The Last Cat in the Universe Chapter 2

The Last Cat in the Universe Chapter 2

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Yue An finally understood what the clan elders meant when they earnestly told him that "the will of the heavens cannot be denied”.

He hugged the fallen tail that was smudged with dirt, caressing it and rubbing against it, heart filled with reluctance ot part.

Once the tail had fallen, it will slowly disappear as the human's wish is granted.

Yue An looked on helplessly as his treasured tail gradually became a shadow, that pair of blue eyes saturated with the colours of the ocean glistened with moisture.

So angry!

Simply can't be even more aggrieved!

Yue An watched his tail disappear bit by bit, until not even a trace could be found, before exerting strength with his back paws, jumping onto the body of the human laying in that giant egg-shaped protector.

Seeing the pectoral muscles exposed through the shredded clothes, Yue An was even more angry.

Fine! He lost a tail.

It was heaven's will after all.

But this wild wish that murdered his chance to become an immortal wasn't from a little lady!

It was! Actually! A hard! And Stinky! Man!

Yue An's tail bristled with fury, cat eyes round as he glared.
He crouched on the stomach of this blood covered man.  Feeling the vitality of the human become stronger under his paws, he couldn’t help extending his sharp claws, raising his paws as he looked at the slowly rising chest, deliberating over where he should claw to end the life of this foolish human in his sleep.

However, he had wasted a tail to save this human, the paw that was about to land stopped above the other's stomach.

If it wasn't him, there would still be someone else.

Just like what those elders who had cultivated for many years and experienced the vicissitudes of life, would say as they stroked Yue An’s fur and smoked:

Only when there is a human who genuinely and sincerely wished for a cat to become immortal, can a nine-tailed cat escape the tragic fate of losing their ninth tail.

Yue An looked at his claws, then looked at the unconscious and unresponsive human.

Since I wasted a tail to save this human, then his life is mine.

Thinking so, Yue An retracted his claws and those soft, fleshy paw pads landed on the man's chest.

The relaxed chest muscles were soft, raising and falling as the other breathed.

Yue An absent-mindedly thought about the serious and sincere way the elders would tell him those words, paws flexing as he subconsciously began kneading.

The elders say, you can’t escape anyways, might as well find a youthful, tender, pretty and kind owner.

In any case, after completing their wish in twenty years, just fake a death and escape.  Twenty years, spending it anywhere was the same.

What if they just happened to meet someone who wholeheartedly wished for them to become immortal, right?

Only young nine-tailed cats like Yue An would try to escape the fate of losing tails.  After experiencing it a few times, everyone basically gives up struggling and goes off to find acceptable looking litter cleaning officials to be masters of.

After all, thinking wishfully, what if - in all absurdness - their luck was amazing enough to successfully ascend?

Thinking so, Yue An’s beautiful blue eyes slightly moved, looking at the man below his paws.

He lowered his head and immediately made eye contact with that man.

A pair of eyes as black as the tranquil night sky, rays of light scattered within, leaving fragments of splendor.


The paws that had been kneading stopped, Yue An blanked.

Ji Xiu Yun didn’t think that he had any chance of survival.

Moreover, other than a lack of strength and some numbness, there were pretty much no pain or wounds——even the old chronic illnesses and those invisible injuries that needed time to heal had disappeared without a trace.

It was as if his body had been thoroughly cleansed, removing all of the ailments, leaving only the surging blood filled with vitality and a youthful, vigorous body.

Of course, the most unexpected was……that his chest was assaulted.

Originating from the Milky Way Galaxy, today, he was the powerful Grand Marshall of the Hintas Empire; he was the dream lover of billions of women, hated to the point of gnashing teeth by enemy armies and space pirates alike, and a mere mention of his name would cause the children of hostile nations to cry at night.  He was the iron-willed silver blade, Ji Xiu Yun, Marshall Ji.

At the brink of death and seriously injured, but mysteriously, it suddenly completely healed, and then his chest was assaulted by a soft, fluffy unidentified creature that appeared to be quite cute.

This is really a very new and stimulating experience.

Ji Xiu Yun thought calmly and indifferently as he expressionlessly looked at the creature that seemed as if it was still young and was staring at him with its eyes wide.

Yue An stared at this human for a bit, dumbfounded, before lowering his head to look down at the paws that were still placed on the other’s chest.

He tilted his head and silently removed his paws, returning to the other’s stomach.  Seeing the patch of black that had been smeared onto the other’s chest by his dirty paws, he decided to act as if nothing happened, turning his head to look at the scenery.

Originally, this was a small hillside with a large rock at the top.

There was a huge cave under the large rock, one that was warm and dry.

The geothermal supply in this place was plentiful; after spreading out some treated animal furs, with the elevation and the large rock to block the rain and wind, not much rain would enter the den even during the sopping wet rainy season.  Most of the den would remain dry, it was comfortable.

Yue An has been here for many decades and really loved his den.

But now, say nothing of his den, even that natural cave was smashed to pieces, a huge section had even been directly melted by the high temperature.

As soon as Yue An thought about it, he was angry again.  But even if he was angry, he couldn't scratch the human, he could only angrily jump on the human's stomach.

Ji Xiu Yun, "……"

After jumping, Yue An’s tail swayed, fluffy and soft as it slid past the man’s abdomen.

It was both dry and hot since the traces of moisture in his territory had already been evaporated by the giant egg that had fallen from the sky, only this man’s body had some traces of cool.

Yue An lowered his head, looking at the fur that had been dyed black by the scorched ash, and then glanced at the human who was also not very clean.  Under the other’s attentive gaze, he meowed and lightly waved a paw.

A few thin streams of water appeared out of nowhere, weaving back and forth between the sorry figures of the human and cat as if they had self-awareness, taking away the blood and dirt on their bodies.

Speaking of this, he was ashamed.  Back in the day when spiritual energy was abundant, this technique could move mountains and drain seas, super awe-inspiring; but on earth, it could only be used to take a bath.

Using it here, it isn’t even enough for a bath.  Only a little stream of water would appear every time, not good for much other than taking a few sips when thirsty, or cleaning those places that are hard to reach when licking.

Yue An raised his front paws, coordinating with the water streams to clean his black and dirty paws, exposing the cute tender pink paw pads below.  After his front paws were washed clean, he raised his back legs.

Ji Xiu Yun looked at the little animal that had no scruples about washing its body while standing on his stomach, and his powerless fingers twitched slightly, finally feeling a bit of strength returning.

Yue An didn’t notice this human’s changes, after washing both the human and himself, the first thing Yue An did was to raise his head and study this human’s face.

Yue An didn't really an appreciation for human beauty, his aesthetics basically followed his first owner.

For example, he felt that people like his first generation owner were quite pretty.  She was usually bare-faced, only wearing some lipstick when heading out and had a lively, cute personality with a little fussiness, which served to enhance her attractiveness.

And the people admired and adored by the little girl were mostly of the fiery, red lipped, leather jacket, high heeled mature woman image.

So Yue An feels that this kind of older sister were also very pretty.

As for the male gender.

The little girl used crazily praised people on her computer while stroking him, and most of those were delicate, beautiful youths that looked slender, fair, and tender.

And so, Yue An feels that beautiful youths look the best.

When he had managed, with great difficulty, to save up enough spiritual energy to turn into human form, Yue An specifically brought a mirror back [to look at his appearance].  Finding out that he was of this type, he was considerably pleased.

And the man in front of him was not of that type.

The shape of his face was quite sharp, gaze was calm to the point of freezing, and seemed to be someone that was not to be trifled with.

Yue An’s gaze swept over the cleaned body and found that the other’s figure was very tall, with beautiful, flowing muscles where not a shred of excess flesh could be found.  Even as he laid there powerlessly, Yue An could still clearly feel the scorching strength assault his senses.

Not having aesthetics regarding this area, Yue An's gaze returned to the face that really couldn't be considered one of a beautiful youth.

This human is so ugly.

The kitten that wasn't equipped with human beauty standards thought to himself.

Strength seems okay though, if this was his new caretaker, Yue An could reluctantly accept this litter cleaning official.

As to the possibility that the other may not want to raise him, Yue An never considered it.

——Who would have the heart to reject such a cute kitty?

Especially their life savior cat.

Thinking so, Yue An sat immovably on the other’s stomach and began to lick his fur comfortingly.

Having been washed, his fur was still slightly damp, which was a bit distressing for a cat.

After he finished licking his front paws and turned to lay on the other’s stomach, preparing to arrange the fur on his stomach, the human cushion slowly sat up.

Yue An slid from his stomach to between his legs, blankly raising his head to look at the human who was currently expressionlessly studying him.

He then recalled the memories of when his first owner raised him, licked his little nose, meowing softly and sweetly[1].

[1]黏糊糊甜腻腻软绵绵 – 黏糊糊 means stickily, 甜腻腻 means sugary sweet, 软绵绵 means soft or velvety.

Ji Xiu Yu’s icy gaze shifted, retrieving the stare that seemed as if it was embedded with spikes.  He raised his head and looked around at the rampant growth before opening his mouth to ask in a hoarse voice, “You saved me?”

Yue An swished his tail, “Meow.”

Ji Xiu Yun didn’t count on an untamed wild animal to understand human speech, and didn’t treat Yue An’s meow as a response.

However, he also didn’t think that the possibility of being saved by this seemingly pampered unknown creature that looked both cute and clean was anything particularly surprising.

The universe was huge, without boundaries or end.

After humans stepped into the age of the interstellar, they’ve spent over two thousand years in expanding towards the corners of the universe.

Despite discovering countless new intelligent life and even finding many beings with special abilities, they were still unable to touch the corners of the cosmos.

To be able to come upon a special animal that was not recorded in the database of the Star Net and also had special abilities on this alien planet, Ji Xiu Yun felt that his luck was very good.

——And there was a good chance that it was this special animal that had dragged him back from the brink of death and bestowed upon him a completely healthy body, as if reborn.

Ji Xiu Yun lowered his eyes to look at his stomach that was supposed to have a hole punctured through.

The intense pain seemed to linger but the gruesome wound had already disappeared.

The Empire’s marshall that had fallen into dire straits picked up the little animal sitting on his leg.  Despite the cold stiffness of the man’s body, his movements were unbelievably gentle in order to not injure this little critter that appeared to be his saviour.

His hands were very big, two hands carefully supporting this unusual animal; he looked at the other’s sky blue eyes, which were as clear as the shoals under the sunlight.

Ji Xiu Yun could even clearly see the thin red veins in the patch of blue.

Marshall Ji withdrew his gaze, feeling the soft, juvenile life in his hands, it seemed as if a bit of force could easily squeeze it to death.

He thought for a moment, and his coarse, callous hand smoothed over this little animal’s soft, warm coat, receiving a relaxed rub in return as well as a soft, velvety meow.

It's been a long time since someone picked him up and stroked his fur.

Yue An stared at this human that had wasted one of his tails, narrowing his eyes as  he began to purr in comfort.

Ji Xiu Yun looked at the little animal that was clearly very cozy, out of some kind of very strict scientific attitude, he carefully flipped over the body of this unidentified creature of unknown abilities, but looked to be very amicable towards humans, exposing its belly before his gaze landed on the area near Yue An’s tail.

Yue An was very opposed to exposing his stomach.  As he prepared to flip back, he suddenly froze, raising his head to stare at disbelief at the human who had served him until he was quite comfortable only moments earlier.

And, at this time, the hand of the human under his gaze accurately landed on his balls

He even shamelessly squeezed them!

……Mhm, primary evidence shows that it is male.

Marshall Ji retracted his hand and saw the small creature glaring at him, with its mouth was slightly open, showing the tips of its little fangs.  Despite their different races, he could discern the other’s shocked expression. Pausing slightly, a flicker of bewilderment flashed through his usually placid, tranquil gaze.

Ji Xiu Yun:

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