Illusion Lan Lin,蓝淋

Everyone knew that Master Qiao Si stood for the word “ruthless” in City S.
No one dared to call him by name,
Even Master Qiao Si himself seemed to have forgotten his actual name.
At this point of life, Master Qiao Si thought he was capable of seeing through anything in the world,
Except for his half brother –
He’s willing to exchange anything he could afford for a look from Qiao Che.
Duan Heng, who came to serve him ten years ago,
A future star under his patronage and one of his pets,
Was also one of the “tributes” to Qiao Che.
However, this young man was like a loyal and handsome large puppy for him.
His bold love was almost addictive.
Momentary happiness, though it might be illusory, was nonetheless happiness.
Those feelings that should have been long forgotten started to come back……