This Game Will Kill

By 大木老湿

This Game Will Kill Chapter 1

This Game Will Kill Chapter 1

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Author: 大木老湿


Are you sure you want to enter the game? There’s no exit option unless you die! You ask me who I am? The author? NO! NO! NO! The author went in and never returned. Are you ready?


Chapter 1: Real World

Eastern Province, Yunyang City.

Even at five o’clock in the afternoon, the temperature did not drop much when the sun set.

“This damnable weather.”

Wiping the sweat from their* forehead, a bus could be seen trembling slowly in the distance.

*T/N: I think I officially dislike when a character is introduced and they don’t say the genderrrrrrr. #the_synopsis_says_nothingggg #do_I_assume_male

In an instant, the group of people who originally seemed dead on the bus stop platform acted like they were injected with stimulants, their eyes were red and their breathing was so fast.

When the 2-way bus finally stopped slowly, the entire bus stop platform became a battlefield!

Mothers who walked like flying, rampant grandfathers, smart and agile students, and migrant workers with foreign accents all started to exert their accumulated explosive power in order to be able to rush to the bus first.*

*T/N: ???how the buses fill at my school when most classes finish at 5

Five minutes later, Li Ye looked up at the sky as he watched the previously empty bus now leaving completely overloaded.

“Well, time to return.”

The way home was not far, just less than four kilometers. After spending about an hour, a community with the vibes of the late 1980s came into sight.

Traveling through this nostalgic community, from time to time an enticing fragrance could be smelled from all households.

“Six o’clock, looks like it’s ramen again tonight.”

Li Ye lives in a five-storey building, which he rented from an intermediary company at the cost of 800 yuan a month. This price, for being able to stay in the nearly second-class city of Yunyang, is definitely good.

Of course, this was because five years ago, the district had planned to include it on the list of decrepit housing, which was not counted.

One room and one hall, this was Li Ye’s present nest.

After living there for half a year, it could considered to be complete with water, electricity and coal. It was rare to have the circuit breaker trip. However, under the unrelenting efforts of Li Ye, the landlord finally found an electrician to re-route the wires.

“Hey, Xiao Li, welcome back?”

Upon hearing the door opening, next door was opened and then a grandmother was smiling towards him.

“Grandma Wang, have you eaten?”

“Eat, eat, Xiao Li, this is the package that someone sent for you today. If you are not at home, you should sign for it first.”

Express delivery?

Li Ye heard but he didn’t care too much. Although he was not unenthusiastic about online shopping, he usually buys some small things online, which is convenient.

“Thank you, Grandma Wang.”

Closing the door, he looked at the half-person-sized carton in front of him.

“Why can’t I remember buying such a big thing?”*

*T/N: Me when novel preorders show up months later…

Not caring, he opened the cabinet with a hand, pulled out a box of Master Kang, filled the kettle, and connected to the power supply. Everything was so natural. After all, even after half a year had gone by, dinner was usually a similar solution that even a blind man would not make a mistake.

At this moment, the screen of the mobile phone lit up. As a mobile phone that followed him for nearly four years, it was originally considered to be a smart screen, highly appreciated, and there were slightly one or two cracks.

“Let’s break up.”

Such a short text message stunned Li Ye for quite a while. If the electrical kettle had not whistled harshly, maybe he would not have moved.

“Reason.” This short word* seem to exhaust all of his strength.

*T/N: Originally said two words

A bitter smile arose on his face, knowing that whatever happens would happen.

It didn’t take long. Almost the next second he texted back, the phone vibrated with an answer.

“We are not suitable, let’s separate.”

Looking at this text message, Li Ye did not move for a long time, writing out a message before deleting it. After several times, he finally threw the phone to the side and covered his face with both hands.

Four years! Sure enough, fairy tales are nothing but lies, even if he had expected the ending from the beginning.

After a long time, he picked up his mobile phone and quickly said, “I know, I hope you are happy.”

Throwing away the phone, Li Ye curled up on the sofa, no crying, no complaints.

At the beginning when he first returned home, a bucket of Master Kang seemed like it couldn’t fill his stomach.

Finally, Li Ye's attention fell on the package that seemed to be somewhat unsightly at the door.

Express, he seemed to remember, he started using it only because of her. She loved what was called online shopping and laughed at him for saving, why was it so crazy to save those small amounts of money?

"Was I online shopping recently?"

He didn’t care about it until now, but at the moment, he felt a little weird.

Online shopping? Shaking his head, he simply opened the package but what surprised him was that the entire box had another box, three layers of boxes as if it was a valuable item.

If it was not for the clear Express label on the box, he would have thought he was opening a bomb like in the movies.

Without the sender, the recipient clearly stated that it was him.

“So unusual, is it a mistake?”

In recent years, it was not unusual for express delivery to send to the wrong person.

When he opened the package, he found that it was a thing similar to 3D glasses but it looked more high-tech in his perspective. Why did you buy high technology, you are very simple, too impressive! To put it simply, that was something he has never seen before.

In addition, there was no instruction manual, no warranty card, no invoice.

At the same time, at the bottom of the box, you can see the power supply cord.

“What’s that?”

Li Ye looked at this thing in his hand. The first reaction was that in some sci-fi movies, those imaginary virtual illusions could make people experience the real alternative world.

“Technology has reached this point?"

Holographic virtual fantasy, in fact, many games have begun to install, but at least for the former gamer Li Ye, those so-called holographic games and science fiction movies were still far from becoming reality.*

*T/N: yeah, got no time for games when adulting

Suddenly, Li Ye saw that there was still a letter at the bottom of the box.

When he opened it, his expression became slightly weird.

“One heaven, one hell, the real world welcomes players to stay.”

Just a simple sentence but Li Ye feels a bit weird as he attempts to understand it. “It seems to be a newly developed game but how can it be sent to me? Is it online? I don’t remember signing up for such a gaming experience.”

Grabbing his head at the message, his mood was a bit confused at the moment. With the appearance of these weird game glasses, his instinct felt something was wrong but did not think about it.

As the saying goes, those grieving look for a little pleasure to distract themselves. To this day, it was still a wise saying.

Game? And it looks like a new high-tech game?

Li Ye, who has not touched games for several years, finally decided to give it a try.

Foolishly, Li Ye tried to study a little and found that without the instructions and operating manual, the only thing that need to be done was make sure the power supply was OK.

Wearing a similar 3D sci-fi glasses, connected to the power supply, Li Ye did not feel anything peculiar.

Just when he just wanted to take a look at the situation, he was suddenly touched by a current and instantly his sight went black…

“Real or Fake?”

After waking up, Li Ye’s face is was astonished.

Game interface? Game introduction?


Pinching the soft flesh on his arm, the pain made him understand that this was not a dream.

What surprised him was that he appeared in a small alley at this time, dark and odoured, which made him feel it was incomparably real.

“This is a game?”

Obviously, the impact was great and everything that happened in front of him made him question his three worldviews.

"Is it so real? Domestic game companies already have these technologies?"

Touching everything around, Li Ye felt deeply moved! This technology, even if his attention to the world was low, did not think he would miss it if it had been disclosed as a game.

At the same time, he also found that he had a dagger in his hand. It was like a toy on the side of the road, but it was obviously sharpened.

When he looked at the dagger in his hand, suddenly a message jumped out at him.

“Novice dagger
Durability: 10
Strength: D
Destructive power 1-5
Can be discarded, traded, and damaged.”

As a former gamer, it was clear that Li Ye’s acceptance was much faster than the average person. The dagger in his hand should be his initial equipment in this game.

“It’s a bit interesting! It seems that it should be a new game still under development. Is it okay right now to find someone to enter the game?”

Holding the dagger in his hand, Li Ye ran along the alleys all the way. Finally, he walked out and then he saw high-rise buildings like in modern cities but it didn’t remind him of any cities he knew.


In front of him, it waa almost like a real scene, so Li Ye couldn’t help but sigh. He can imagine how huge the storm will be once the game really comes out! Even if the player was a fool, they could see the potential business opportunities of this game! It can even be the beginning of an record-making milestone in the game industry!

At this moment, suddenly, Li Ye felt a gaze, the whole street of people came and went, but those people in Li Ye’s thoughts were similar to the NPC program but there was one person who made him feel different.


It was a young man. It looked like he was about twenty years old. There was a smirk in his mouth. When Li Ye noticed him, he did not evade and came over.

“You too?” Li Ye’s eyes lit up, the whole network was connected? This was even more exciting.

“New to the game?” The other party approached again, smiling. By then, he had come to Li Ye’s side and extended his hand.

But at the moment when Li Ye wants to nod his answer, his pupils suddenly shrank!

A touch of cold pressed directly to his chest and the young man who had a smile on his face became blurry.

Murder! Li Ye's mind flashed this thought in an instant, almost instinctively in the hands of the dagger in front of him.

Hiss! Feeling the sting on his arm, Li Ye also looked up at the other person’s hand. His eyes caught on the dagger and the other side showed a trace of panic.

Li Ye's dagger was now in his heart!

“No! No! Save… I… I…” Blood poured out of the mouth of the other party. The expression of a sneering face was completely replaced by despair in this moment.

What is this, isn’t it a game? It’s not a big deal to resurrect.


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