Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka (LN) Volume 1 prologue

Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka (LN) Volume 1 prologue

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Prologue: The Reincarnation Analysis of the Goddess

(Aaah ah……I died huh)

Life、it was a thing where it goes into hard mode once you hadn’t have any communication power。

Since I’ve already died then that’s why it’s in past tense。

If you can’t communicate with other people well enough then it would really be difficult to even live normally。

Though I’ve yearned for the minimum communication power of matching eyes with other people since that is what is needed to live in a crowd called “Society”。

Well、It can’t be helped for me to uselessly think about those things before I died。

(But for me to still be conscious、what does this mean?)

The place that I am right now is pretty much darkness wherever you lay your eyes at。I still had my consciousness but my body wasn’t anywhere。

(So this is the boredom of after death……)

If this was the case、rather than getting involved and losing everything、I only had to restart and don’t go out of my house to begin with。


From my whole 16 years of life、it was the game in which I invested 1/3 or more of my time。

From my elementary school age、Though I wasn’t able to get even a person to play with me but inside the Net game、I was mysteriously able to communicate rather well with other people。

In the unchanged Diagonally downward view type MMORPG、people like me who aren’t that good in speaking is able to communicate just by typing what I think about in the text bar。

In that game、I was able to have a high sociability status。

But no matter what I did、I wasn’t able to convey my true feelings with this mouth in the real world。

Though I’m truly grateful for my Childhood friend who took me out of my house however、the words that I kept on saying was always contradicting to what I thought as I turned away my eyes from her goodwill。

──I’m already happy that I’m here in this place。

──You people who are out there are much more 『Pitiful』。Real life is shit。

「Although you already understand、 right? You who have been cut off from the society can only be called as 『Pitiful』 isn’t it」

(UWAH!?  Wh-、what was that so suddenly、where did that come from……!? )

「You need not be frightened so much。Why do you fear having a conversation with others so much?」

(Th-、that is……where the hell are you!)

「If you speak the truth of you yourself being unable to stay at ease without seeing my form then、alright。Does this please you?」


Before I comment on what is good about that、my field of vision suddenly brightened。

This place……where might this be。The scenery outside are only a sea of clouds?

While looking down at the scenery、I seem to be in a place that looks like a 『Temple in the sky』 in some games。Yet still having no form or body、the only thing I possess is my consciousness and vision that can recognize my surroundings。

When I spun around my glance、before I was even aware、a girl was already standing in my presence。

She seemed more younger than my own when I was still alive、has a bright blonde hair & it looks like、her ears are awfully long。

She has the same appearance as that race who dwell on the forest & are pretty good at magic that has also been inside the game Eternal・Magia which are called 『Elves』。

「That is wonderful that you have neatly remembered that。 Even while being a soul、it is very pleasing that you have retained your memories & personality。Since having it gone when you die is what mostly happens」

(Wha-、what does she mean by soul……don’t talk about things that I can’t understand)

『Soul』……is it。I think I can recall seeing something like that。

While thinking about that in this direction、she gave a smile like she had seen through my monologue。

「Although you are able to stay calm in your inner thoughts but you can only speak aggressive like words when you speak out。

You really are obstinate、So this is what they call a perverse person」

(Wh-、what is with this……for her to appraise a person like that。Even if were in a temple like place such as this、is she trying to act like a god or something? Haaa、this is laughable)

『──However、she might really be a Goddess though。What does she want from someone like me? Since it’s been so long since I had a face to face conversation with anyone、I feel a bit happy。But won’t she think that I’m a troublesome guy?……She’s pretty gorgeous so I don’t want her to hate me that much』

(Woah……!? )

My real thoughts had become sounds without my intention & has been heard by the Elf eared woman in front of me。Even without my existing beet red face、this is a bit shameful。

「Fufufu……That’s right。I am a Goddess。If you think that I’m beautiful then frankly saying it would be better、 you know。Isn’t it always like that? You can’t convey your thoughts precisely so others would misunderstand you」

「Th-、that’s not……it isn’t li-……」

I can’t even answer my denial to that。Since I couldn’t even halt my thoughts from converting into voices。

Miyamura Hina 。She was my childhood friend who was always concerned for me & yet she was the person that I couldn’t even be truthful to even at my last moments。She was one of the few connections that has been kept for me on the outside world from my room。

「Hmmm……So you actually liked that Hina-chan girl。While that girl has also been taken by another man from you。In addition to that、there was also another misfortunate thing that happened, am I right?」

「Haven’t you already seen everything……If that is so then you don’t even have the need to hear it from me then?」

The Goddes made a wry smile。I’ve already anticipated that answer is what that smile wanted to say in that way。

「Eternal・Magia、that is a game that has reproduced a different world that I have been governing as a Goddess。It is you at least that has felt the enjoyment of life in all sincerity in that game。That is why I had a though of wanting to put you as a person in that world of mine。Since you have already perished、I didn’t actually expect to actually reincarnate you into that world」

For the reason of my unfortunate life、did she gave a thought of saving me by letting me into her world。
No、it isn’t such a simple story like that。I’m sure that this Goddess has another purpose for this。

『For me to not trouble my parents so much after becoming a shut in、I concluded on a method of earning money……That’s why I saved up in-game money and rare items on Eternal Magia & proceeded to use R M T 。It was a bad thing to do in reality but I didn’t have any other means in earning……As I finally made my way into having a way to convert that account into over 20 million yen after being converted but I was swindled by a guild member of mine……& everything、all of it has been stolen』
(TLN: RMT = Real Money Trading
Apparently it’s illegal but I do it every time xD )

My password was stolen & the account was hacked。

I immediately noticed it after logging in & the shock made my brain whole white。

Only my level and skills were left as all the money and items had disappeared。

All of the things that I had built up on playing for 3 whole years was now gone。

I should have sold it earlier。If only I did it bit by bit。All those regrets have paraded in my head。RMT is also a violation of the rules & even if I tried to take back what was lost、the suspicious player had already sold of my items and disappeared。

I spent my whole life like an empty husk for several days after that。

I who had been a shut in state afterwards has dashed outside as I saw a situation where Hina would likely be run over by a truck so I tried to help but──that is where I died。

「I have a single thing to say。Sooner or later、A part of the players of Eternal Magia would be given a choice of their own world or going to a different world」

「Wha……? wait、I don’t understand what youy’re saying。I’m not sure if it’s because I’m dead or not but isn’t it strange for asking the players who’re still alive to go to another world?」

「You do not have to worry for such a thing right now。Since you’ve died earlier than expected so that’s why we’re now having this 『Interview』 on such an early time」

「U-、unexpected you say……Are you saying that the scene of myself going outside and saving Hina isn’t a thing that you expected as a Goddess?」

「Isn’t that so。For you yourself at that time、for you to be outside of your room is already an irrgular moment。Your log in time is also a bit uncommon too」

If you tell it to me like that then I don’t have anything else to say。The percentage for a shut in gamer to suddenly dash outside his house would be truly low when thinking about it──。

「For an Eternal Magia player who had a 20,000 hours of gameplay、there isn’t anyone like that in all the 70,000。That is you……Morioka Hiroto-kun。In Japan、you were at the Top rank。That’s why it isn’t impossible for your account to be targeted」

「Wh-、what are you implying with that。Even if you tell me like that but I can’t say that I’m not reluctant to that」

「You were collecting that much envy from your surroundings。You were included at the most top of the guild of Eternal Magia and being one of the leaders of it too」

My communication prowess was pretty omnipotent in NetGames。

It wasn’t just being able to normally talk to others but even for the non playable characters who aren’t characters that could be played、I was able to efficiently negotiate with all of them using my skills。

If you would ask why was that possible、then it was because I used up all my bonus points up to the 100 limit of a certain Death skill that no one would willingly take called  『Negotiation technique 』。

Players who have acquired their skill points that exists at the upper bound mostly wouldn’t spend it on non combat skills excluding me or a few others。Though Negotiation technique is a non combat skill that is neglected by many in which I who was the only one who used it while disregarding the information on the net since I knew how to use it efficiently。

I who had raised the Negotation technique up to100 had seen another world aside from others。

The king who one would usually have been impossible to talk to had lowered his head to me & even the Legendary N P C that had defeated the Demon king had beome possible to employ as a mercenary through negotiation。

Using that、I carefully captured dungeons that are truly & despairingly difficult for others without being noticed as I offered information bit by bit while building a cricle of friends。

I had a great number of companions as a result as I yearned for having a guild myself until it became so that I had the largest guild in the whole Eternal Magia while being the leader of it too。

The foremost party in Eternal Magia who called themselves『Capture Group』 obtained a bit of info from my party as they at last defeated a boss that I myself have already beaten。

「……I should have only continued in being a guild master。The ones who had managed in helping me were Mikoto-san and

Maromayu-san。I can’t thank them so much on all the help those two had done for me」

「If your thoughts were transmitted then wouldn’t you be able to talk to them obediently。Even in real life、 if you used those chat applications in those smartphones then wouldn’t it be possible to talk without being misunderstood」

「It isn’t like that。If I couldn’t talk to them normally then wouldn’t they just see me as a troublesome guy……& to such a guy like me、why would you want to take me to your world?」

「It is just because I was purely interested in you。To the point that I would invite you to my world」

「Eh……? I-、interested you say but、why is it me……」

The Goddess passed her fingers through her smooth looking golden hair as she combed it down。It was a picturesque gesture like those of a foreign film actress would do。

「It was because you were in misfortune。You who had dedicated everything to Eternal Magia & just to have it lost」

「Is that so……sympathy huh。Even if you say you go interested by it、that’s such a good hobby you got there」

「And after all of that、 You who have protected the person you has an unrequited love even without compensation。With all those 『Misfortune』、all of it shall be converted into bonus points when you get reincarnated」

「W-、what are yo- you talking about……Bonus huh。And it isn’t unrequited love too……」

「Though you’re thinking that you just saved her and just died without permission but what do you think is the one who had been protected feeling right now?」

「That kind of thing……even if you ask me、I don’t even know what to say」

「Fufufu……Should I keep touching this child’s delicate part in moderation here? Let’s continue this assesment then」

「You’re calling me a child here but you don’t look like an adult yourself too though。You really look younger than me」

While the Goddess was ignoring my words、she held her hand up to my direction。

The air at my front was slashed in half after she raised her hand as a Message Window that really looked like the ones in Eternal Magia expanded in that area。

「Your bonus points that has been assessed is dispalyed here。It is the converted number of the the misfortune that you have accumulated in your past life」

「W-、what is this。Usually、doesn’t the bonus come after doing great things while being alive?」

「You can think that such concepts like usual things don’t pass through me。That is because I am an unusual existence」

◆《Morioka Hiroto》’s assessed bonus points entry list◆

1:The childhood friend that he loved has been stolen by another 96 Points

2:Lost all possessions and account has been hacked 150 Points

3:Ran over by a truck and died 10 Points

Total 255

「Wh-……what、this is……」

It was a number that even my eyes doubted。255 Bonus points。It was an impossible to get number in the game。However、the calculation on the total amount seems to be wrong。

It’s also weird that being run over by a truck is treated like just being an extra so this is a bit terribly confusing。It just became more difficult to understand what’s going on in the mind of that Goddess。

「The bonus point’s counter stops at 255、 you know。Since the initial bonus for the game is 10 so 255 bonus points is actually quite an exception。I think the total points you’ve collected in the game was 230……so around that number is what the top player of my game was able to get.」

So the bonus value for my newly acquired life would be my previous misfortune huh。Around the time when I was being a shut in and playing、I wouldn’t be able to think of such things。

However、For it to be 255 points。If I had 100 bonus points in such an early stage then I could become unparalleled in a future point of mine。

「The condition of someone being selected to be sent to another world is if they ever played Eternal Magia。In between all those who met those requirements、only you were the one who has peeked my interest in having all those unfortunate experiences……Just by looking at you made me shiver in happiness」

「I-isn’t that just you having a strange hobby or something……? I am quite thankful for the bonus points but……」

「Yes、please take them all。I’m just a shut in so I just want to observe Morioka Hiroto who has sacrificed his life for that game。

Like the character you made called 『Sigrid』 please collect the respect of many people and enjoy the world of that game、that is how i wish for you to enjoy that other world」


From the three characters that I made in Eternal Magia、it was the most favorite of mine。

That was the character that served as the Guild master of [Stairway to Heaven] that had 1000 members that went to the full upper bound & is also the name of the one managing the bulletin board of that guild。

So to speak、it was my other half。If it was possible for me to change places with that Sigrid of that game、that was a thought that I’ve had in my head many times for god knows how long。

「However that is……if I listen to it for this long、it feels like something is off」

「Fufufu、what is it? If you don’t tell it to me then I won’t understand~」

「This、is this just a dream? This is too much for a convenient development for me。I should be waking up in a hospital right now or something like that」

Though it’s true that I’m feeling a bit hyped that I’m going to another world but the bonus point part was indeed to convenient

。255 points is basically a cheat。

「From thinking if this is a dream or not、why don’t you just think of where to allot all these bonus points to」

「W-、well、that is true……Then I should just allot these points then。If I’m really going to be reincarnated then I should seriously think of this」

Even if one says that it is just ideas for my self interest but the Goddess was still smiling。I still don’t understand it well on what she is interested about me。

However、before thinking about that、I should focus on how to spend these Bonus points。I need to think about this seriously。

Even if it was possible to get more points while leveling up but for me who has exhausted everything on Eternal Magia、using up bonus points on a useless outline has a pretty good rate of danger in losing everything。

For me、Just like me──for Sigrid to be able to live、I need that skill。

For my first choice、I didn’t really need to think of it at all。

「I’ll spend it all on [Negotiation Technique]。Only 100 would be spent so there are still some remaining」

「So it really came to pass as expected……What about the remaining 155 bonus points?」

「Though there are tons of powerful skills but there are also a lot of it that is possible to be acquired by myself later。If that is the case then I’ll save up these bonus points for some necessary events in the future……& it seems I’m not really that lucky so I’ll be also using it on luck。30  points should suffice」

Since Bonus points can be alloted to acquired skills so I’ll leave 125 points for future use。Since I love saving things up so I might use it some time later。

「If [Luck] has 30 points allocated in it then the skill 『Good luck 』 would be invoked……is what you’re saying is it」

「Yeah。In earning this in an early stage、『Good luck』 would be the best for gambling。[Good luck] also has other usefull effect too so it’s a considerably wonderful passive skill」

According to the number of the acquired skill in Eternal Magia、from the strong attacks to magic、up to skills that can steal stuff from an enemy and many alike can be acquired in the game。Those skills are called 『Action』while skills like 『Good Luck』 are called 『Passive』 in which you just need to set it in order for it to work。

After that would be what Job to pick since that would show what skills would one acquire──but in the first place、 would I be able to choose a Job for my own。

「For that Job topic、it would be decided randomly after being tranfered to that world。There’s a 90% rate of being a Villager though」

「Villager huh……It wasn’t possible for me to change my Job easily so I became a super Villager when I was a beginner。Well、that I don’t have any problems with that then。Though Aristocrat play is also good too but being bound too much is pretty hard」

For a Villager to be able to acquire almost all of the skills in Eternal Magia but though there are merits in getting a Job like exclusive skills yet there is really no great difference in strength for swordsmen, musicians or villagers。It is for the reason that the status also fixes itself according to the numerical value of the skills。

Whenever one’s level rises、3 skill points would also be given。Skills would also be acquired as they use those skills while piling up Skill experience through training & also using skill points to directlyraise the skill value then one would be able to make different kinds of characters with this multifarious number of skills。

「I already know about Eternal Magia’s great number of making different kinds of characters but if it’s for the reason of choosing people to send to the other world then I’m a bit convinced I guess……well no、I still can’t see the reality of it」

「To that world that you have lived and the world that I’m governing has a relation in no small way。You can think of that as a Quest of yours to solve that mystery after reincarnating to that world」

Unexpectedly、a proposition has been put out to me by the Goddess。Apparently、that would seem to be the purpose of my transfer to that world。

To dispel the mystery of that world。From that phrase alone、my heart is really getting excited in the truth。

「And afterwards……for you to be able to reach this place of mine again to hear your answer with your mouth」

To live in the different world where the game was originally based on in reality & to achieve the feat of meeting again with the Goddess。

I’ll just leave that as my grand purpose so for the time being、I’ll just live desperately there。As a dweller in a different world。

That is because it has been my desire for a long time now。

「Yes、that is right。Since I didn’t expect that I would be killed so early。Though I don’t have any regrets on dying to save Hina」

「So you’ve admitted that you threw away your life to save her」

「Yeah……well、it’s the truth afterall。However I really wanted to say to her、it’s not like I died for your sake or anything、I just died without permission by myself。It would be good for her to not blame her self like that」

I’ll say it like a joke as much as possible、though the Goddess didn’t laugh at first。

This is a little  late but she laid her eyes on me like she was a bit embarrased。

「Yes……you weren’t that blessed during your previous life。Yet that isn’t just the reason for you to be interesting。It is because your smile showed your kindness。That is the best reason」

「……On which place am I kind」

That was the only thing I wanted to correct。I’m just a simple good-for-nothing guy。

Even if that was transmitted to the Goddess but she had an indescribable look on her eyes as she saw me。

Though it’s really mortifying to think like this but she really is a high class beauty。

If I didn’t have the chance to meet her like this then I would just be content in staring at her admiringly。

「That you who has said that you hated yourself、I wonder how will that different world be able to change that……I’ll be looking forward to it」

When the Goddess held her hand in my presence、 the words displayed on the window changed。


・Will you reincarnate to another world? YES/NO

A little bit、just a mere second did I hesitate。

Even more of that hesitating feeling however、is that I really wanted to live on a different world。

Even if Morioka Hiroto disappears & having to throw away the ties to the family who raised me such a helpless guy like me。

If only I could had made some money before my account had been hacked & even if they would feel like receiving that money would be just troublesome but I just wanted to return the kindness of my parents even if just for a bit。

Even with that however、in the truth。

The real reason is that I didn’t want to regret offering my life to that game。

At any rate、after finishing that quite long conversation with the Goddess。

My consciousness receded to the distance from the temple of the Goddess……& from the time I opened my eyes。

「Congratulations! It’s a healthy boy!」

「Uwoooo……he’s born! You’ve worked hard、Remillia……!」

「Haaa、Haaa……Darling……please show me his face……」

After being soaked in the baby’s first bath、my body was wiped & father held me for my mother to see my face。Yep, that was me。

For the time being、Since the only thing I could do is cry then I’ll just do that a lot。

A baby cries because it is cursing its birth、I’ve heard about stories like those。

But for me to have really be here right now while still retaining my memories from my previous life is something that I can’t stop being thankful of。

The conquering of this differen world shall now begin。What I know is that of only up to the third scenario from the game。

After that is just a mystery to me。I’ll be able to advance without any problems during those 3 scenarios but of course even with the 7th part that wasn’t included in the game、I think that I’ll be able to conquer it with this world。

「Darling……what will be this child’s name……」

「Alright、it’s a child that I asked with the Priest for the Goddess to give us。His name shall be……」

From my father who had nut brown hair and long slits of eyelashes、he took a paper and shown it to us where the name was written。


(For the family name to be Sigrid、this is too much outside of my assumption……)

Eternal Magia’s official language is  called 『Elgia』、but it’s simply written like the alphabet so if you understand basic English then you can understand it。When looking at the name written in cursive style like this however、I felt a complexity in my heart on remembering the times I had on going to school。

At any rate、I have safely transferred here。I really want to get along with my new father & mother。

I’ve finally become alone after 3 days from my birth & while using the time where my mother and the midwife-san(?) weren’t paying attention to me、I opened up the window to ascertain my status。


Human Male 0Yr old Level 1

Job:Villager Just a Villager。

Life:40 /40  Mana:24 /24


Negotiation technique 100(MAX) Other characters and enemies are now possible to be negotiated to。

Luck 30  Raising the value of this will improve luck。


Haggle(Negotiation technique 10 ) The price will reduce when transacting for an item。

Persuade(Negotiation technique 30 ) The target will be invited to join the party。

Request(Negotiation technique 40 ) A specific action is requested to the target。

Exchange(Negotiation technique 60 ) The target item will be and exchanged with a held item。

Subjection (Negotiation technique 95 ) The target will be enslaved。Conditions for success differs according to the target。


Charisma(Negotiation technique 50 ) The attention of the target will be attracted。

【Opposite sex】 Enchant(Negotiation technique 80 ) The targetted opposite sex shall enter a 「Enchanted」 state。

【Same sex】 Enchant(Negotiation technique 85 ) The targetted same sex shall enter a 「Enchanted」 state。

【Monster】 Enchant(Negotiation technique 90 ) he targetted monster shall enter a 「Enchanted」 state。

Choices(Negotiation technique 100) Using all available mana 、the 3 most effective actions will be enumerated for the current scene & will be displayed as choices。

Pick Gold(Luck 10 ) Money might be picked up while moving。

Pick Item(Luck 20 ) An item might be picked up while moving。

Good Luck(Luck 30 ) with low probability while invoked、an unexpected lucky event might occur。

Bonus points left:125