Immortal Ape King Gudao Zhi,古道之

He was only an ordinary Chinese youth died through an accident, but unintentionally because of the strong refusal of his soul, he arrives in this strange world. He ardently loves peace, and yet he has no choice but to be reincarnated to walk the path of becoming a great existence in this world. If practicing Xiuxing into its peak will result in lose one’s human nature and changing their view in this world, then all living creatures would fill grief and suffer while waiting to be slaughtered, can he still remain calm after this(1)?
In the vast wilderness, a handsome youth carrying the wisdom of “Daodejing”, step by step would rise to prominence in this world(2). Condensing his blood vessel and controlling the dao of water to its supreme!
Tl: 1. Buddhism or Taoism
2. Daodejing also mean as “The classic of the virtue of the tao” was a book of dao by Lao tzu, a sacred text of Daoism.