Eternal Martial Emperor

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Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 7

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Take a Good Look at Your Sword!

The first move of the Destruction Sacred Sword!

Lin Yun kicked off with his left heel.

Instantly, the ground suddenly caved in.

Lin Yun held his sword and suddenly disappeared in the air, leaving only a flash of sword light across the five people.

The sword-shaped energy field was torn apart by the sword light instantly.

The five errand men’s bodies were also cut in half at their waist. Their blood squirted in the air like fountains.

Lin Yun suddenly appeared behind the errand men. He raised his sword, which still had a drop of blood on it.

This was too inconceivable. No one was willing to accept it!

The Sharp Knife Joint Attack, which was almost invincible on the battlefield.

After Lin Yun’s one brandish.

It was torn apart like a piece of bean curd!

The five errand men were also like five sick old dogs when they faced Lin Yun. They all died in the blink of an eye.

In the past. these errand men all stood in the same camp with the great elder. They used all kinds of method to bully Lin Yun, trying to get rid of Lin Yun.

Due to this, Lin Yun wouldn’t be guilty when killing them.

Lin Yun didn’t even look at them. His red eyes stared at Lin Tianhai like a pair of bloody swords. Lin Tianhai was scared and uncontrollably stepped back a few steps.

All the disciples who saw Lin Yun’s eyes were frightened out of their wits. They shakily strived to run out of the courtyard.

They could not find any language to describe Lin Yun’s abnormal horror.

No matter if it was the Sword Formation or the Sharp Knife Joint Attack, they were both fragile like a piece of porcelain in front of Lin Yun. He just brandished his sword, then they collapsed completely!

Was this something that a human being could do it?

He was more likely a monster than any real monsters!

“Protect the sixth elder!” The remaining two errand men and single guard immediately surrounded Lin Tianhai.

And at this moment, the guard who hid on the top of the building jumped down from the building.

“Rock Cutter!”

With holding his the sword in his hand, the guard dropped from the building, chopping his sword towards Lin Yun’s head. At that moment, he even gathered a layer of blue energy shield on his sword blade.

This was a Yellow Rank, Middle Level Martial Art. It was more powerful than Crazy Dragon’s Claw and the Double Sword Attack.


Lin Yun didn’t even bother to look at him.

Lin Yun backhand threw out his sword.

The sword flew in the air, turning into a blurred shadow.

The speed of the sword was too fast, besides, the guard was in the air, he didn’t have any chance to dodge it.

The sword cut through his heart, pinning him on the signboard on the second floor.

At the same time, Lin Yun’s body had disappeared again.

In just a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the two errand men.

One punch.

A skull burst.

One claw strike.

A heart was pulled out.

The two errand men hadn’t yet realized what happened, as their corpses had already  fell down beside Lin Yun’s feet.

“Sixth elder, run!” The guard drew out his sword from his waist and blocked Lin Yun’s way, trying to help Lin Tianhai run away.

Lin Tianhai just turned around.

Lin Yun had appeared in front of the guard.

His ferocious red eyes suddenly appeared in front of the guard’s eyes, less than half a foot away.

The guard has not responded to his appearance yet.

Lin Yun slapped the guard’s face.


The guard’s head burst. His blood and brains splashed in all directions!

Lin Yun reached out his both hands and ripped.


The headless body was torn in half and smashed into the wall on each side of the left and right, smashed into minced meat.

This time, the last errand men sneaked behind Lin Yun, brandishing his sword at Lin Yun’s neck.

Lin Yun abruptly turned back.

His scarlet eyes stared at the errand man.

An invisible and powerful spiritual energy suddenly burst out and squeezed the errand man’s brain!

The errand man shivered. His brain was instantly invaded by the mental energy.

His pupils bitterly contracted, then the life his eyes was completely extinguished. He looked like a walking corpse, lifelessly kneeling down in front of Lin Yun without any other response.

Those disciples who had fled away had all seen what happened in the courtyard. They all showed desperate looks on their faces.

Lin Yun just stared at the errand man.

Then the errand man directly lost his life.

This completely subverted their outlooks!

Lin Yun casually took a glance at the errand man, then picked up his sword, throwing the sword to the door of the courtyard.

The sword turned into a beam of cold light, flying towards Lin Tianhai.

That moment, Lin Tianhai had fled to the door of the courtyard. A sense of crisis suddenly arose in his heart, forcing him to stop himself from moving.

At the very moment he stopped, a beam of cold light flew across his face.

The cold light disappeared in a flash.

In the next second.

Lin Tianhai suddenly saw a sword pinned on the doorframe.

The sword blade was shivering due to the remaining throwing power. Due to the high speed vibration, it looked blurred and made a “clank” sound.

Lin Tianhai still kept his sprinting posture. He was stiffly frozen in place and didn’t even dare to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

A moment ago, if he hadn’t stopped in time, he would have been thrust by the flying sword.

“I’ve said, you must die today!” Lin Yun exhaled a hot breath of gas from his nose and mouth, then walked toward Lin Tianhai step by step.

Every time his feet touched the ground, his feet would emit a lot of hot gas. The hot gas rose in the air, making him look like a steamy God of War!

“No, no, no… Don’t come here!” Lin Tianhai quickly pulled out the sword from the doorframe and pounced at Zhang Wei.

After seeing Lin Yun’s speed, he knew it was impossible to escape from him. Therefore, he must hold a hostage to save his life.

Lin Tianhai came quickly behind Zhang Wei and put the sword on Zhang Wei’s neck.

“You go a step further and I’ll kill him!” said Lin Tianhai.

However, after Lin Tianhai threatened Lin Yun, he suddenly felt that the sword had lost its weight.

“Take a good look at your sword!” Lin Yun looked at Lin Tianhai with disdain.

Lin Tianhai looked down, then was astonished to see that his sword had only the handle. The sword blade had disappeared!

His brain went blank.

How could that be?!

When he pulled the sword out of the doorframe, it was still a complete sword.

How could the blade suddenly vanish?

Lin Tianhai looked at Lin Yun in fear. His pupils suddenly contracted after seeing the stuff in Lin Yun’s hand.

Lin Yun was holding a incomplete sword blade between his two fingers.

If you puzzled the incomplete sword blade and the sword handle in Lin Tianhai’s hand, you would find that they formed a complete sword!

“No… Not… really…”

Lin Tianhai couldn’t believe what was happening.

Did this monster-like bastard’s speed really approach such a degree?

When did he do this?

He himself was a level five Martial Warrior! His sword was cut off, how was it possible that he didn’t realize it!

Was that an illusion?

Lin Tianhai stared at Lin Yun with surprise and confusion.

Lin Yun relaxed his hold.

The broken sword blade slipped to the ground.


The crisp sound of falling metal plate sounded.

The silvery sound reminded Lin Tianhai that this wasn’t an illusion but a real occurrence!

Lin Tianhai immediately fell into despair.

Endless despair!

Although Lin Tianhai was a level five martial warrior, but at this moment, he had completely lost his fighting will and begged for Lin Yun’s mercy, “No… Don’t kill me! All I have done was under the command of the great elder! If you want to kill, then go to kill him!”

“He instigated me to spread rumours that there was all-healing grass in the Wilderness Mountain Chain. He ordered me to frame you. He wants to kill your father and you, and take control of the Lin family!”

“The great elder?” Lin Yun wasn’t surprised.

The great elder had showed his desire about the position of the family master since a long time ago. Lin Yun had guessed that the great elder wouldn’t be innocent.

However, that wouldn’t stop Lin Yun’s decision to kill Lin Tianhai.

“Rest assured. I’ll send him to see you… in hell! Now, you can die!” Lin Yun picked up another sword from the ground, his scarlet eyes staring at Lin Tianhai.

Just then, a person descended from the sky.