Eternal Martial Emperor

By Supernatural Expert,异能专家

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4

Chapter 4: One Attack Kills All!

While the guards were coming up to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun lifted his left foot carelessly.

Just one stomp!


The stomp was like a meteorite hitting the ground.

Centered on Lin Yun himself, the ground within a radius of three meters suddenly hollowed down, forming a shocking big pit.

The pit edge slightly rose up, and the spiderweb-like cracks kept spreading across the ground as the floor was torn up like a piece of paper.

With the floor debris, the horrible shock wave spread and swept across everyone like a sea of waves.

All the guards nearby Lin Yun spat blood and flew out at the first moment the waves hit them.

One attack.

Lin Yun only attacked once.

All the guards were killed.

Only the guard captain forcibly withstood the shock waves and brandished his broadsword towards Lin Yun.

The broadsword pierced the air at high speed. It shrilly screeched, cutting to Lin Yun’s neck like a streak of distorted light.


Lin Yun still didn’t even take a glance at it.

He just casually reached out his fingers.

The distorted light of the broadsword stopped between Lin Yun’s two fingertips and showed its original look.

Everything paused at this moment.

Lin Yun hold the blade of the broadsword between his index finger and thumb. He looked so careless, as if he was holding an embroidered needle but not a broadsword.


The guard captain felt that his broadsword was held so firmly as if it was clamped by a giant hawkbill. No matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t draw out the broadsword from Lin Yun’s hand.

Everyone here stared at the scene in silent horror.

Before the captain of the guards figured out what he should do next, Lin Yun had broken the broadsword with his two fingers.


The broadsword directly broke into two pieces.

The captain of the guards was shocked by Lin Yun’s tremendous force. He couldn’t hold the broadsword any longer, but had to helplessly see the broadsword handle slipping from his hand.

Lin Yun casually punched at the captain.

It seemed like a weak punch, however, the guard captain felt that it was like a ten thousands pounds heavy hammer when it punched on his own body!

With a dull thud, the guard captain’s chest and his metal armor were smashed together. He spitted out a considerable amount of blood, then dramatically flew back over ten meters due to the impacting force.


A loud noise.

Instantly, the wall of the courtyard was crashed through by the guard captain’s body.


It was not over yet.

After flying out of the courtyard, the guard captain broke through two walls and crossed a wide street, then finally knocked into a stuffed bun shop across the street, smashing everything there.

People’s faces were petrified at this moment.

They could not believe what they were seeing with their own eyes.

What happened just now was too shocking and completely subverted their outlook.

Lin Yun stamped his foot.

More than ten guards instantly fell to the ground.

It was hard to imagine how terrible Lin Yun’s strength was!

Even though an eighth rank martial apprentice wouldn’t be able to withstand his single blow!

One hit!

Defeated them all!

“What happened to this guy? Why was his strength so terrible?”

“Has his pubic region really broken? But even if his pubic region is still unbroken, he can't be having such horrible strength!”

“That’s terrible. He’s… like a devil!”

The disciples here were all scared. They couldn’t help but step back with their forehead involuntarily sweated.

As for Lin Yun, he showed them a fierce smile.

After killing dozens of guards and the guard captain, his power had already reached his limit, then he naturally broke through the martial realm, becoming a first rank martial apprentice.

The Devil God’s Nucleation could upgrade his power by killing. It deserved to be called “legendary artifact”!

“Who wants to stop me? You? Or you all? Try to come at me together!” Lin Yun’s red eyes glanced through them. He looked like a supreme god, and the others were just ants.

His words broke through everyone’s soul like a lightning!

All the people here were martial practitioners, and most of them were even stronger than fifth rank martial apprentice.

There were even several errand men and guardians who were at Marital Warrior rank.

Above them all, Lin Tianhai was a fifth rank Marital Warrior!

In the face of such a strong lineup, Lin Yun was completely not taking them serious. He even asked them to fight against him together.

This was an undisguised contempt!

In the twinkling of an eye, the people here all turned their faces to red with anger.

“You arrogant kid, do not be that confident. Let me teach you a lesson!” said a young errand man. He stood out from the crowd and stared at Lin Yun.

As a young errand man, he could not stand being despised by a younger kid.

He was a second rank Martial Warrior. Although he just began to serve as an errand man not long ago, but his true power wasn’t inferior than any old errand men.

As the second realm a martial practitioner could reach, it was a totally new and higher realm comparing to martial apprentice!

A martial apprentice could only have physical training to increase his strength, and couldn’t arouse his own vigour.

However, a martial warrior was able to arouse his vigour to use martial arts, which needed vigour to be used as the energy source.

The young errand man immediately gathered his vigour in his right palm.

Blue vigour covered his right palm, forming a transparent and nebulous periphery surrounding his palm like a dragon claw.

“Crazy Dragon’s Claw! It’s a yellow rank low-level martial art!”

“It’s said that it’s a martial art that has strong penetrability and lethality. It is said that after you really master it, your hand can even break a steel shield!”

All the disciples here exclaimed and showed boundless longing in their eyes.

All martial arts could be attributed to four ranks. Tian (Sky), Di (Earth), Xuan (Mysterious), and Huang (Yellow).

And every rank could be divided into three levels: high-level, middle-level, and low-level.

Crazy Dragon’s Claw was just a yellow rank low-level martial art, but it was a top martial art among all the yellow rank martial arts.

If you could master such a martial art, that would greatly enhance your combat effectiveness.

“I do not know where have this waste stolen power, but he will certainly fail this time!”

“Yes, a martial apprentice is no match for a martial warrior!”

“Beside, the errand man can also use such a powerful martial art. Even if that waste has more power, he won’t even be able to defend the coming attack!”

As they keenly discussed, the young errand man stepped out and tilted his body, rapidly rushing towards Lin Yun.

Along the way, his hair was blew standing upside down.

Just a blink of an eye, he rushed to Lin Yun’s front. His right hand, which carried a lot of vigor, overwhelmingly stabbing at Lin Yun.

All the people held their breaths and stared at Lin Yun.

Their green eyes seemed to have witnessed Lin Yun’s death.

However, the next moment.

What they imagined didn’t happen at all.

After the claw which carried a great amount of vigour had almost touched Lin Yun’s chest, he finally carelessly raised his right hand.

He griped the errand man’s right hand.

The young errand man froze.

His overwhelming claw attack was stopped simply because Lin Yun’s grip.

Although his hand had only three inches away from Lin Yun’s chest. however, no matter how hard the young errand man tried, he couldn’t move his fist ahead a bit at all.

He couldn’t even draw back his right hand!

Lin Yun’s power was far more powerful than he had imagined!

The people all stagnated their breaths at this moment.

Why could he stop the martial art so easily?

How could that be possible?!