Kantai Collection – Kankore – Kankore RPG Replay – Negai wa Umi wo Koete

By Mana Komatsu,Sakurai Hikaru,Sarah Emi Bridcutt,Shirou Akatoki,Touichirou Kawashima

Kantai Collection – Kankore – Kankore RPG Replay – Negai wa Umi wo Koete Chapter Introduction

Kantai Collection – Kankore – Kankore RPG Replay – Negai wa Umi wo Koete Chapter Introduction


Let’s make the naval base!

At last, the preparations are complete, and it’s nearing the start of the session.

In the introduction phase, we will have to choose and determine many things, so please don’t forget about those choices and continue.

First, is the naval base name.

TTK: Since we already finished the preparing stage, I’d like to start the introduction phase.

Zuihou: What’s an introduction phase?

TTK: As it says, it’s about setting up an introduction to the story. We’ll explain the situation and the stage of the story, and there are many things we need to decide. It’s that kind of preparation.

Zuihou: Ah, I understand.

Kongou: As for the stage, of course according to KanColle, it would be the naval base, right?

TTK: Yeah. So, I’d like everyone to imagine what kind of naval base would you like to be in…

Zuihou: Like Yokosuka naval base, or Kure naval base?

TTK: Well, if it’s according to the original game, yeah. But in this game, there can be any other type of naval base…… like a hot spring.

Zuihou: Hot Spring?! (laughs)

Kumano: Ah, you’re talking about the navy base where Yuubari is, right?

TTK: Yeah, like in one of a replay in [Chakunin no sho], the shipgirls live in a navy base called [Fujimi dream hot springs].

Kongou: It’s Mr.K’s game… maybe he rolled the dice to pick the name.

Zuihou: Pick a name by rolling dice?

TTK: There’s something called [Naval Base Name Pick Chart]. By matching what number we roll with the words on the chart, we make a random name.

Zuihou: Eeeh… Interesting…

TTK: Now everyone, please think what kind of name would you like to give as the naval base.

Kiso: Well since we can choose by rolling the dice or talk about it, I don’t really have any problem with both method.

Zuihou: Ah, So it’s not like we have to use the dice?

TTK: It’s all up to you… so which method would you like to use?

Zuihou: Since it looks pretty interesting, I’ll go with the dice!

Kumano: I’m okay with it.

Kongou: Let’s roll it!

So, we choose the name by rolling dice.

TTK: Without further ado, lets roll the dice.

Zuihou: I’d like to try it! Can I be the first?

Kumano: Sure sure.

TTK: Okay, Please roll the dice to 2D6, Zuihou.

Zuihou: Okaay! (roll roll)….. 1 and 5… so 6?

TTK: Yep. Well, 6 are… [pillow talk list], [place name list], [organization name list].

Kiso: So from these 3 list, we’ll roll the number and match it with the word in the list, then connect them to become the naval base name.

Zuiho: Hehe…

Kongou: Okay then, I’m next…

TTK: Then Kongou, please roll it to D66 in the pillow talk list.

Kongou: (roll roll)…. 3 and 4… 34…

TTK: The 34 in pillow talk is….. Shinsei .

Kumano: Shinsei? As in Holy?

TTK: Yeah. The Holy Shinsei.

Kiso: Then, it’s Kiso’s turn now… (roll roll)……. 34.

TTK: 34 in [place name list] is… Rabaoru.

Zuihou: “Holy Rabaoru!” Cool!

Kongou: It has a good sound to it…

Kumano: Now me.. (roll roll)… it’s 34 again…

Kongou: Oh? Everyone got the same number!

Kumano: Unbelievable! (laughs)

TTK: Hmm.. the 34th in the [Organization name list] is…. Hatoba (wharf).

Zuihou: Hatoba?! (Wharf)

Kiso: Connect ‘em all, and we get “Holy Rabaouru Wharf”.

As if waiting for the last word, laughs break loose and filled the room.

Zuihou: It was so cool just now! Wharf ruined it! (laughs)

TTK: It suddenly became a world of Enka!

Kumano: That addition is really working!

Kongou: I can feel the Japan’s stormy sea.

TTK: Wharf, Japanese sea, and Kanmusu. Isn’t it good? It would be a really great picture.

Zuihou: …… It just feels so chaotic.

Kumano: Where is it?

TTK: (making confused face)

Kiso: Where? You mean Rabaoru?

Kongou: I think it’s an island down south… maybe…

Kumano: An island down….. south?

The 2 voice actors expression suddenly turns a bit cloudy.

TTK: Umm… well, we’re done with the name. Anyway, If you’re not pleased with it, you can roll again to find a more suitable one…

Zuihou: Eh? You can?

TTK: Each person who hasn’t rolled the dice in the category list, can change one part of the name.

Kiso: Well, in this case, it’s Zuihou.

Zuihou: If I can do that, then please, let me do it!

TTK: Well then, from those 3 words, which word would you like to change?

Kiso: You can pick whichever you like.

Kumano: Which one do you choose? (With eyes of expectation)

Zuihou:Well, I think I’d like to use the chance to change the [Wharf]!

Kumano: Yeah! Thank you very much!

TTK: (is [wharf] that bad?) Then, please roll the dice!

Zuihou: Please give me your strength, everyone! (rolls)

Because of the re-roll, the naval base name changed into [Holy Rabaoru Security Office]

Zuihou: Ugh, it didn’t pick a foreign word..

Kumano: but but, at least it turned into a cooler name!

Zuihou: Really?

Kumano: Yeah. Look, [Holy Rabaoru Security office], doesn’t it have a European feel?

kiso: It doesn’t! It’s written there, [Rabaoru]! (laugh)

Kumano: Eh? (laugh)

Kongou: Maybe the one that made it a bit European-ish is the [Holy]…

Kumano: Yeah yeah! Kind of like,the Holy Roman Empire!

Kiso: Well… yeah.. (laugh)

TTK: Anyway guys, where is this Rabaoru actually?

Kongou: It’s somewhere in South East Asia I believe. It was part of another country’s territory, but in world war 2, Japan conquered it and build a base there.

Zuihou: Is that the rabaoru berth?

Kongou: Yeah

TTK: Wow. Kongou knows a lot about warfare too…

Kongou: No I don’t, My grandfather was sent to the south east front, so I knew a little bit about it..

Zuihou: ee, is that so..

Kiso: In our times, there are many cases of our grandfathers having to go and experience war. My grandfather went too, so I heard a lot of war stories from him..

The talk about “grandfather war stories” Continues for a while after that.

TTK: Okay, it’s about time we continue the game.

Kumano: Okaay

TTK: (while pulling out a piece of paper) Next, I’d like you to see this..

Zuihou: A Naval base sheet?

TTK: Let’s just think of thisas the naval base version of your kanmusu spec card..

Kongou: :so we manage the data about our naval base in this card, right?

TTK: Yes. Just like the original game, it manages materials like fuel, and steel. Who can I entrust this management to?

Kiso: I’ll take the role of management

TTK: If you please.

Kongou: Are the materials available from the start?

TTK: At the start, there is 5 units of Fuel, Steel, Ammo, and Bauxite.

Zuihou: Since it’s kancolle, we will use it for equipment development and things like that, right?

TTK: Yes. You can use it to resupply and repair too.

Kongou: it really is [kancolle]..

[(roll roll) Is the mark of players rolling their dice.

Where’s rabaoru? Because the game and the real world is different, The rabaoru they know might be different from what it will be on the game.

Naval base sheet: A sheet with info about the naval base. You can meet NPC here, manage equipment abilities, and many others.]

Let’s gather a fleet!

TTK: Since we already named the naval base we’re assigned to, the next step is introducing our kanmusu

Zuihou: Is it different than the first introduction?

TTK: This time, we’re going to introduce our character. My Kanmusu is like this, so her behavior is like this. It’s that kind of introduction

Kongou: Ah, it’s introducing  [my child]..

TTK: Yes. Well, let’s start with the first participant, Zuihou.

Zuihou: okay! [I’m Houshou type second ship, Light aircraft cruiser, zuihou!]

O Houshou type second ship Zuihou

Ship type: Light aircraft carrier          Maneuverability: 12

Accuracy: 0     Firepower: 0    Evasion: 0      Armor: 7          Equipment: 3

Initial Personality: O Brave   O Maintenance    O Strange        X Discipline

Gap: Covering the spaces between some personalities in the personality so you won’t have to count it when you’re counting the space between the personality you have and the personality you need in action check.

Ability: [Board fighter planes], [Board Bomber planes], [High speed maneuver], [Likes State-of-art planes]

TTK: Wow it’s real.

Kumano: A real kanmusu~

Kiso: You’re a real one too! (laughs)

Zuihou: “In this battle, I’ll win for the admiral! Everyone, please lend me your strength!” Nice to meet you!

TTK: It feels good~~ (shivers)

Kongou: Yeah it is~~ (shivers)

TTK: Ah, what does Zuihou take as her personality?

Zuihou: Well, about the free personality, I pick [Strange]!

TTK: [Strange]!

Kiso: Strange in an occult way?

Zuihou: Yes, there’s the talk about matching the personality with the player, so…

TTK: The strange kanmusu, Zuihou.

Kongou: Seems interesting!

Zuihou: Thanks!

TTK: Umm, so next one, Kumano please!

Kumano: Yes! [A fashionable heavy cruiser who’s born in Kobe. I’m Kumano!]

O Mogami type 4th ship, Kumano

Ship type: Heavy cruiser Movement: 9

Accuracy: 1 Firepower: 2 Maneuverability: 1 Armor: 9 Equipment: 3

Initial Personality: O Princess O Fashionable O Dark Past X Grocery

Gap: middle of Navigation field and battle field

Ability: [Medium caliber guns], [Reconnaissance aircraft], [High speed maneuver], [One body and soul], [Can’t date anyone]

TTK: It’s good~~ (Shivers)

Kumano: I’m a [Princess] and [Fashionable] Kanmusu. And… My free personality is [Dark Past].

TTK: Eeeh?

Kongou: [Dark Past]? Wow, that’s good!

Kumano: [I want to go back to Japan, but I can’t], I’ll go with something like that for kumano’s past.

TTK: Wow, that’s deep. (laughs)

Kiso: Well, Kumano got a pretty tragic end in WW2.

Kumano: Yeah. I’m a bit sad about it too.

Letting our thoughts about the end of the kanmusu, the atmosphere became a bit sad.

Kumano:……..Ah! I’m sorry! Because of me… (laughs)

TTK: No no, it’s okay.

Kumano: And umm.. Kumano is bad at grocery.

Kongou: She is a princess after all, she seems doesn’t care about money.

Zuihou: [I’ll take everything from there, to there!] She’s the type of person saying something like that?

Kumano: [All of the groceries, I’ll leave it to you maids!] Well, nice to meet you!

TTK: Okay, then next, Kongou.

Kongou: Okay. I’m Kongou, who’s back from England…. Umm, actually, it should’ve been [Kongou deesu!] right?

Kumano: Deesu!

O Kongou type 1st ship, Kongou

Ship type: Battleship Movement: 8

Accuracy: 0 Firepower: 3 Maneuverability: 1 Armor: 11 Equipment: 3

Initial Personality: O lived abroad O Love relation O Aerial attack X Stupid XEasygoing

Gap: middle of hobby and navigation field

Ability: [Large Caliber Guns], [Secondary guns], [Act freely], [Burning Love!!]

Kongou: About personality, Kongou has 2 free [Weakness]

TTK: That’s not good.

Kongou: After thinking about it a lot, I chose my Kongou to be [Stupid] and [Easy going]

Kumano: Eee~~ (laughs)

Kiso: [Easy going] in a bad way… people like that really exist. (laughs)

Kongou: Ah, wait, it’s not like I see Kongou that way!

Kumano: It’s not like that?

Kongou: Well, I chose is because it’ll be easier while role-playing!

TTK: Based on Role-play, huh?

Kongou: Yeah. It’s like that.

Kiso: Anyway, why is it easier to role-play? Is it because your character can shine more? Or maybe, it’s because the owner is [Stupid] and [Easy going] in a bad way? (laughs)

Kongou: Ah, un… yes… Yes it is… I’m stupid, so…..

Zuihou: Kongou, Cheer up! (laughs)

Kiso: Ah, I’m just joking, It’s my job. I said it because it’s my job. (laughs) (maybe he means his job as Kiso? *this is TN)

Kongou: Yeah, I understand. It’s okay.

TTK: Weeell, let’s go with the next one. (laugh)

Kiso: Yeah, The last one is Light Cruiser, Kiso.

O Kuma type 5th ship Kiso

Ship type: Light cruiser Movement: 14

Accuracy: 2 Firepower: 0 Maneuverability: 1 Armor: 7 Equipment: 2

Initial Personality: O Daring O Aerial attack X Ladylike

Gap: middle of personality and hobby field

Ability: [Medium Caliber Guns], [Torpedoes], [Melee combat], [The best victory]

Kiso: Kiso actually have a little Chuunibyou (A word Japanese use for someone acting like they’re in an anime Put this in foot note) side. [Who’s the idiot that challenged me into a battle?], saying things like that even though she’s just a light cruiser.

Zuihou: But it looks cool!

Kiso: Yeah, she’s cool. Ah, and strangely, she hate seaplanes…

TTK: [Seaplanes~~? I don’t need those kind of things!] she said something like that, right?

Kiso: Even though I think it’s okay if she use one.

TTK: Does Kiso have any free personality?

Kiso: I don’t have any. [Merits] are [Brave] and [aerial attack], while the [demerit] is [ladylike]. Well, we can easily understand that she’s a strong willed character. Maybe it’ll be easier to roleplay.

Kongou: That’s nice.

Kiso: And then, just like a game, she have a [melee combat ability] where she can punch an enemy if they’re too close.

Kumano: Rather than kanmusu, she’s better suited as a martial artist.

Kiso: Maybe Kiso thinks that being like that looks cool. (laughs)

After we have the characters introduce themselves, I make sure about the ships status. The ship types are different, and there’s a good balance between (Firepower) and (Movement). I’ve already figured that they would pick those types, I think the enemy data I prepared for them from before would be enough.

TTK: Next, we will choose who will be the flagship.

Zuihou: Flagship?

TTK: Flagship is the leader of your fleet.

Kiso: In times where there’s a different opinion inside the fleet, flagship will have the power to make the final call.

Zuihou: Got it!

TTK: When you became the flagship, you got a little benefit. Is there anyone who would do it?

Kiso: Well, to be exact, The flagship will get a little more EXP.

Kongou:…..Isn’t there a rule that says we can pick who will be flagship as the session goes?

TTK: Isn’t it because according to the situation, change of flagship would be needed?

Kongou: No, it’s like the rolling system, the flagship role gets passed to other in a roll.

Kiso: Because it’s the XX time roll, so the flagship will be XX, something like that?

Kongou: Does it sound a bit overused?

Kumano: It looks like a talk about an anime. (laughs)

TTK: Well, if there’s no one who wants to be the flagship, how about we give it to the strongest type of ship?

Zuihou: So it will be the Batlleship, Kongou?

Kongou: Ehh? Meee?

Kumano: Hmm, they’re right, Aren’t the big ships always looks like it’s the flagship?

Kiso: I agree.

Kongou: I understand, then the foreign girl Kongou, will act as the flagship!

Everyone: Waaaai~~~~ (clap clap clap)

So, Kongou become the flagship.

TTK: Well, since we already pick the flagship, let’s pick a name for our fleet

Zuihou: Will it be by rolling dice again?

TTK: Yes. Just like the naval base name, we can pick it by rolling dice, or pick it ourself.

Kumano: In [Chakunin no sho]… We picked it ourselves, huh?

Kiso: Yeah.

TTK: So what should we do now?

Kongou: Uunn, For now, let’s roll the dice?

Zuihou: Let’s roll it!

Just like the naval base name, we name our fleet with dice too. But now, I reversed the rolling order.

TTK: Well then, go ahead, Kumano.

Kumano: Here I go! (roll roll)…… it’s 5.

TTK: This time is [Classic literature word list], [Special word list], and [Team word list].

Kiso: I’m next. (roll roll)…….13.

TTK: 13th word in [classic literature word list] is… We are… (Watashi tachi?)

Kumano: The one that means standing by yourself?

TTK: Maybe so. The next is Kongou, [special word list] please.

Kongou: (rol roll) 66….

TTK: 66 in [special word list] is… [the Flagship name].

Zuihou: Does that mean our flagship name? Kongou?

Kiso: Yeah. That means the name is [we are kongou……] (Watashi tachi kongou?)

TTK: And the last, please Zuihou.

Zuihou: Okay. (roll roll) ….. 55.

TTK: 55 in [Team word list] is…. emm.. How do you read this kanji?

In the team word number 55, the kanji 女子軍 is written in it. All the people in the room doesn’t know how to read the kanji which they have never seen before.

Kiso: It’s read [Joshigun] (Woman’s army?), it’s about an army only for woman.

TTK: Eeeeee….

Zuihou: Just like an all girls school!

Kiso: Well, it’s a gathering of kanmusu, so it’s pretty suitable.

TTK: Well, the fleet’s name will be [We’re Kongou’s woman army] (watashi tachi kongou joshigun?) . Then, this time, the chance to change the name is on Kumano’s hand. What would you do?

Kumano: Umm, let’s see…. Well, for me, I’m pretty okay with it.

Zuihou: I think it’s goo~d.

TTK: Why?

Kumano: …..Well, It feels like there’s a lot of girls, so…

TTK: That’s why?

Kumano: Because there’s a lot of girls, then it will be fun!

TTK: Okay, I get it (laughs). If that’s so. I’ll write the name as [We’re Kongou’s woman army] (watashi tachi kongou joshigun?) okay?

All: Yeaah…

TTK: Then, it’s time for us to get into the story.

[Movement: PC’s motivation and tension. If this stat reaches 0, then the ship won’t be able to move anymore.

Accuracy: The higher this number gets, the easier to hit the enemy.

Firepower: Firepower+, Damage+

Maneuverabiliy: Maneuverability+, Dodge+

Armor: Armor +, Damage Received –

Equipment: Amount of equipment you can bring.

[Board fighter planes] Equipment ability. Not only used for shelling phase, but also used for aerial battle and reconnaissance.

[Board Bomber planes] Equipment ability: Have a big firepower, can be used for aerial battle.

[High speed maneuver] Battle tactic ability. After a judgment being carried out successfully by the end of the round, you may displace one of your ships rank (? It’s either my fault translating this, or we just don’t understand the context)

[Likes State-of-art planes] Zuihou personal ability. When you’re developing an equipment and rolling fom [development list], you can redo it once.

[Medium caliber guns] Equipment ability. An important equipment for Heavy cruisers and Light cruisers class. Can be used to shoot.

[Reconnaissance aircraft] Equipment ability. It didn’t have any fighting power, but it can do scouting.

[One body and soul] Batle tactics ability. If the move judgment succeeds, you can show your plot (purotto?) to your friend.

[Can’t date anyone] Kumano-only ability. In the [Naval base Phase], when the movement judgment is about to happen, by sacrificing some [movement], you can change the target of the move judgment from you to someone else.

[Large Caliber Guns] Equipment ability. Core equipment of Battleship class. Have a high firepower.

[Secondary guns] Equipment ability. An equipment than can be used for shelling by many types of ship. It’s firepower is not that high.

[Act freely] Battle tactics ability. By making minus alteration into maneuverability judgment, you can increase the ship’s firepower.

[Burning Love!!] Kongou-only skill. When your <> rises, by sacrificing a bit of [movement], you can increase <> by 1.

[Weakness] A point where doing an action judgement with this personality, will make will lead to something bad.

[Torpedoes] Equipment ability. Can be used in shelling phase, and in topedo salvo phase.

[Melee Combat] Battle tactics ablty. While battling with enemy with the same formation, you can damage the enemy without taking care of their armor.

[The best victory] Kiso-only ability, If activated after defeating an enemy, you can get additional firepower.

[Flagship] The fleet leader.

[Exp] A point needed to level up your ships.

Translator’s Notes and References

1.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enka
2.  Just gonna say this but, every time there’s a () it denotes an action so don’t get confused
3.  I believe that this is a reference to Port Rabaul in New Guinea. For more infohttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Rabaul_(1942)
4.  I know most of you reading this know what this means but, for the benefit of those who don’t, it means fleet girls. Aka the people speaking except the TTK (that is short form for teitoku, or otherwise, admiral)