Eternal Martial Emperor

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Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 8

Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 8

Chapter 8: One Brandish Again!


Upon hearing the word, Lin Yun had disappeared again.

Almost at the same time.

He suddenly appeared behind Lin Tianhai, as if he teleported to that place.

His sword sliced through Lin Tianhai’s neck.


Lin Tianhai’s neck fractured.

Lin Tianhai’s head separated from his body. After circling over in the air for a while, it dropped down on the ground, with his blood scattering all over the ground.

The headless body fell stiffly and feebly behind Lin Yun, as if it was just a lifeless puppet.

At this time, the person who descended from the sky fell in front of Lin Yun, stared at Lin Yun with his bloodshot eyes.

It was a middle-aged man. He was about 50 years old, wearing a green robe, and his black and white hair hanging down about two feet long.

This person was Lin family’s third elder, Lin Tianshan.

The great elder Lin Tianying, the third elder Lin Tianshan, and the sixth elder Lin Tianhai were blood brothers.

As Lin Tianhai’s brother, how could Lin Tianshan not feel angry after he saw his brother was beheaded?

Besides, when he arrived at here, he had said “Stop!”, but Lin Yun turned a deaf ear to him. How could Lin Tianshan tolerate this?!

“Bastard! I will tear you to ten thousand pieces!” Lin Tianshan shouted, drawing out his sword from his waist.

He broke out a gust of terrible airstream, rolling up the dust all around.

Unlike Lin Tianhai, who spent most of his time indulging in dissipation, Lin Tianshan was very powerful. After all, he was a level seven martial warrior!

In the whole Greencloud City, he could be regarded as one of the top thirty martial practitioners.

“Crazy Dragon Tearing Apart the Mountain!”

Lin Tianhai gathered his vigour, forming a layer of light yellow energy shield on his long sword. The shape of the energy shield looked pretty like a flying dragon.

This was a Yellow Rank, High Level martial art: Crazy Dragon Tearing Apart the Mountain.

Yellow Rank, High Level Martial Arts was the most advanced martial arts Lin Tianshan had mastered.

Even among all the martial arts Lin family had had, it was also a top martial art skill.

Its power was very terrible. Although “tearing apart the mountain” was just an exaggerated description, but it was pretty easy to use it to split stones.

If someone used it to attack you, unless your rank had reached Martial Master, you wouldn’t have any chance to survive!

Zhang Wei swallowed as he saw Lin Tianshan played such a powerful attack. He couldn’t stop worrying about Lin yun.


Lin Yun directly ignored his attack. He turned around and said to Zhang Wei, “Listen, now I’m going to give you a very important task.”

Zhang Wei was completely stunned. His eyes filled with shock and fear.

A level seven Martial Warrior was playing a Yellow Rank, High Level Martial Art behind him, but Lin Yun just completely ignored him!

This was blatant contempt!

“How dare you to ignore me? I will tear you to ten thousand pieces!” Lin Tianshan yelled with extreme anger. He jumped to his feet, brandishing his sword towards Lin Yun’s head!

What a powerful sword it was!

What an unstoppable sword it was!

What an overwhelming sword it was!


Lin Yun still turned a blind eye to it and continued saying to Zhang Wei, “I need you to prepare a refining furnace, and several kinds of refining material: clover, redbud, orange jasmine…”

As he spoke, the sword had neared Lin Yun’s head.

Just then.

Lin Yun suddenly raised his left arm.

His two fingers casually gripped the sword blade.

At the very moment, the seemingly unstoppable sword froze between his two fingers.

The sword’s energy completely vanished at this moment!

Lin Tianshan’s pupils contracted. His heart instantly fell into despair.

Lin Yun didn’t even look back at him.

He brandished his sword.


Lin Yun’s sword rolled up a gust of fan-shaped airflow, shooting towards Lin Tianshan.

Lin Tianshan’s body hadn’t fallen to the ground, he had been cut in two at his waist!


Five meters away, the airflow cut the city wall in two from its middle, leaving an over ten meters long crack!

The wall broke in two from the middle. Its upper part slid down, smashing on the ground and splashing a cloud of dust.

Lin Tianshan’s mangled body fell back to the ground. He had died, but his round eyes were still opened wide as it stared at the sky.

He never thought that the young boy could block his full attack by using only two fingers.

He never thought that he would be killed so easily by a young boy!

Zhang Wei’s expression was thoroughly petrified. This scene completely subverted his cognition about strength.

A level seven Martial Warrior still couldn’t withstand a single blow when faced with Lin Yun!

One brandish.

Lin Yun still just brandished his sword one time.

Lin Yun didn’t even look at Lin Tianshan when he killed Lin Tianshan!

What terrible power!

Zhang Wei couldn’t even believe his eyes!

After killing Lin Tianshan, Lin Yun felt that his body suddenly shook, the he had upgraded to a level three Martial Apprentice!

From a waste whose public region had broken, to a level three Martial Apprentice, it only took a few minutes. His leveling speed was enough to shame any genius in the whole God Domain.

Lin Yun loosened his grip and watched the sword dropg to the ground, then said to Zhang Wei, “Can you send these things to the Greencloud Chamber of Commerce at noon?”

Zhang Wei returned to earth from shock. He answered seriously, “Rest assured, young master. You gave me a new life, I won’t be afraid to sacrifice myself to finish any of your tasks!”

Although Zhang Wei didn’t know why Lin Yun wanted these materials, but he asked nothing. As long as it was commanded by Lin Yun, he would do whatever Lin Yun commanded.

Lin Yun nodded with satisfaction, “Very well. Hurry up, go ahead!”

“Yes!” Zhang Wei nodded, then rushed out of the courtyard.

Lin Yun walked to the side of Lin Tianhai’s corpse, finding the Hundreds Grasses Dan Medicine from his pocket and put it into his own pocket, then he moved again.

The Devil God’s Nucleation had a time limit.

Therefore, Lin Yun had no time to find the great elder and take revenge. He must save Lin Ying before the power disappeared.

Next, his destination was…… the Xiao family!

The Xiao family was a strong family as the Lin family. It was one of the four great families in Greencloud City together with Lin family, Chu family, and Li family.

Today, Xiao family would hold the wedding. Therefore, all the martial practitioners of Xiao family would come together.


In the south of the city.

In Xiao family.

The entire courtyard decorated with lanterns and colored hangings.

On the north side of the courtyard, on the ten meter high stage, a magnificent hall was located there.

In the hall, a middle-aged man was sitting in the first place, and his appearance looked pretty powerful and intransigent. He was Xiao family’s master, Xiao Batian.

A woman was sitting beside Xiao Batian. She wore a gorgeous dress on her body and a golden hairpin on her head. Obviously, she was Xiao Batian’s wife.

“The master of Wang family giving a piece of jade for congratulating for the fourth childe's wedding.”

“The master of Ma family giving a blue pearl necklace for congratulating for the fourth childe's wedding.”

“The city general giving a Yellow Rank, Middle Level magic jewel for congratulating for the fourth childe's wedding.”

Almost all the celebrities of Greencloud City were gathering together in Xiao family. None of them were ashamed of showing their wealth by giving Xiao family precious presents.

Looking at the gifts, Xiao Batian’s face lit up with happiness.

Soon afterwards.

Outside the courtyard, the musicians started to play all sorts of musical instruments.


The wedding procession walked into the courtyard.

Xiao Xiong wore a big red flower in front of his chest. His fat body rode on the tall and strong horse, going ahead the procession.

He was so happy that he couldn’t control himself to stop laughing all the way.

Behind him, Lin Ying was sitting inside the red bridal sedan chair. Xiao Xiong’s laughter completely concealed her sobs.

“Lin Yun brother, I am sorry, Lin Ying can’t take care of you any longer. Please forgive me…”

Lin Ying’s face was covered with a red hijab, but that couldn’t stop her tears. She sobbed and wept bitterly.

“Lin Yun brother, I won’t marry Xiao Xiong. You’re the only person whom I want to marry. However, it’s impossible in this life…”

As Lin Ying whispered, overflow a trace of blood spilled over her mouth.

A quarter of an hour before, she had quietly consumed poison.

It was a highly toxic poison. No one could survive after they ate it half an hour later!

“Lin Yun brother. If I had my life to live over, I want to be your wife, reaching old age together with you…”