Eternal Martial Emperor

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Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 6

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 6

Chapter 6: One Sword Attack Destroyed the Sword Formation!

The captain of the family master’s private guards first looked around, then came up to Lin Tianhai and asked respectfully, “Sixth elder, what happened?”

Lin Tianhai said, “You’re right on time. I command you to catch this bastard!”

“We comply with your wishes!” The captain saluted with his hands folded, then turned around, looking at Lin Yun with indifference.

The family master’s private guards were once Lin Yun’s father, Lin Tianyang’s private guards.

However, after Lin Tianyang disappeared, they were bribed by the great elder and became the great elder and the sixth elder’s stooges.

It was a betrayal!

Lin Yun had betrayed by his lover and his best friend.

Therefore, what he hated most was betrayal!

Lin Yun’s red eyes showed aversion and killing will. His mouth spouted a great deal of hot gasses, “Betrayers… Die!”

After hearing Lin Yun’s words, the captain of the private guards sneered, “You want us die? Your public region has broken and you’re just a waste now. How dare you to say that!”

Other private guards also laughed at Lin Yun with disdain.

They hadn’t seen Lin Yun’s terrible strength. They still thought that Lin Yun was a waste whose public region had broken.

Lin Tianhai’s expression changed. He hurriedly commanded the captain, “This bastard obtained terrible power in a way. Don’t underestimate him. Just use your strongest sword formation to kill him!”

Another errand man added, “Look! These errand men and guards were killed by this bastard!”

“What?!” The captain of the private guards opened his eyes wide in surprise.

When he entered the courtyard, he had seen these corpses. He knew something bad had happened, but he didn’t expect that they were killed by Lin Yun, who he thought that was a waste!

Other private guards were also anxious and doubtful. It was hard for them to accept this fact.

“Form the formation!” The captain of the private guards said helplessly.

Although he didn’t believe that Lin Yun was so strong, but since Lin Tianhai commanded them to play the sword formation, he had to obey his command.

Other private guards was puzzled about why they had to play the sword formation to deal with such a waste, but they had to cooperate with their captain.

The eighteen guards drew out their swords together and surrounded Lin Yun. Their pointed their swords at Lin Yun and circled around Lin Yun.

They moved together, step by step, and took care of each other.

They brandished their swords up and down, without any rules, and no one could figure out the swords’ traces.

As they sped up, their figures looked blurred. Their vigour and swords linked up into a single stretch, and was hard for anyone to get close to them.

“Terrific! Is this the sword formation that needs eighteen people to use together?”

“It is said that in Greencloud City, only a few people don’t fear of this sword formation. No matter how strong the bastard is, it is absolutely impossible to walk out alive from the sword formation!”

“Yes, he’s dead!”

The disciples looked really confident about the sword formation, as if they had seen Lin Yun’s death.

As the disciples talked, the eighteen quickly got close to each other and narrowed the surrounding circle.

However, as seeing the sword formation approaching to himself, Lin Yun still sneered with a cold face.

“Is this also called sword formation?” Don’t insult the word ‘sword’!”

Sword skill was one of the most mastered skill in Lin Yun’s past life.

He didn’t arouse any sword-type Soul of Martial Arts in his past life, however, he had great talent and understanding about sword at that time. He himself created a sword skill named “Destruction Sacred Sword”.

If you complete mastered this sword skill, you could even destroy heaven and earth. It was the most powerful sword skill in the entire God Domain.

Although Lin Yun could only use a tiny part of the sword skill, however, that was enough for him to sweep through the entire Greencloud City!

Lin Yun hooked his toes.

The headless body’s sword was hooked by him.

Lin Yun reached out his hand and gripped the sword handle.

The power of the Devil God’s Nucleation continuously poured into the sword blade.

“Mortals, let me show you the right way of using sword!”

After Lin Yun said that.

He turned around, brandishing his sword.

Because it was too fast.

The sword seemingly vanished at that moment!

Lin Yun also disappeared with his sword.

Only a full-moon-shaped residual shadow of the sword still remained, cutting through the eighteen guards’ bodies.

As the residual shadow disappeared, Lin Yun rushed out the sword formation, appearing behind the captain of the private guards. He raised his sword, which was still sharp as new without any blood remaining on it.


The eighteen guards’ swords broke at the same instant!

Their bodies were also separated from their waists at the same time. Their blood sprayed out like fountains, spreading over the ground.


Eighteen bodies fell into a pool of blood at the same time. None of them were still alive.

It shocked everyone who saw this scene again.

One hit.

The matchless combined sword formation was collapsed after the young man’s one hit!

Just now, they still said that Lin Yun was dead. That he had borrowed some unknown strong power, he would not get out of the sword formation alive.

However, the situation was reversed in the blink of an eye!

“He killed everyone in a flash… How the hell did that happen?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t see how it happened.”

Lin Yun’s action was too fast. The disciples here didn’t see him move. They didn’t even realize what Lin Yun did, the eighteen people had been killed by Lin Yun.

After killing the eighteen people by using one brandish, Lin Yun smiled with satisfaction.

Because he had upgraded to a level two Martial Apprentice.

The five errand men who were ready to use the Sharp Knife Joint Attack were all scared into cold sweat.

At first, they were very confident about their Sharp Knife Joint Attack.

But all their confidence had been crushed at this moment!

They could not help asking themselves in their hearts, “Can the Sharp Knife Joint Attack kill this demon?”

They didn’t know, but it looked like they didn’t have any other choice.

“Let’s group up!”

The five errand men didn’t keep hesitating. They immediately drew out their swords and stood in a straight line, and at the same time, they kept pouring their vigour into the rune words in their hands.

The rune words were activated, breaking out a lot of green energies.

The green energies joined the five people up, forming an energy field around them.

The outline of the energy field was like a huge sharp knife, wrapping the five people inside it.

As the five errand men played the Sharp Knife Joint Attack, a level four Martial Warrior was also gathering his vigour at the same time.

Then he jumped to the top of the nearby octagonal building and chose the best location for an ambush.

If the Sharp Knife Joint Attack couldn’t kill Lin Yun, then he would take the opportunity to sneak attack Lin Yun.

In the past, he never thought that he would do such a dastardly thing.

However, the situation was too tough, because the young man was too terrible!

He didn’t even think that the Sharp Knife Joint Attack could kill Lin Yun. So to be safe, he was ready to launch a sneak attack after that.

“Take that!”

The five errand men rushed towards Lin Yun together.

No matter how the five people moved, they always kept the same distance between each other, and the energy field also covered them as they moved.

It looked like a knife was cutting across everything. Even the air was being torn apart, making a shrill screech.

Facing this scene, Lin Yun didn’t even try to dodge the sword formation. He held the sword in his hand and rushed toward them…