The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 1

The Peerless Master Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Falling

Chapter 1 Falling

A hot summer, HZ, the temperature of this city has risen to 40 degrees or more, the insects are lying on the trees, without tweet. Because of the summer heat, HZ are lifeless and like a steamer.

However, in the suburb of HZ , there are many machines and workers working in a construction site. Under the scorching sun, those dark-skinned workers are still working in there, and sweating for the meager wages.

”Damn it. What a terrible weather it is! And they do not allow us rest yet!”

”That's it. Chow Bapi also break his word. Not only don’t allow us rest, but also don’t give us the money for cold water, which has been promised! The son of bitch!”

”Do not talk about it anymore.  Your wages will be deducted if he overhears these. ”

“Obviously, how bad a person he is in those workers’ minds! They are working in some groups, grumbling him.””Hey! Hey! Be careful! Gazi!”Suddenly, there are some shouts, which interrupted the workers' working .

Looked over there, a black strong youth seems crazy , standing on the side of the floor without railings and staggering. 

”Hey, he is Gazi, isn’t he? Why does he not powder the wall? Is he dancing? “A few workers who did not know what happened were joking.A older workers shouted: "No, he must be heatstroke and unconsciousness! Is there anyone can pull him back ? Do not let him fall off! "    

"Come on, go!" Immediately, several strong and young workers ran toward that building quickly.

However, the station of Gazi is the fourth floor. They need time to climb the stairs.

Everyone was anxious, because they watched Gazi stumble to the edge of the floor.

"If he goes out some more, he will fall off." All hearts are hung up.

"Gazi, wake up, wake up!" Several men with loud voice shouted one after another, since they want Gazi can be sober.

However, Gazi did not seem to hear, still stumbled outwards. His foot is already at the edge! The next moment, his body suddenly poured out!

"Wow!" Almost everyone closed their eyes in fear.At that moment, a naked man pulled Gazi's hand quickly, and then pull he to inside! Immediately, Gazi was pulled back and avoiding fall out.

Huuu - everyone is relieved, he was finally rescued.

"God bless you! Chen Feng does not looked very strong, the critical moment is still running fast ah." Some workers joked, this is also a fun of their boring work. However, the next moment, they were shocked. Because they saw his feet slipping and then falling the floor after he pulled Gazi back, nobody know what is the reason.

"What happened! How could he slide down!" A few young people want to save, but it is too late. They saw the place where Chen Feng slide down, the ground have cracked slightly, but there should not be cracked. The surface of concrete ground already has a thin layer of ash, and the footprints extending to the outside were particularly glaring.

Chen Feng was slipped away since he stepped on the ash of cracked cement .

"Fuck this rubbish project!" A few young workers looked falling body, could not help but cursed. 

"Damn it, I am going to die?" In a very short period of time, Chen Feng's thoughts floated.Chen Feng grew up in a village. Followed his father to work, even did not finished his primary school. Until he was twenty, Chenfeng together with Gazi, who with him in the same village, they joined the thousands of migrant workers , with full of ambitious came to HZ and hard work in the metropolis.Chen Feng has a dream, that is, work well, earn enough money, get married and have children as soon as possible. Chen Feng began to so sad when he thought of his elderly parents.

”boom” —— Chen Feng' s body fell to the ground, motionless. Blood dripped from his head, glaring under the sun.

Everyone wants to come forward to help him up.Please do not surround him, keep the air flow, and do not move him!" Several workers, who known the first aid, shouted. A worker pressed his chest, regardless of he is a man, start to artificial respiration directly.

Gradually, watching Chenfeng’s breathing have stopped, everyone's eyes wet and began to lament. Although unrelated, eating and sleeping for many days makes the relationship between these workers extremely good.

Woo - the siren suddenly sounded.

"Come on! The ambulance came here!" Suddenly, a worker called up. There are already someone called the ambulance.

"Yes, sent to the hospital as soon as possible, maybe he can be saved!" .Everybody raised a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

Hospital emergency room, a few doctors and nurses are busy.

"quickly, injecting a cardiac stimulant!”

"Pacemaker! CPR!”

"Doctor Fang, the patient still has no heart rate, heart rate is 0, no blood pressure."

"CPR again!”"Doctor Fang, the patient's heartbeat is still stopped, the ECG machine shows 0."

"Increase the Pacemaker’s power, CPR again!"“Inform his families that he is dead." Dr. Fang wiped his sweat with tired. He look at the man who lying on the bed. Doctor said with some regretful.

Nurse took off her gloves and nodded gently.

Dr.Fang took off the rescued suit, looked tired, and then opened the door of operating room.

”Doctor! ”

"Doctor! How is he now?" Immediately, several workers who covered with sweat surrounded and caught the doctor's whit lab coat, hurriedly asked. They are a few workers who are good with Chen Feng on the a construction site.

Looking at a few people so anxious, Dr. Fang said with grieved: "I'm sorry, we have done our best."

Although they knew the hope is little, but Dr. Fang's words like a bolt from the blue, the result are not expected.

”Alas,Alas,Alas... in order to save me, he just want to save me!”Gazi stumbled and sat down weakly, then began to weep.

"All my fault, if not me heat stroke suddenly, he would not come up to save me, and would not fallen, which made me how to inform his father ah." Gazi cried, and then slap on his own face, heavily hit his own face!

After a while.

”Ahem! You who are the families of the deceased, go with me for formalities! " Dr. Fang looked Gazi, heart sighed.

His family members are in his hometown,I am his fellow, I will go with you." Gazi's mood is also a little calmer.

Let me go! Dr. Fang’s words have not finished, the operating room door was pushed open suddenly, a nurse ran out hurriedly, her face flushed, gasped and said: "... doctor Fang, the deceased's heartbeat, it’s ... ... it's back! "