By 林仑

Deceive Chapter 3

Deceive Chapter 3

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Hearing these words, Yi Nan's complexion instantly became bloodless. He was silent for a moment then laughed at himself: "It turns out that you have been using me all this time, always acting and deceiving me."

"It should be deceiving each other." Cang Yu picked up a crystal goblet, he swallowed a mouthful of wine as he corrected what Yi Nan had just said.

"Do you know why Xiao Hai died that time when receiving the shipment?"

“It’s drug trafficking that killed him, that’s what you’re doing now…….”

"Nonsense!" The sound of crashing could be heard as the goblet was thrown down by Cang Yu and shattered to pieces, the red wine flowing out resembled blood and scattered in all directions, at this moment Cang Yu's eyes also resembled the color of blood, "it was because someone had worked as an undercover, telling the police the time and date of the shipment!"

Only then did Yi Nan found out that the dozen of brothers responsible for the piloting and service of the ship had already been surrounded.

"Do you know what happened to that undercover afterward? He committed suicide after he was found and the body was thrown into the sea. After that I swore, if I find another undercover again, seeing one I'll throw one!"

"A**hole, let me go!" Yi Nan was beaten by 6, 7 people in the fight and was pressed down onto the surface of the deck.

Yi Nan's boxing and karate were very outstanding, normally he was able to deal with 4-5 people but today when he fought, he found that his strength was slowly slipping away.

He knew that Cang Yu was the one who drugged his water.

"Cang Yu you bastard! Throw me, just throw me now!"

"Yi Nan, you are too naive and too simple! You think I'm a three year old child? The coastline is not too far from here, it's too risky to throw a champion of a school swim team into the water, besides, don't you need your brothers to help you exercise before you go into the water?" Without waiting for Yi Nan to answer, Cang Yu had already made a signal, several of his men dragged Yi Nan by his legs toward the swimming pool on the yacht. During the daytime the pool water was blue but under the night's embrace, the water produced a deep dark colored ray of light.

A middle-aged man that wasn't tall but exceptionally robust carried a small sized water pump as he was coming out from below the deck, this tool was used to drain the water out of the ship in critical situations. The middle-aged man put one end of the water pump into the swimming pool, while the head of the water pump outlet was attached to a thick plastic tube. Yi Nan's whole body was currently powerless but his brain was still unusually sober, his arms and legs were firmly pressed onto the deck. There were several pairs of hands trying to eat some tofu while he still restless, after the middle-aged man arranged the water pump, he carried the other end of the plastic tube toward Yi Nan.

(T/N: Eat tofu = take advantage of someone)

During his fierce struggle to resist, the plastic tube was inserted deep in his throat, he knew what Cang Yu was planning to do, his whole body that was pressed down on the ground are fiercely struggling, in the middle of the chaos he saw Cang Yu coldly standing on the side, the man that was still passionately kissing him yesterday, now didn't have any emotion, without any expression he faintly nodded his head at Xiao Le who controlled the power switch of the water pump.

A large quantity of air in the plastic tube was forced into Yi Nan's stomach, after that came the cold and salty seawater surging down Yi Nan's throat with great pressure, it flowed down along the esophagus and rapidly filled his stomach, Cang Yu saw that Yi Nan's soft and slender waist had slowly risen, in fact everyone on the deck could clearly see the speed of the rapid expansion of Yi Nan's stomach, and at this moment the alligator leather belt wrapped around Yi Nan's waist, the one that Cang Yu gave him as present, was tightly strangling his swollen waist that was rapidly expanding.

Seeing Cang Yu nod his head again, Xiao Le turned off the power switch.
"How does it taste? Is it as good as the carbonated water with salt?"

Cang Yu sat in a bamboo folding chair on the deck, signaling the people who were pressing Yi Nan down to pull out the plastic tube in his throat, in fact, even if nobody was pressing him down, Yi Nan was currently unable to get up. The moment the tube was pulled out from his throat, Yi Nan was like a big belly fish that was just tossed ashore, continuously struggling and twisting on the deck, he kept vomiting, he tried to vomit a large amount of water in his stomach.

"Ge La, you go help him."

After hearing the three brief words that Cang Yu said, a big man full of muscles with the physique of a boxing athlete went to Yi Nan's side, he used all the strength on his right foot to quickly step down on Yi Nan's stomach.

Following after was an irrepressible shrill and mournful cry, Yi Nan spat out a large amount of blood, the blood was flowing out of Yi Nan's mouth uncontrollably……