Rebirth and Counterattack: Bringing a Mysterious President Home Chapter 2

Rebirth and Counterattack: Bringing a Mysterious President Home Chapter 2


I really regret translating this novel. I should’ve finished reading it before translating.

I’m hating this with a burning passion.

The story’s only good up to chapter 32. I was tricked. :/

Rebirth and Counterattack: Bringing a Mysterious President Home - - The Ugly Monster has Changed! (丑八怪变了!)

Qiao Anran organized the memories in her mind. That was when she realized that she was on the Hai Sen Hao (海神号) [1] cruise.

[1] (海神 translates to Sea God.)

This is exactly where her past self had died!

Don’t know what happened to Si Tuhuang and Su Ziyu. They killed her and are probably elated right now.

She clenched her fists tightly. Her chest was suffocating immensely!

She had even thought of Su Ziyu as the best Biao-jie (older female cousin). She had even loved Si Tuhuang…

In the end, she was killed by the person she loved the most. She didn’t know about it before but now she knows. The reason why she had repeatedly encountered events that caused her to be punished by her clan was all because of Su Ziyu!

She got out of bed and entered the bathroom to take a shower. In front of the mirror, she only saw a woman in the mirror that indeed did look quite frightening.

Half of her face was taken over by her blue birthmark. But ignoring the birthmark, her features, her base, were actually pretty attractive. Her pair of eyes were charming and enchanting. If only looking at her left face and not the right, she had actually had a Goddess level appearance.

She looked better than Qiao Xuerou and Qiao Xue Xueran and also prettier than Su Ziyu, that beauty.

But this birthmark was a bit in the way.

Qiao Anran touched her face. It was actually possible to remove this birthmark.

The Qiao Anran that died also knew this, but unfortunately, she didn’t have the money for laser removal treatment.

After marrying Chu Beiming, she had always been a full-time housewife. Because Chu Beiming didn’t like her showing her face to others, she also knew that her appearance was embarrassing for her husband.

Her father wouldn’t give her a single cent. Her step-mother also wouldn’t,

And Chu Weiming did give her money before, but she refused it.

Because someone had said that she only married Chu Beiming for his money, she stubbornly refused every cent from Chu Beiming.

And that someone was Qiao Xuerou.

Qioa Anran stared coldly at herself in the mirror. This birthmark needs to eb removed. After going ashore, [2] she’ll take on a request and deal with this birthmark.

[2] (I’m assuming she means going into the assassin world as Qiao Anran.

The payment for killing a person would probably be enough for her to treat this birthmark.

She tidied her hair and turned to exit the bathroom. She found some clothes and put them on.

All of Qiao Anran’s formal attire were ugly. If they weren’t plain and lengthy black dresses, they were large, red strange dresses that resembled traditional Chinese wedding dresses. Wearing these clothes along with the birthmark on her face was truly frightening.

It wasn’t that the original Qiao Anran sucked at picking how clothes, it was just that Qiao Xuerou really knew how to act. She always tried to convince her to buys and buy that.

While carrying a black dress, Qiao Anran found a pair of scissors. Using that pair of sharp scissors, she cut off the lengthy skirt and sleeves.

Qiao Anran’s figure was actually really good. Her skin was also smooth and bouncy, better than normal girls. It as smooth as a newborn baby’s skin and was also very white.

She just didn’t know how to adorn herself. She was also very self-conscious because of her birthmark.

After leaving the room, Qiao Anran walked onto the deck.

The night view of the scene was eerie yet serene. She stared intently at the place where her old self had sunk, had died. The cold wind was blowing. Her expression remained the same. She didn’t notice that a man and woman was also standing on that deck.

Jie-fu (older brother-in-law), don’t be angry. Drugs, there’s no way those drugs were Jie-jie’s (older sister). Jie-jie wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, even though Jie-jie loves you a lot…

Qiao Xuerou was standing by Chu Beiming’s side. She was wearing a snow white formal gown and looked like a fairy. She waskindlyexplaining things for Qiao Anran.

Qiao Anran quickly turned her head. She smiled cynically and walked towards that pair of man and woman. Xuerou, do you know the truth? Hurry up and tell Chu Beiming that the one who placed those drugs was someone else!

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