Eternal Martial Emperor

By Supernatural Expert,异能专家

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 5

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Who’s Next!

Before the young errand man realized what happened, Lin Yun had grabbed and twisted his wrist.


The errand man’s wrist cracked.

“Arrghhh!” The young errand man uttered a shrill scream.

“Stop!” The other two middle-aged errand men felt a creepy vibe. They drew out their swords together and rushed towards Lin Yun, trying to save the young errand man.


They were too late.

While they started to move, Lin Yun surprisingly slapped the young errand man on his face.


A loud noise.

The young errand man’s head instantly flew away from his body, heavily slamming on the column. His head split apart like a watermelon. His brain mixed with flesh and blood, papering over the entire column!

This scene shocked everyone.

The errand man, a Martial Warrior, was killed by a slap.

This completely subverted their understanding about human beings!

Lin Yun loosened the headless body and let it fall slowly to the ground.

As the body was still falling, the two middle-aged errand men had appeared on Lin Yun’s both side. They brandished their swords, chopping at Lin Yun.

One man faced towards Lin Yun. His sword reflected cold light, aiming at Lin Yun’s throat.

Another man moved behind Lin Yun. He brandished his sword, trying to cut Lin Yun in half.

Their actions were smooth and decisive, and the angles their chose were tough. With a very understanding, they used the same sword skill together, which had blocked Lin Yun’s potential escape routes perfectly.

This was their combined sword skill – Double Slash!

Double Slash was also a Yellow Rank, Low Level Martial Art.

However, unlike Crazy Dragon’s Claw, it needed two people to play it together, and also, its power was far beyond what Crazy Dragon’s Claw could reach.

If the two people who played it cooperate with each other well, they could even kill their enemy who was far stronger than any of them singly!

The two middle-aged errand men were both the veteran errand men of Lin family. They were both level three Martial Warriors.

Whether it was strength or combat experience, they were both far above the young errand man.

At this moment, they teamed up to play such a powerful martial art. Even if a level four Martial Warrior would no surprisingly be killed by them.


Lin Yun still looked at them with disdain.

When their two swords were about touching Lin Yun’s body, Lin Yun suddenly disappeared nowhere!

The two swords only slashed on nothing.

The two middle-aged errand men’s pupils contracted.

At this moment, Lin Yun appeared behind one of the middle-aged errand men like a ghost.

Time seemed to slow down in that moment.

The floating dust in the air seemed to be static.

The two swords moved slowly in the air, eventually overlapping up and down. The tips of two swords pointed at each other’s master, forming two disjoint horizontal lines.

At the same moment, Lin Yun’s hand gently knocked at the back of the errand man’s hand.

With a muffled sound, the middle-aged errand man’s body flew out of control and hit the tip of his companion’s sword.

Likewise, his sword also stabbed into his companion’s body.

The two swords cut through each other’s master at the same time. They bumped into each other, eventually hitting a tree and being pinned on the trunk by the swords together.

Once again, the courtyard dropped into silence.

Everyone showed a damned expression.

Two level three Martial Warriors.

A blow.

Still a blow.

No matter whether they were level two Martial Warrior or level three Martial Warriors, they didn’t make any difference in front of this young man.

A blow killed them all!

Who said that he was a waste?

No, he wasn’t a waste. He was a real demon!

Until this moment, they finally realized how terrible Lin Yun was!

The disciples remembered what they said to Lin Yun before, they shivered.

If they knew what would happen, even if they had ten lives, they wouldn’t dare to provoke such a terrible demon!

“Who’s next?!” Lin Yun stepped on the headless body, glancing at these disciples.

Everyone suddenly felt a chill run through their veins. They couldn’t help but only want to step back.

“Go, kill him. All of you, together up!” Lin Tianhai’s voice trembled, as he looked alarmed.

He finally understood that why he felt creepy when Lin Yun stared at him before.

He never imagined that he would feel scared from the bottom of his heart at such a teenager.

If there weren’t so many people looking at him, he would really like to turn around and run away, and never see this terrible monster again!

“Let’s get him together!”


All the errand men looked at each other, and then nodded.

They finally put down their warrior’s dignity, trying to kill this young man together.

Because the young man was so strong that they had to fight against him all together!

“Let’s use the Sharp Knife Joint Attack!” The leader of the errand men suggested.

Another errand man reluctantly nodded and said, “We will pay a high price for it, but that’s the only method we can use to kill this kid!”

“In that case, let’s use it!” The other three errand men nodded.

After seeing the five errand men reach a consensus, preparing to play the Sharp Knife Joint Attack together, the disciples here all gasped with surprise. They were shocked.

Sharp Knife Joint Attack was a famous Joint Attack that needed five Martial Warriors to use it.

This wasn’t a martial art, but a Lin family’s defence nexus. From generation to generation, it was gradually changed and finally became this powerful joint attack.

It had great power. If they displayed on the battlefield, they can sweep away thousands of enemies. It was a killing attack which was developed only to kill!

However, its power was great, but the price was also very painful. Every time they used it, it would not only consume a lot of magic charms, but also shorten their lives.

Precisely because of this, the Lin family listed the Sharp Knife Joint Attack as a taboo. It was the last resort they could use, so they wouldn't use it till the last moment.

However, the five errand men were even ready to use this taboo skill to kill Lin Yun. It was inconceivable to everyone!

Was this young man really powerful enough to let them have to use the taboo skill?

When the five errand men were about to play the Sharp Knife Joint Attack, loud noises suddenly broke out outside the courtyard.


A group of bronze-armored guards arrived at the scene.

Everyone’s eyes brightened up.

“They’re the family master’s private guards!”

“The family master’s private guard are the strongest force of our Lin family. They surely can defeat that beast!”

After seeing the arrival of the family master’s private guards, the five errand men saw light suddenly. They immediately gave up to play the Sharp Knife Joint Attack.

“Since the family master’s private guards have arrived, then let them deal with that kid. We don’t have to use the Sharp Knife Joint Attack.”

The family master’s private guards consisted of eighteen warriors.

Seventeen of them were level one Martial Warriors, and their leader was a level three Martial Warrior.

None of them were great warriors if they were split apart.

However, while the eighteen men united together and looked after each other, they were able to form a sword formation.

Once you were surrounded by their sword formation, even if you were several times stronger than them, you couldn’t say that you were in an unassailable position.

Most of all, their sword formation didn’t need them to pay any price.