Across A Millennium to Love You 秋夜雨寒

Because of a chain bracelet, Bai Min inadvertently crossed over thousand years to become Daxing dynasty’s Murong Feng.
She married the mischievous and unruly 4th Prince Sima Rui.
Won’t this marriage disappoint the owner of the soul and body?
From their uninterested beginning until they slowly getting to know each other and finally got together.
An accident made this marriage predestined by fate became an autumn dream.
Eventually Bai Min cannot resist the longing of the heart and also cannot avoid the calling of her lover in the dream. She abandoned everything to cross over a millennium once more.
This affectionate love without regret and willing to give up everything was met with continous twists and turns.
She made a pact with her lord to be fated for three lives. Across a millennium, was it possible not to disappoint this lifetime?