the power you had owned and practiced yourself from the beginning!

You must break your pubic region first, then you could get the chance to merge with it.

Lin Yun was already a Martial Emperor at that time, and only one step away from the peak of perfection. Naturally, he wasn’t willing to start all over again.

But this time, his pubic region had broken. He didn’t need to worry about that any more.

In this world, he had the Devil God’s Nucleation. From heaven to earth, no one could control his fate!

In this world, with the Devil God’s Nucleation in his hand, on one could match for him!

“Female Celestial Fenly and Transmigration Heaven Emperor, wait for me! I will become your worst nightmare!”