By 林仑

Deceive Chapter 5

Deceive Chapter 5

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

On the second day after Cang Yu returned from Qiong Dao, he received a package from Yi Nan's father. After he opened it, the content inside made Cang Yu's complexion turn deathly white, it was the criminal record of Cang Yu before he created Hai Yu, and the evidence was enough for Cang Yu to eat 100 bullets, in addition, along with these data that was sent was also a small case containing an audio tape, Cang Yu put it into the audio tape player, his trembling index finger raised to push the play button twice before he finally pressed it down. The tape was running slowly but steadily, Yi Nan's magnetic and clear voice floated out: "Cang Yu, it's me Yi Nan. I've always wanted to confess something to you, but I never knew how to say it so I had to use this way to tell you. It's only when you are not in front of me that I can say this, moreover I think, using this method to tell you also gives both of us some buffer time."
“What I’m trying to say is——I’m actually a cop, or an undercover to be exact. I know that what you hate the most is undercover, because you say that they caused the death of Xiao Hai, but if Xiao Hai wasn't involved in drug trafficking then how could he have died? It's really the drugs that killed him! (Pausing for a few seconds) I have been in Hai Yu for two years, these past two years I have collected a lot of information, including your drug trafficking records of 7 years ago, I know I should give these to team leader Huang but I really don't want to send you to jail, and see you……being shot. You often say that people who have just come out of school and have no life experiences like me are too naive and too simple, it seems like your crow's mouth has hit the mark, when I'm with you I always forget that I'm a cop, I also don't know when, I was careless to the point of……falling in love with you. I know Hai Yu are now doing legitimate business and you also aren't involved in illegal businesses anymore——After confirming this information, I was excited for a month and secretly congratulated myself. But team leader Huang and officer Li don't seem to believe it, from their attitudes I feel that my loyalty is being questioned by the police, (sigh) in fact they have the right to become suspicious, I really am not qualified as a cop, (paused for a few seconds) the day after tomorrow——is the day you and I will go on a vacation to Qiong Dao——I'll give team leader Huang the floppy disk containing the company's trade and internal accounts, although it contains trade secrets but it can at least confirm that Hai Yu is doing legitimate business, I think it will do you good. Moreover these trade secrets will not be leaked out, so they will not cause any economic losses to Hai Yu. As for your previous drug record, I will ask father to send it back to you, I will also give this tape to my father, so that he can send the tape along with the data on the 30th. This way, when you return from the island, you will be able to receive it. I know that what I have done has betrayed the loyalty and justice that a cop should have but I really don't want to send a person who has turned over a new leaf like you onto the path of ruin……(silence) just consider this as a little selfishness of mine."

(T/N: Crow's mouth= Person who has made an inauspicious remark)

"I know you hate undercover, so I planned to stay in Qiong Dao for a few more days, if after hearing this tape you can still accept me then call my cell phone, if you can't accept it please don't call me, I don't want to hear you say goodbye."
"Alright, all the information I have collected will be returned to you, I hope you can handle it properly when you receive it. I hope these things will remind you not to go back on the old road.
Oh, one more thing, I have already written my resignation and I will give it along with the floppy disk to team leader Huang before going to Qiong Dao, to be honest, I really don't deserve to be a cop. Let's stop here, my father asked me to play chess with him in the outer house, I will be in Qiong Dao for a week, waiting for you to call me home (laugh).
By the way, don't smoke when I'm not around! Dr. Han said that, if you don't quit smoking, your chest pain and palpitation will become heavier.
(After half a minute) You bastard, idiot! Remember to call me quickly!"
After that was silence, it was still silent after 3 minutes passed, and when Cang Yu thought that the tape was over, "I love you" these three words came out of the audio tape clear.
Cang Yu sat blankly in the president's office, listening to the rustling of the audio tape in front of him.
About a quarter of an hour later, the secretary outside heard the sound of the chairman knocking over his desk, bookcase and other things he could get a hold of, mixed together with the mad sound of smashed things was also……the sound of bitter cry that couldn't be repressed.