Kitchen Xiuzhen Hell Mode,地狱模式

In the Country of Fine Cuisine, chefs are the most respected vocation.
Food that caused clothes to explode? Food that glows? Food that creates visions? Food that causes illusion?
That’s right, a Xiuzhen chef on this continent can produce these special effects when they cook.
Have you seen potatoes as big as a human head?
Have you seen jade colored wheat?
What about chickens that are 0.8m tall?
In this world, these are just the most basic ingredients.
“Well, these ingredients are interesting and are a good fit for Chinese Cuisine!”
Luo Xiu, an award-winning chef from planet Earth, crossed over into this world by accident. With a Mapo bean curd in his hand, the dish created a strange vision of Flaming Mountain.
“If you move again, I will release the dish- Buddha Jumps over the wall!”
A large golden Buddha sat on 10 Xiuzhen practitioners and squashed them to death!

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