The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 2

The Peerless Master Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Feng Chen is discharged from hospital

"Doctor Fang, the patient's heart beating appears suddenly and it's more strong than normal ones!"

"Hang up the oxygen inhaler now! Measure his blood pressure every ten minutes." Doctor Fang orders in a bit exciting voice, "What a miracle in the area of medicine!"


"Situation of this patient is already stable, transfer him to the general ward, and give him the physical examination every two hours." Doctor Fang says feeling relaxed after a few hours, and the uncontrollable exciting can be find between his words.


"Where am I?" A misty voice sounds in the endless darkness."

"I can only remember that I have already failed during the breaking through the disaster in my life for getting improved, and my core soul is broken. I should be disappeared with both my body and soul, why I still have consciousness?" The voice wandering in the darkness, full of questions.

Suddenly, in the darkness there is a loud sound of thunder, and a short muggy hum comes out from that voice under this shocking between the sky and earth.

"Ah! My soul. Something has blend into my soul! What is it? But, why there's no any exclusion, it feels like this thing just melt in is a part of me originally."

"En? Who am I? Am I a migrant worker working in the city HZ, or the God of Alchemy, one of the five Gods in the immortal world?" The voice sounds a little confused:" I can feel that I am the two people simultaneously. They are both me…"

Don't know how long period past, suddenly there is a bright white light comes out in the endless darkness. Then, this beam of light lighting up the endless darkness in one second like a round raising sun.

"Hum?" Feng Chen suddenly opens his eyes.

"Where am I?" Instantly, memories come up vividly in his mind." It seems the two souls of both Feng Chen and the God of Alchemy have been merged together completely and bring me back to life from death. But, who am I now? Feng Chen or the God of Alchemy?"

Suddenly, a slice of shining burst out in Feng Chen's eyes," I am Feng Chen, and I am the God of Alchemy. Since God gave me the second chance of life, I should live it to a full under the name of Feng Chen!"

"From now on, there will be no the God of Alchemy in this world, and only me Feng Chen!" During his thinking, Feng Chen sit up suddenly on his bed. He feels his whole body chuckled with a crisp sound, and it is indescribably comfortable to him.

"This body is too weak for me!" Feng Chen feels the situation of each part of his body carefully. Although Feng Chen has some muscles from many years' physical working, but the essence of this body is in extremely vain.

"It seems that I should try to find some packages of medicines to enhance the situation of my body after I get out of this hospital. Otherwise, it would be a huge problem for me to even practice under current physical situation." Feng Chen considers secretly.

"Squeak- "

The door to this room opens, and a young man with no any energy on his face walks in in a slouch. The stubble of his beard all over his face makes him looks really has no vitality at all. When he sees Feng Chen sitting on his bed, his eyes shining up immediately. A huge ecstasy burst out on this young man's face, makes his face which he has no time to take care of looks much younger!"

"Ha ha, crazy man, you finally wake up!" That young man shouts out, and rushes to the bed to hug Feng Chen tightly with both of his arms, and then tears in bean size falling down on his face.

Feng Chen is moved in his heart, he pats the young man's shoulder gently, and making jokes," Fuck, Gazi, are you growing backward to be younger? You are a big man now and crying like a woman." After this, he continues joking," let go of me quickly, I have no interests in man at all!" He makes up a shivering after said this.

"Fuck, you are not a beautiful girl, I would not willing to hug you even if you asked!" Gazi let go of Feng Chen immediately, and says loudly and carelessly," Crazy man, you sit still on you bed, don't move. I will go and find a doctor now!" Saying this, Gazi runs out of the room without looks back for once.

Suddenly, a sound of something drops on the floor occurs outside the door, it seems that Gazi has hit some little nurse with his strong body.

"Such a Gazi!" Feng Chen shakes his head slightly with a light smile. Name of Gazi is actually Da Ga Xu, and he is Feng Chen's best playmate since they are little kids. They have done so many things together like dig the nests of birds, throw stones to the windows, peek widow Liu taking shower secretly, Relations of them is quite deep! Later when they have grown up, they found no future in their hometown inside the mountain area, so they come together to the city HZ to find a job.

In a moment, there is a doctor running into the room in a hurry, and it looks like he is even more exciting than Gazi.

"Crazy man, this is Doctor Fang. You would have been died already if he didn't try everything to save your life!" Gazi reminds him sitting beside. It sounds like he still in a bit sacred worrying about Feng Chen.

"Thank you very much, Doctor Fang!" Feng Chen arches his hands to doctor, and a undescribed elegant atmosphere emits from him while he saying this.

"There is really no need to thank me, I am not deserving it." Doctor Fang seems still in the excitement:" Actually this time it's you saved yourself to getting through the tragedy, and it is really a miracle in hospital." While saying this, Doctor Fang takes up some equipment and begins to examine Feng Chen's body.

Feng Chen nods a little and looks at Doctor Fang with admiration. This doctor is telling the truth which is hard for normal doctors to do. If the patient is recovered, normal doctors would have owed all the awards to themselves.

"Tut, tut, tut. What a miracle you are! I can only say that you have your self-recovery ability so good beyond imaginations. You are almost recovery perfectly within such short period about ten days only!" The more Doctor Fang examines, the more scared he is. After a long while, he puts away all the equipment, says with a slight smile," I think you are fine now according to my preliminary examination. However, you'd better to do a general examination later to make sure. If there is no problem then, you can be discharged from the hospital."

After said this, Doctor Fang says goodbye to these two people, and continues to check other wards.


"Ha ha, crazy man, you have recovered already as I wished! We can be discharged from hospital now." Looking at the examination report of Feng Chen, Gazi laughs loudly," Staying in this hospital for this half a month, I feel so unpleasant in my heart."

At this moment, a nurse comes in with a tick pile of bills. She hands it to Gazi, and says," Are you Feng Chen's family member? You can pay all the medical fees first on the first floor and go through the discharge procedure then." After she finished, Gazi takes the bills, checking them forward and back for several times, murmurs confusedly," How much is the total amount? So many numbers, how can I know which one is the amount I should pay for? I can't read at all." However, the nurse is already walked out of this room.

"Let me have a look." Feng Chen reaches out and says.

"Show you? Don't you remember that you can't read too, as me?" Gazi murmurs and passes all the bills to Feng Chen. He can't have helped to add a question," Crazy man, you really can understand it?"

"Look, here written total amount, it is totally eight thousand six hundred and thirty." Feng Chen pointed at the bills and explains to Gazi.

"What! You really know it?" Gazi shouts loudly, but after one second, he broadens his eyes, and asks," What did you say about the total amount? How much is it?"


"Well, this time we are literally has nothing left." Outside the hospital, Gazi raises up his head looking at the sky and complaint loudly with some necessaries for living in hospital.

"Oh, this is really stingy for Greedy Zhou. As a boss, he didn't pay even a penny for you even such big accident happened within his site. Well now, both our deposit is gone, and I only have tens of money left on me." Gazi sighs heavily and says," Crazy man, you decide, where should us go next?"

"Let's go to the site!" Feng Chen says directly.

"What! Crazy man, your brain still works well right? What for us to go back when the boss Greedy Zhou treat us like this?" Gazi almost jump heard his words.

"To get back things we deserved!" Feng Chen says softly:" Remember, Gazi, if something belongs to us, we should get it back instead of leave it to others."

For this moment, there is a kind of indescribably dignity on Feng Chen's face, which makes Gazi to agree with him with nodding his head.