Nee-chan is a Soap Girl!?

By 猫じゃらしポン吉

Nee-chan is a Soap Girl!? Chapter 7

Nee-chan is a Soap Girl!? Chapter 7


A virgin’s first time with another virgin, warmly connected to each other even though we’re confused about what to do.

The graduation from virginity that I imagined was something sweet like that.

Even if it’s throwing away my virginity in a soapland like today.

I was wondering if other’s elder sister will say “You’re good despite being your first time” to them.

There’s nothing more pathetic than this.

If I think about it in the first place, I was still a virgin just a while ago.

The reality is completely different.

Putting aside that my partner is Nee-chan, let’s just say that I’m shitty and don’t know what I’m doing.

There’s no way I have skills in sex.

In some way, it might have been good that Nee-chan realized it.

「Uuh… Aah… Feels good… It feels good… Nee-chan…」

「… Shut up. Don’t make a pathetic voice.」

「S, sorry.」

In contrast with Nee-chan who was mounting me, I was just looking up and lying down.

Nee-chan is moving the way she wants to move.

By some chance, am I being treated merely as a meat vibrator?

But I still don’t care.

Since I can experience this pleasure, I willingly accepted this situation.

「You already came twice, so it will be even hard for you. Endure it just a little more.」


Nee-chan raises her knees and sat on top of me as if she is using a Japanese style toilet.

Then, making her body move up and down, the thrusting of my penis started.

「Aaah… Nuuh… Haah… Fuuh…」

While making sticky sounds, my penis is taken in and out of Nee-chan’s vagina repeatedly without rest.

Because the clamping is strong, intense rubbing assaults my penis every time it’s pulled out.

The protruding border of the glans is getting caught in the folds of flesh.

I can’t help but feel like my body will be lifted.

I even fell into an illusion that my glans rolled up.

The vaginal secretions, sweat, and also the semen I ejaculated earlier inside are being mixed together, the various body fluids are springing out and making splashes.

「Doesn’t this feel very good?」

「Y, yeah… Feels… Good…」

「It’s good that you’re obedient.」

Even if I am being looked down on, it’s something I’m used to.

All things considered, Nee-chan’s figure seen from below is stunning.

The large breasts are making fleshy sounds as they heaved.

She was looking down on me with ecstatic expression while smiling like she is having fun.

Nee-chan’s body collapsed on me like that.

「N, Nee-chan?」

「Aah… I’m… going to cum…」

No wonder.

With the thrusting repeated many times, the inside of Nee-chan’s vagina was becoming messed up and sloppy.

As she embraces me to cling on, the movement of the thrusts becomes faster and shorter.

My penis was reaching all the way in.

I also embraced Nee-chan in return.

Grabbing the sides of her waist, I started thrusting with all I can.

「Ah, good… Just like… that… like that, inside…」

Holding down her waist proved to be fortunate.

Because I held down her waist, the impact of my penis reached all the way inside even more.

For Nee-chan, it became a pleasant vibration and seemed to be giving stimulation to her body.

「Uuh… N, Nee-cha… inside… inside, faster…」

The inside of her vagina began to slowly contract and constrict around my penis.

「Nh, aah, cumming… I’m cumming again… Uuu nuu…」

Semen spurted from the tip of my penis three times.

While repeating the rhythm.

The vaginal contraction, moving to assist that rhythm, seemed to be squeezing out the semen.

「Aah… It feels good…」

It was like a voice that came from the heart.

I was immersed in the pleasure of ejaculation.

When I look at Nee-chan who suddenly embraced me, her mouth was half opened and she was spacing out while still clinging.

「… Nee-chan.」

As I said that, Nee-chan opened her heavy eyelids and gave me a sweet smile.

「It was so-so.」

It sounded like the usual sarcasm of Nee-chan.

But she was clinging on me for a long time and patting my head.

Was this perhaps a compliment?

I’m embracing Nee-chan and our bodies are connected together, but I think it was the time when we had sex that it certainly felt good.