Akihabara Radio Tower

By Ranjou Raku,藍上陸

Akihabara Radio Tower Chapter 1

Akihabara Radio Tower Chapter 1

The current spring season resembled a light-green puppy, waving its tail in excitement. The fresh sunlight and the moody wind teased the girl's hair.

"Huh… It's already the second spring season in this world."

While sitting on a steel frame, the girl stretched her limbs as if she had just woken up. The blowing breeze fluttered her long hair, hiding a side of her face. The place where she was sitting and the scenery around her were deserted, giving the impression as if she were the only one left in this world.

—— It was a radio tower measuring one kilometer in length in Akihabara.

The girl was sitting on a seat in one of the tower's antennas that was supposed to be a dangerous area, prohibited from entry; and was casually shaking her legs peeking out from the hot pants that she was wearing. Cars and bikes could be seen on the ground from far away lining like ants while pedestrians seemed closer to dust. The tall buildings of the city looked more like the pebbles that could be found near river beds.

A white seagull flying nearby alighted in one of the antennas before it bent its neck and stared at the girl with somewhat confused eyes. The girl imitated the seagull by bending her neck as well, then smiled at it.

"Umu? Quite the unfamiliar face"
Maybe I can eat it.

She tried to extend her hand to the seagull, but it immediately chirped, 'kuwa!'

"Wah! I'm sorry. I won't hurt you… This is a peaceful world where nobody needs to go on a hunt to get their food. There are no monsters that invade villages, neither are there Demon Lords."

The girl stopped shaking her legs as she spoke to the seagull.

"Even my true self… doesn't exist in this world…"

While casting her eyes downward, she looked at the bundle of B4 size papers placed next to her.

"The only way to retrieve my lost memories is by continuing to draw this « War Diary », rather, I need to hurry and recall the way to return to my world and eventually, defeat the Demon Lord!"

A strong gust of wind flew by the girl, which caused the bundle of papers to get untied and scatter in the air.

"Wah! Wah!?"

The girl attempted to catch the papers, but all in vain. The seagull that was sitting nearby glided through the air while chirping, possibly thinking that those white papers were from its kind.

"Ah! My « War Diary »… Waah!"

One of the black boots she was wearing slid off from her legs that were impatiently clattering, which clashed against the antenna and plunged into the depth of the city like a black kite.

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Editor – Kenny Stryker

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