Eternal Martial Emperor

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Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Execution

Lin Yun immediately pushed his broken pubic region to merge with the Devil God’s Nucleation.

His broken meridians and body instantly connected with the Devil God’s Nucleation.

Lin Yun’s consciousness also entered the inside of the Devil God’s Nucleation at that moment.

This was a dark void.

Without heaven and earth.

No starlight.

There was only one giant statue made of energy.

This giant statue was hundred meters high. Its body was translucent, wearing a flaming armor and holding a lightning sword. Behind its back, there were a pair of splendid wings; on its body, there were burning hot blue flames that was emitting rays to the sky.

The energy that made up this idol was the vigour every warrior had.

However, no warrior’s vigour was adequate like this statue's! They were all as small as dust in front of the statue!

Even the vigour in Lin Yun’s previous life was less than one percent of what the statue showed now!

It was said that the Devil God’s Nucleation had nine kinds of powers.

And this statue was the final form of its power!

The time inside of the Devil God’s Nucleation was different from the time in the real world.

Lin Yun had stayed inside of the Devil God’s Nucleation for a long time, but when he returned back to the reality, just a few seconds had passed.

After returning to the real world, Lin Yun said nothing but quietly circled his vigour inside his body to heal his wounds.

Several guards of Lin family found some sticks and put them under Lin Yun’s feet, apparently, they were going to to burn him to death.

Lin Tianhai walked up to Lin Yun. He got close to Lin Yun’s ears and whispered, “I have something to tell you, so that you can know what happened before your death. The man who started the rumor that there was all-healing grass – is me!”

After hearing this, Lin Yun couldn’t stop staring at Lin Tianhai with killing intention inside of his eyes.

So, six months ago, the reason his father left Lin family was also a conspiracy!

As seeing Lin Yun’s expression, Lin Tianhai sneered, “You, go to hell! I will have your stepmother, and your position will also be replaced by my son!”

Lin Yun said nothing. He just coldly looked at Lin Tianhai as if he was looking at a corpse.

Somehow, as Lin Yun stared at him coldly, a strange feeling of horror suddenly rose from Lin Tianhai’s heart, as if he was a prey who had been watched by the predator.

However, in any case, Lin Tianhai was a fifth rank knight. Soon afterwards, he suppressed his fear and continued saying, “Oh right, there is one thing that I forgot to tell you. Your sister yesterday had promised to marry Xiao Xiong, and today morning, Xiao family had took her away. At noon today, they will perform a marriage ceremony.”

“That’s impossible!” Lin Yun narrowed his eyes, and his face was full of suspicion.

Lin Yun’s sister, Lin Lin, wasn’t his biological sister, but they grew up together and were inseparable. Their relationship was more closer than siblings.

Hence, Lin Yun had a good understanding of her character.

Xiao Xiong was a famous wastrel in Greencloud City. He drunk all day and was very lewd. Lin Yun didn’t think that his sister would be willing to marry such a scumbag even if she died!

Lin Tianhai seemed to have known that Lin Yun wouldn’t believe it, so he continued, “You don’t know, do you? In order to obtain the Hundreds Grasses Dan Medicine from Xiao family to reshape your pubic region, she agreed to marry Xiao Xiong.”

Lin Tianhai said, then spread out his left hand. A green dan medicine was lying in his hand.

After seeing the dan medicine in Lin Tianhai’s hand, Lin Yun completely dispelled his doubts.

This was exactly a Hundreds Grasses Dan Medicine.

This proved that Lin Tianhai wasn’t lying. In order to save him, Lin Ying really agreed to marry Xiao Xiong!

She could sacrificed everything she had, including her own life!

As Lin Yun thought of here, he couldn’t help but clench his fists.

Lin Yun knew clearly that according to Lin Yin’s character he knew, she would definitely choose to end her own live before performing the formal wedding ceremony!

“Anyway, you’re going to be put to death, so just let your Sixth Uncle, me, to keep the dan medicine for you! Ha ha ha!”

Lin Tianhai took the Hundreds Grassess Dan Medicine back into his pocket, then laughed with satisfaction. He ordered the guards outside the yard, “Bring him to me!”

Two guards of Lin family escorted a man walking into the courtyard.

This man was about the same age like Lin Yun. He was a first rank Martial Apprentice.

His name was Zhang Wei. Since he was a child, he had followed Lin Yun and kept loyal to him. He was the only person who still regarded Lin Yun as Lin family’s young master.

“Kneel down!”

Two guards pressed on Zhang Wei’s shoulders. Zhang Wei immediately bowed down in front of Lin Tianhai.

After kneeling down, Zhang Wei raised his head suddenly, then found that Lin Yun was tied to the stake. “Young master! Why…”


Before Zhang Wei finished his words, Lin Tianhai had slapped him to the ground.

Lin Tianhai looked at Zhang Wei coldly and said, “Listen, Lin Yun was trying to seduce his stepmother, now, his identity has been deprived. From now on, he is no longer the young master of Lin family!”

Zhang Wei raised himself from the ground, then shook his head firmly and said, “Impossible! My young master would never do such a thing! He is wronged!”

“Bullshit!” Lin Tianhai slapped Zhang Wei’s face again.

This time, his slap was more heavy and more ruthless.

Zhang Wei was directly slapped out. His head hard knocked on the ground, then blood poured out from his forehead.

Zhang Wei shakily got up from the ground, then opened his mouth, spitting blood and a few pieces of broken teeth.

Before he could speak, he saw a burning torch appearing in front of him.

“Hold it and burn him!” Lin Tianhai looked at Zhang Wei with an evil interest. He held a torch in one hand and used his another hand pointing at Lin Yun.

“Burn him! Burn him!”

“This beast, he should be burned to ashes!”

All the disciples there raised their fists and shouted. They looked at Lin Yun as if they were looking at a well-deserved criminal. They wanted to hack him to death and ground his bones to dust.

In the eyes of the disciples, Lin Yun was a heinous vampire. Because Lin Yun caught the resources which should belong to them at first.

If Lin Yun disappeared, they could have more resources, and they would definitely have higher power than what they were now.

They had all imagined that what a wonderful world it could be if Lin Yun disappeared.

At this point, as their wish would come true at once, they felt unutterable delight.

They were all looking forward to Lin Yun’s death, however, only Zhang Wei shook his head and said, “No… He is my young master!”

Lin Tianhai’s tone suddenly became cold, “Burn him, or you die, choose yourself!”

“Even if you kill me, I will not betray my young master!” Zhang Wei’s eyes looked firmly.

“Is that so?” Lin Tianhai sneered, then winked at the two guards.

The two guards immediately caught Zhang Wei and put him firmly under control.

Lin Tianhai put the torch on Zhang Wei’s left face.

The high temperature instantly burned Zhang Wei’s face, emitting bursts of smoke. The burning smell filled the entire courtyard.

Zhang Wei struggled, but couldn’t break away from the two guards. He could only sadly cry like a pig.

All the disciples looked at Zhang Wei with no sympathy in their eyes. In their hearts, the person who was still loyal to Lin Yun was equally damned.

Lin Yun was tied at the stake and could only watch them torturing Zhang Wei. Although he was still in silent, but his heart had already filled with anger.

As long as his injury got better, his anger will outbreak like a volcano!

Until Zhang Wei’s left face was completely burned, Lin Tianhai finally moved the torch away with satisfaction. “I'll give you one last chance. You can choose to burn Lin Yun to death, or your would be burned to death!”

“Young master saved me, and my life belongs to him from long time ago. Even if you tear me apart limb from limb, I will not betray my young master…”

Zhang Wei’s voice had been extremely weak, but he was still unwilling to submit.

His behavior also touched Lin Yun’s heart. He did not expect that Zhang Wei was so loyal to him.

“Hum! Not to know chalk from cheese!” Green veins appeared on Lin Tianhai’s forehead, then he put the torch on Zhang Wei’s right face.


His shrill cry resounded throughout the sky!

After everything had calmed down, Zhang Wei lay half dead on the ground, and his whole face had been completely burnt to coke.

Lin Tianhai dropped the torch, then turned towards the scarface guard and ordered, “Kill him!”

“Yes!” The scarface guard folded his hands and nodded, then pulled out his long knife from his waist.

Just as he raised his long knife and prepared to chop it down, he suddenly heard Lin Yun’s voice.


After hearing Lin Yun’s voice, the scarface guard paused for a moment, then looked back at Lin Yun together with others.

At this time, Lin Yun was still tied on the cross pile.


His body was been completely different from what it was before…