Master, Hello Yuan Yuan,元媛

He is her world. Only she could stay by his side.
While holding onto this infatuation, she was reluctant to part ways during death.
Even if the inexplicable situation resulted in a tabby cat who transformed into a fair maiden.
Still, she always stayed by his side. Only he was her master.
But some feelings could not be expressed with words alone, this man could not understand her heart.
She was in an inner turmoil with her feelings and felt stressed.
After looking at her with his serious eyes, she was wondering what was in his heart. He must not tarry with her feelings.
Who knew, a seemingly carefree lady actually came from an aristocratic British family.
And he has already seen his beautiful girlfriend’s sister!
The whole family called them, “A sticky pair of Mandarin ducks.”
Ah, he was too much of a sin. God deliberately wanted more sinners.

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