Eternal Martial Emperor

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Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3

Chapter 3: A Group of Ants!

Lin Yun had redness all over his skin and was full of luster. The surface of his body was smoking, as if his body was in a high temperature.

His eyes also turned red at this time, as if he was an ancient devil and now, he was awaken.

“What… what’s happening?”

“What’s happening to this waste’s body?”

Everyone was scared after they saw Lin Yun’s ferocious appearance.

This was the first form Lin Yun showed after he used the power of the Devil God’s Nucleation.

The Devil God’s Nucleation had nine kinds of forms.

The first form was the initial form, and the weakest form.

This form used only 1/100000000 the power of the Devil God’s Nucleation. Even so, it had caused unbearable burden to Lin Yun’s body, which was that no one could withstand it in theory.

Precisely because of this, Lin Yun did not make the decision to use this power at first, since he had been hurt.

At this moment, Lin Yun’s body was full of the energy of the Devil God’s Nucleation. His body temperature has gone up to hundreds of degrees.

His blood was drying up, and his internal organs and meridians either. However, his sacrifice could let him obtain unimaginable power for a short time!

His body shivered.

Breaking out terrible strength.


With a loud noise.

The rope tied to Lin Yun’s body was instantly broken into countless pieces and splashed to all directions at high speed.

At the same time, Lin Yun has disappeared from the wooden cross.

In the twinkling of an eye, he had appeared in front of the scarred guard, who was going to kill Zhang Wei.

Lin Yun softly put his right hand on the blade of the guard’s long knife.

His finger hit the blade.


Silver-bell-like, clear and melodious sound echoed inside the courtyard.

The long knife flew out of the guard’s hand. It whirled in the air, flying back at a high speed. The scarred guard also followed it fly back in the courtyard.

The whirling long knife ripped through the wall of the courtyard, leaving a flat hole on the wall.

The scarred guards crashed into a tree. His neck was broken off and caused his death immediately.

Till this moment, the people in the courtyard were still bewildered.

“How was the thick rope broken? What on earth happened just now?”

“How did Xiao Zhang fall down? Did that waste do anything?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t see anything!”

It all happened so fast.

Before the crowd reacted to what happened just now, it was already all over. Their eyes didn’t even catch a picture about what happened.

“You’ve done a good job. I’ve seen your loyalty,” Lin Yun stood in front of Zhang Wei with his arms in his arms and looked at Zhang Wei with satisfaction.

His words and attitude showed a kind of supreme-sovereign-like temperament. He continued, “From now on, as long as you’re still loyal to me, I will help you become the best warrior of the continent!”

His words shocked Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei could feel that at this time, Lin Yun had been completely reborn.

Because in the past, Lin Yun never showed and was impossible to show such a temperament.

Zhang Wei did not speak. He just kept looking at Lin Yun with devotion in his eyes, as if he was a pilgrim and Lin Yun was his god.

Lin Tianhai frowned. His face became very serious because he also found that Lin Yun had completely changed to another man.

Lin Yun’s body was still smoking. His red eyes such stared at Lin Tianhai’s body as if they were a pair of swords, then said with an irresistible tone, “Lin Tianhai will die today. Who dares to stop me, who die with him together!”

“Hum. Boast without shame! You, catch him!” Lin Tianhai commanded the nearest guard from Lin Yun.

The guard rushed towards Lin Yun and said, “Waste, die!”

The guard’s fist carried fierce wind, punching at Lin Yun’s cheek.

Before his fist touched Lin Yun’s face, the fierce wind had made dramatic noise!


Lin Yun didn’t even take a glance at it. He just raised his right hand and stretched out his index finger and shook it, “Weak. You’re too weak!”

When that punch was close at hand.

Lin Yun suddenly raised his left hand.

That was too fast.

At that moment, his arm even made the guard think that it suddenly disappeared.

The next second.

Lin Yun’s arm reappeared in front of the guard’s fist again and punched at it.

The guard’s aggressive punch unexpectedly stopped after his fist touched Lin Yun’s fist.

A violent wind blew at Lin Yun’s face, making his hair wildly dancing in the air, but Lin Yun himself still kept his feet firmly on the ground as if he was an unshakable mountain.

The guard felt that he wasn’t punching at a fist but an iron bastion. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t even move his fist forward slightly.

Before the guard gave responses, Lin Yun had put his right index finger on the guard’s forehead.

He casually poked the guard’s forehead.

The guard felt an irresistible force appearing on his forehead.

The guard leaned back with his feet flew off the ground. Instantly,  due to high speed moving, he turned into a shadow-like figure and flew back dozens of metres.


A loud noise!

His body crashed through the wall of the courtyard. Countless bricks collapsed from the wall and scattered all over the ground.

The guard was badly mutilated and died on the spot instantly!

The crowd dropped into silence again.

A blast of cool wind blew over the courtyard.

Everyone shivered in the wind, showing a dumbfounded expression.

The two guards, who were killed by Lin Yun were both fourth rank Martial Apprentices.

In the world, Martial practitioners were divided into nine ranks: Martial Apprentice, Martial Warrior, Martial Master, Martial King, Martial Mahant, Martial Lord, Martial Saint, Martial Monarch, and Martial Emperor.

Every rank was divided into nine levels.

Martial Apprentice mainly focused on tempering their bodies. Their strength would grow double after they upgraded to a new level.

Level one Martial Apprentices were twice stronger than ordinary people.

Level two Martial Apprentices were four times stronger than ordinary people.

Similarly, level four Martial Apprentices were sixteen times stronger than ordinary person!


As two level four Martial Apprentices, they both were fragile like a piece of paper when they faced Lin Yun.

Lin Yun just poked his finger at them, then they died like two sick old dogs.

What a terrible force that was!

Was he really the waste whose public region had broken?

He looked like a completely new person!

No one understood what exactly happened to Lin Yun to make him suddenly obtain such a terrible strength.

As everybody was shocked, Lin Yun also looked at his own body with a pleasantly surprised look.

Because he found that after killing the two guards, his power had actually increased a lot!

The rumors were true. The owner of the Devil God’s Nucleation could absorb his enemies’ lives to improve his own power by killing!

As long as Lin Yun still held such an artifact, it would be just a piece of cake for him to recover his power to his limit.

Someday, he would return to the God Domain, looking for Female Celestial Fenly and Transmigration Heaven Emperor!

“What are you doing? You all, kill him!” Lin Tianhai came back from the shock, then hurriedly commanded his guards.

A dozen guards pulled out their long knives from their waists together, rushing towards Lin Yun.

None of them were inferior than level 4 Martial Apprentices.

All of them were much stronger than the two guards who were killed by Lin Yun before.

The guard captain was even a level eight Martial Apprentice!


Lin Yun ignored them all. He still spoke to Zhang Wei, treating their attacking as nothing, “There’s nothing you can do, just stay out of my way and watch me.”

Zhang Wei nodded, then stepped back with safety.

Lin Yun turned back. His bloody eyes carelessly glanced at these guards, then sneered, “A group of ants!”