Hengen Souki Shine Mirage - Crushed pride, stained existence Chapter 1

Hengen Souki Shine Mirage - Crushed pride, stained existence Chapter 1

The Transformation Heroine's Defeat!

The Transformation Heroine's Defeat!

"Wait! I won't let you escape!!"

In an alley bereft of people during the night, a single shadowy figure with glittering golden twin tails trailing it is running along. The figure has plump and full breasts and hips with a bright blue and white leotard-like costume stretched over them. Elbow length white gloves cover the figure's arms, a rapier is held in the figure's right hand and it is wearing knee high white boots to protect its running legs. A peach coloured visor stretches from the forehead to the nose to hide the face of the figure and, seeing it, it is impossible to imagine it is anything other than the heroine of justice, Hengen Souki Shine Mirage. Every day she fights against the evil organization known as "Dark Crime". She was battling against a member of the evil organization just a moment ago, but now she's chasing it as it flees from her.

"Are you finished playing tag? Well, I hope you're ready to face the consequences."

The monster the girl has been pursuing heads into an abandoned factory in a quiet suburb on the edge of town. Holding her rapier at the ready, Shine Mirage calls out in a loud voice that echoes about the abandoned building. However, when the monster turns around, there is a slight smile that can be seen on its face in profile. The monster had been aiming to bring the girl here to this factory from the moment it started running.

"What… why are you giving that disgusting smile?"

Was she lured here, the heroine is filled with doubts due to the unnatural actions of the enemy she pursued. Had it really just run here by accident while fleeing?

"There's still time. Even if it is a trap, a monster like this has no chance against me."

The amount of time the girl had remaining in her transformed state wasn't the greatest. Despite the previous battle being rather short, Shine Mirage had spent a lot of time chasing the enemy across town. However, even if this is a trap, she can't even imagine the sight of herself losing against a monster like this.

One day people were forced to become fearful of the organization "Dark Crime" after they suddenly invaded from another world. Against their monsters and combatants there was no one who could resist them. The police couldn't stop them when they bared their fangs and the destruction and collateral damage was immense, they even kidnapped random unrelated people for unknown reasons.

Toudouin Saki, the princess-like daughter of the Toudouin conglomerate, while fleeing from an attack from the monsters of Dark Crime discovered a jewel box that was emitting light. Taking the glowing jewel out of the box, the girl was enveloped with light, sacred energy filling her body and granting her the ability to transform into the Hengen Souki known as Shine Mirage. Only understanding a little about her powers, she began fighting and winning against humanities bitter enemy, Dark Crime. An invincible heroine who slew many monsters.

Even if there is no one to watch, she is a proud of her own special existence and there's no way she'd retreat from this situation. In order to pursue the escaping monster, she enters the abandoned factory that is cloaked in darkness.

"Where are you!? You can't escape anymore!!"

"Guhahahaha!! You moron, you've walked right into a trap!!"

Keeping a vigilant watch on her surrounds, the heroine moves into the building. Just as she arrived at the centre of the building, the doors slam shut as the monster's laughing voice fills the air. Despite the building appearing to lack electricity, a single light turns on above Shine Mirage illuminating her as the area around her begins to distort. Then, suddenly, a lot of enemy combatants begin to appear where there had been nothing moments ago. Completely surrounding the heroine, there are dozens, maybe even more than a hundred, rough looking men wearing black tights that smirk at the girl as they watch her.

"Hmph, this is your trap? No matter how many small fry appear, they're just small fry. This goes against my standards."

"You've got a real cocky attitude don't you!! Alright, everyone, go!!"

Hearing the words of the monster, the combatants all rush towards Shine Mirage like an avalanche trying to crush her. There's nowhere to escape to. However, the heroine gives a smile while watching them. She then kicks against the ground and leaps high into the air as if weightless, looking down at the combatants as she does so.

"Even if you're just small fry, you need to be punished for being stupid enough to think you could fight me. Magical form!!"

At the girls words, Shine Mirage is wrapped in light for a moment before it becomes an incandescent burst of light. Immediately her appearance changes, her hair becoming a pink ponytail, her costume's colour becomes pink with white accents while a breezy frilly dress flutters about in the air. Between her legs her secret place somehow gives the impression it might be seen while teasingly never actually being seen. Her long gloves and boots also change to a pink colour, everything matching with her costume. Shine Mirages visor, still topped with a gem, remains as it was, she hiding her face.

"Prepare to be caught all at once. Thunder Spear!!"

At the same time as the heroine's words, there is a powerful blast of light that completely resembles lightning inside the abandoned factory. As it strikes, there is screams and yells from the small fry combatants covering the floor of the building.

"You're just nuisances, get out of the way of I'll destroy you!"

Holding a cane in her hand, the girl spins it around, a wind like a tornado appearing inside the factory and blowing the combatants away until they crash into the walls of the building. This is the absolute power of a transformation heroine. This transformative ability is the reason the heroine has remained undefeated since gaining the sacred power. If she can imagine it, Shine Mirage can transform into it and, not only that, she will receive a weapon that matches the abilities she imagines. Finally, the transformation heroine begins falling back towards the floor and as she does so, she is once again wrapped in light before returning to her original leotard-like costume. This is the form she uses the most, a speedy striker with high battle mobility.

"Well then, you're the only one left!"

Her weapon has changed from a magical cane to a rapier and she points it at the monster while smiling as if she's already won.

"You bastard… Shine Mirage!!"

"Just rushing straight in to attack, you're a simpleton aren't you!!"

Leaping forward, the monster rushes to attack using its claws with both arms. Taking a stance with her rapier, the heroine dodges the right arm as it swipes at her and, using the movement, she spins and nails the monster with a kick to its defenceless abdomen before it can swing with its left arm. The charging monster lets out a guttural groan before trying to approach again. However, as it does so, a series of consecutive attacks with the rapier is launched at it. Despite being remodelled for speed, the monster can barely dodge the strikes and, even with its incredible reaction time, it can barely make any attacks itself. More than seven tenths of the attacks are coming from Shine Mirage at it is obvious who is dominating the fight at a glance. However, even if she isn't being damaged by the monsters attacks, like this, a long term battle is inevitable. Feeling as if something is off, the girl open's her mouth in the middle of the battle.

"You, why aren't you attacking?"

"Huh, what do you mean?"

Even though she is dominating the fight, Shine Mirage notices that her enemy is devoting all his energy to dodging and is barely counterattacking despite opportunities to do so. Since the beginning this monster has emphasised dodging and wasting time…

(How unpleasant… it seems they may have discovered my weak point.)

The worst case scenario comes to the girl's mind. The one weakness that exists for this invincible heroine. Her time transformed is limited. Shine Mirage holds the power of another world in her hands, but this mighty power cannot be used forever. Two hours from when she first transforms seems to be the utmost limit. However, two hours is only when fighting normally, performing special attacks seems to decrease the time proportional to how powerful the attack is. If her transformation goes beyond this time limit it will be undone and she will only have the power of a normal girl. She's never reached the final limit of her power before despite several battles, so she's never actually had it happen.

(I have about thirty minutes remaining, so, at this rate it won't undo… So then…)

With a slightly showy flourish, she begins attacking her enemies with her rapier. Taking their distance, the girl's foes watch her and do their best to avoid her attacks.

"I'll finish you all off now!!"

Holding the rapier pointed up towards the ceiling, the girl clutches her free hand to her chest. Then, after a brief moment of concentration, Shine Mirage kicks against the ground.


"Shrine Thrust!!"

With a speed matching that of light, the heroine closed on her foes faster than their eyes could follow, the rapier she was holding disappearing from sight as she let out an explosion of thrusts. Each attack was not only at the pinnacle of speed, but also carried holy magical power that easily pierced the monster's defences before erasing them from the world.

"Fuu… how unsightly, their disgusting death throes."

The transformed heroine easily knocks the other worldly invaders around, the combatants flying about and smashing into the surrounding environment. Immediately after this, the heroine made her way out of the abandoned factory and made her way to a secluded spot outside so that she could undo her transformation.

"Combatants. There are still more of you?"

In the area around the girl are ten people, combatants dressed in black uniforms who've come to ambush her outside the abandoned factory. They are much larger than ordinary combatants and they have obviously been modified into power types through some means.

"It seems the ten of us combatants are putting you on edge Shine Mirage-sama. I hope you're ready."

"You wouldn't run away from a mere ten enemies would you?"

All of them have nasty smiles while spouting such crude subordinate style dialogue. These types are the ones that disgust the heroine the most. Thinking about the remaining time, the best thing the heroine could do at the moment is the charge through these creeps but her pride won't allow her to flee from them and her anger makes her want to crush them like the insects they are.

"Well then, those words… don't regret them!!"

Low on reserves, the girl allows the rapier to disappear going for a brawler form to conserve her energy. Worried about the transformation wearing off soon, the girl decides to go for a simple and effective way of destroying these enemies as quickly as possible.

"Here I go. I hope you don't mind pain. Come everyone!!"

It seems that it wasn't only the strength but also the resilience of these men that was remodelled, their form not only emphasising power but also durability. One on one she could easily win, but against all ten it is difficult to do enough damage to take one out before another attacks.

(This is frustrating, but I need to retreat now.)

Surrounded by a wall of bodies with enhanced sturdiness, there is only one place the heroine can retreat to. The heroine kicks against the ground strongly like when she was in the abandoned factory and goes soaring into the air while framed by the moon hanging in the night sky behind her. The reason she did this was to quickly escape from the grounds of the factory. If she had been less focused on the dwindling time limit, the girl might have sensed something strange about the combatants underneath her and been able to respond.

"Alright, now!!"

"Eh… kyaaaaaaa!? Ahhguu!!"

The moment the heroine was distracted by the voice from below a large net flew out and succeeded in capturing her. The caught heroine is dragged out of the air and crashes into the ground without being able to stop herself, her voice being pushed out in a rather undignified manner.

"Guh, this humiliation… I need to hurry up and get away."

Using the rapier that reappears, she slits the net open and tries to flee as she gets to her feet, but a black shadow appears in front of her.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing? The heroine of justice Shine Mirage isn't trying to run away is she?"

The words of the combatants with their victorious smirks coupled with the disgrace of being caught in their trap are too much for the prideful Shine Mirage.

"I won't forgive you… Prepare yourself!! Shine Thrust!!"

With only one in front of her, the rest of the combatants to her side or rear, Shine Mirage hopes to escape following the momentum of this attack to move past her foes. Charging forward, the heroine delivers the same attack that destroyed the previous opponents. A continuous series of attacks flying out at light speed that erases her enemies… or at least that's what normally happens, but this time reality draws the worst result forth for the heroine of justice.


"That's you're finisher? Useless!!"


The rapier's attack reaches the costume of the combatant and doesn't go any further. Before the heroine can even contemplate how bad this is due to her limited amount of remaining time, the man balls up a fist and drives it into the foolish girl's abdomen. Despite still wearing the leotard that acts as her last line of defence, Shine Mirage is blown away by the ultra-heavy blow in an unsightly heap only to be caught by another combatant behind her.

"Ah, agk… geho, gufuu…"

An unsightly voice that has never been heard from the heroine is forced out of her quivering body. It seems she can't even speak after being hit by a strong enough blow to crush her internal organs, the severe pain completely filling her.

"Hey, hey, a heroine of justice can't go down this easily can she? We've still got a ton of fun things to do right?"

The combatant holding Shine Mirage spins her around and then gently embraces her delicate body before beginning to squeeze tighter and tighter.

"Hgyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Ahhhhg, ghhhhh, st… stoooop… ahhhhhhhh!!"

The heroine can only shout and scream in pain as she feels her organs being slowly squeezed together. Despite wanting to speak out words of resistance, she's forced to scream as the power holding her increases more and more as the seconds pass.

The title of unbeatable invincible heroine has been destroyed… but this is just the beginning of her hell.