Nee-chan is a Soap Girl!?

By 猫じゃらしポン吉

Nee-chan is a Soap Girl!? Chapter 1

Nee-chan is a Soap Girl!? Chapter 1


Would I even do something bad?

No, I will never do anything like that.

Despite that.

I’ve been carrying it for a long time, I had a certain unfortunate matter.

Furthermore, that troublesome matter gets bigger as I grow older.

It might even greatly affect my life in the future.

I made up my mind.

Face this matter and settle it!


「Ah, thanks.」

Grasping the money saved from my part-time job during the summer vacation, I was standing inside a soapland.

Is this perhaps the important matter?


Yes, of course it is.

I was saying such matter exaggeratedly, but it was just that sort of thing.

But for me, it is certainly something important.

A long time of 19 years had passed without any kind of romance.

When I realized it, I will be 20 years old by tomorrow.

I never even expected to be really a virgin until this age.

If I’m still a virgin before I reach 20 years old, I decided to graduate from being a virgin and it does not matter even if it’s through a shop.

What’s wrong with losing my virginity at a shop?

I can make it end quickly and say goodbye to my virginity.



「Well, customer?」

「Heh? Ah, sorry.」

I wonder who said it’s good to rush things.

To tell the truth, I certainly think that I warned myself against settling with a decision yet.

「Please choose a course and a name.」

「Eh, ah, yes.」

No doubt I was deemed as a suspicious-looking guy.

But that can’t be helped either.

For some reason, I feel excited to sleep with a woman for the first time.

I carefully examine the photos posted on the wall.

If I hesitate too much, I’m worried if I will be considered as a suspicious guy even more, but I can’t decide quickly.

Meanwhile, a particular picture of a woman stands out and catches my eyes.

「Well, it’s this person.」

「Understood. Please wait for a moment.」

Rather than being erotic, she looks kind of gentle.

Something like that is a basis for selection, but I guess that’s also a reason I was still a virgin to this age.

But having sex with this woman… No, that’s not it! I honestly thought that want to have sex with her.

It’s also good that her breasts are big.

While I stand by in the room I was guided to, I was waiting with a nervous face for the woman to arrive.

It’s a strange feeling to think about the appointed woman who will become my first.

It will surely remain forever in my mind as the memories of my life.

Somehow, it even became a little sentimental.

But It became like this.

「Excuse me. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」

Bowing her head, I looked at the woman who appeared in the room and was stunned.



「Yuuichi! Why are you in a place like this!」

「That’s my line too. What are you doing, Nee-chan!」

It was my elder sister, Yumi.

For a while, we said the things we want to say to each other, but it didn’t even solve anything.

When the surprise ended, we lost strength afterward.

「That picture, isn’t it a scam? Isn’t it completely different from the actual person?」

「Don’t say that to me.」

「I mean, it’s creepy how you were working in a place like this.」

「There’s no other way. I need money to raise my child.」

My older sister Yumi was divorced and came back carrying a child.

I definitely know it’s necessary to have money for the expenses in supporting a child.

「Although you want that, I feel there are a bit more jobs to choose from.」

「Even though part-time, it’s fine since I can earn money in a short time. Surprisingly, I’m able to enjoy it.」

Should I say she’s strong-willed or brave?

Being frank to those around her is typical of Nee-chan.

「Leaving that aside, I’m creeped out here too.」

「Eh? Of what?」

「Of my younger brother going in and out a soapland. What? Are you a regular customer?」

「You’re wrong. It’s my first time.」

Nee-chan looks at me suspiciously.

I turned away from her line of sight partly because of a guilty feeling.

「You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?」

「No way.」

「Hmm. Ah, I see.」

Like she guessed something, a bold smile floats on her face.

I recalled that she had a strangely good intuition since a long time ago.

「Yuuchi is a virgin, aren’t you?」

「… Y, you’re wrong!」

「Is that so. Because of that, you did a part-time job during summer, saved money, and tried to lose virginity in a soapland?」

「That’s why, I’m saying you’re wrong.」

「Tomorrow, it’s your birthday, right? You believe that you have to graduate from virginity before you reach twenty.」

Even if I try to deny it, it will be exposed as a lie immediately.

Besides, she accurately read what’s inside my heart.

As expected of a blood relative.

It seems I can’t keep a secret from Nee-chan.

「… Ahー, that’s right. Is it bad?」

「No. It’s not bad. Isn’t it typical of Yuuichi?」

With a charming smile, she taps on my shoulder to show her pity.

Nee-chan was starting to get interested in my way of life.

「ー so that’s it, Nee-chan.」


「I want a change though?」

There’s no point in spending the time pointlessly with Nee-chan like this.

The precious money I saved from my job will disappear.

Obviously, I can’t do it with Nee-chan.

「No way.」

「What do you mean no way.」

「There is a penalty. If the appointed person is changed.」

「Then, we will only talk and my money will be taken away? Spare me from that.」

「Ah, I see. That’s true.」

The difficulty in saving money, Nee-chan also knows it.

Although she is folding her arms pretending to be worried, she is probably not thinking anything.

At this rate, it would be better if I can wheedle away from Nee-chan.

To begin with, it might be a mistake to think about throwing away my virginity at a soapland.

I honestly gave up.

「Well with the way things are, why don’t you do it with me?」

I heard things like “I’m hungry” or “My belly is empty” said casually.

Nee-chan looked at the dumbfounded me with a playful smile and a wink.