The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 3

The Peerless Master Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Get the wages

It is still hot those days, and the heat of air is hard to bear when walking under the sun.

  Everyone at the building site is crazily busy as usual. Although from the accident of Feng Chen, everyone knows that their boss Greedy Zhou wouldn't even pay for his medicine fee, and they are worried if something bad happens to them, they will have no better results as well and have no place to argue. However, the burden of life press on their shoulders, so they have to continue working on this high-risk position of career.

  Feng Chen and Gazi walk into the construction site under the shining sun.

  "Hey, look, isn't that Feng Chen and Gazi? "There is already some worker with shark eyes recognizes them.

  "Yes, there are them for sure." After this, more workers recognize them, and they all shake their hands to greeting them.

  In a short while, the two of Feng Chen has been surrounded by the migrant workers at the building site.

"Feng Chen, I never thought you have such a strong life! You are now fine as before after such terrible an accidence. "

"That's it! Feng Chen has always been blessed by God, how can anything bad happens to him."

People surrounding them asking and talking loudly, makes Feng Chen feel so warm at heart. Some people would judge those migrant workers from their low social status, but they are actually sincerer than the so-called upper-class people because their concern for other people is exclude of any impurity.

When they learned that Feng Chen and Gazi come for their wages, several workers with longer experience working here become worried very much. They fetch their arms try to persuade them to give up this idea.

"Feng Chen, to my opinion, you'd better forget about wage of this month. That Greedy Zhou is not a fuel-efficient lamp (kind man), it is said that he is close to the gangsterdom recently." Someone who is close friend of Feng Chen reminder him with a serious looking on his face.

"It's true! Last week, Er Leng Zi's wife was going to give birth to a baby, he wanted to get his wage for that month so he can go back home earlier to take care of her. However, the Greedy Zhou said since it was not the end day of that month, so he didn't pay him." Before the guy finished his words, another man says continually

"later, Er Leng Zi got angry, and he had quarrel with the Greedy Zhou. As a result, Greedy Zhou made a phone call, and several rogues came and beat him heavily. His hands are broken from it!" This man says with afraid," Er Leng Zi then called the police, but they did nothing to help but only scolded Er Leng Zi for bothering the police."

"At this moment, the rich man really can do anything they want. Feng Chen, I have to give you some advice as your uncle. You should forget about your wage for the half a month, don't go to the Greedy Zhou." The eldest worker says while smoking, with full of worry.

The suggestions of the surrounding fellow workers touched Feng Chen's heart deeply, even the heart of the God of Alchemy feels a bit of warmth which was blended into Feng Chen's soul with his own soul. This heart has been going through thousands of years' practicing. A feeling of sudden enlightenment arises spontaneously. When he was the God of Alchemy, he was always in the high status. everyone is afraid of him, as well as play up to him. Even the closest followers of him are behave according to the rules. He had not at once have experienced the friendship as this.

The mortal world is really a good place for feeling those experience. In his last life, it is exactly because of his lack of those true feelings of human, he falls into the trap of spiritual evil and fail and die at the last part of the important period.

And this life, let me enjoy and cherish those relationship.

In a very short moment, there are already myriad thoughts running in Feng Chen's mind. However, he soon resists his mind, and arch his hands to fellow workers, and says, "Uncle Li, and all my friends, thanks a lot for your concern. But I, Feng Chen do have my principles of behaviors. The wage is mine, and no one should take it away from me." After this, he shakes his hand to those fellow workers, and goes directly towards the Greedy Zhou's office.

Inside Feng Chen's mind, he knows clearly that if he worries too much, and chose fall back once he meets with difficulties, then there is no need for him to practicing and searching for the Tao in the universe.

"Gazi, you have to try to persuade him" Uncle Li hastened to hold Gazi's sleeves, says quickly.

Gazi looks at Cheng Feng who is in strong will, and then his face flashes a decidedly look. He says," Uncle, I think Feng Chen is right. Since the wages belongs to us, we won't give it up to others easily!" After this, Gazi run a bit to catch up with Feng Chen, and walks along by his side.

"Such two little boys…" Uncle Li watches the two backs, could not help to make a sigh.

"Uncle, Feng Chen's words do make sense!" behind Uncle Li, several young people murmurs. When Uncle Li looking back to them, he finds that inside the fellow workers' eyes, there is only deeply identified looking instead of previous worried one.


Chi—opens the plain iron door, cool air suddenly comes. Compared with outside, the room is a paradise.

The Greedy Zhou is crossing his legs, reclining in his executive chair and playing games on his computer with comfortable smile on his face. When he sees Feng Chen and Gazi walk into the room, a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

"Hey, Feng Chen, you have recovered! I knew that, you are so strong, how can that little fall hurts you!" the Greedy Zhou says with faked concern while he still reclining on his chair without any intention to move.

"Nothing, I am not die yet." Feng Chen keeps calm on his face, but his tone is a kind of cold.

The Greedy Zhou seems not really understands his real meaning, he still has the big faked smile on his face, and says," Well, since you have already recovered from the injury, you can come back and work again. You know, you two have already been absent from work for half a month till now."

"There is no need for me to come back to work. This time, Gazi and me come to quit the job, and get our wage for this month by the way." Feng Chen's voice in a extraordinary calm tone, without any emotional fluctuation.

Heard of Feng Chen's words, the looking on the Greedy Zhou's face cools down in one second.

"What? I can regret you for quit your job, but you still want your wage? Where do you think this place is, the charity organization?" the Greedy Zhou becomes aggressive, and he stands up beating the table fiercely," Let me tell you, you two have been absent from work for half a month, so your salary for the previous half a month is already deducted fully for the fine."

"You are just lying!" Gazi scolding at the Greedy Zhou immediately with his figure pointing at him when he heard the Greedy Zhou's words.

"Lying? What can you do with me even if I am lying?" the Greedy Zhou shouting loudly in a dominating manner, "This is my place, I can say anything I want to. There are only two choices for you, you get disappear immediately or you can stay here working as before!"

"You son of bitch!" Gazi gets really angry immediately, and he hit him with his fist.


Gazi's fist hit totally on the Greedy Zhou's face, and his head knocks into the wall heavily as a result of the huge strength of this blow.

"Ouch!" the Greedy Zhou screams with hurting. He squats on the floor with both of his hands cover his left cheek, and tears and snot falling down because of ache. It is being quite a while before he can finally stand up.

Covering his swollen red left cheek, the Greedy Zhou screams out with huge anger:" You son of bitch! You dare to hit me. You are dead man today!" after saying this, he takes the ashtray on the table, and pats it towards to Gazi.

"Fuck! You fat pig! I am caring nothing today! You'd better give us our wage, or I will hit you badly even your dear mother couldn't recognize you!" Gazi moves to the sideways to avoid the ashtray, and then he grabs the collar of the Greedy Zhou, shouting loudly.

"Little brute! I won't pay you anyway! The Greedy Zhou is rather stubborn too, he broadens his eyes staring at them, and hit Gazi's head with the ashtray in his hand from one side.

Be careful! Feng Chen saw this and he tried to stop, but only realize the speed of his body cannot stop the Greedy Zhou's movement, so he can only reminder him with a shout.

When Gazi heard Feng Chen's reminder, he hurried to shift his head to one side, but he still be late for that. Although he success to avoid it hits on his important parts of head, but the sharp edge of the square angle of this ashtray still across Gazi's cheek like a knife.

Suddenly, a stream of warm liquid slowly flows down on Gazi's face, companied with a torn pain. His check has been cut out a blooding wound by the ashtray.

"Mother fucker!" be stimulated by the blood, Gazi's guts suddenly roused up. He rises up his fist, and punch on the Greedy Zhou's face with no hesitation.

Ah! The Greedy Zhou screams out painfully. As the ashtray in his hand fell immediately, he has enough hands to cover his nose and mouth tightly now. A stream of blood flows out through his figures. "Puh-"with a puff, the Greedy Zhou spit out several gray white teeth as a result.

Gazi seems still in fierce anger, he grabs the Greedy Zhou's hair, and going to hit him with his fist again.

"Don't hit me! Don't hit! I pay, I pay you two and let go of me!" the Greedy Zhou forget of covering his nose with hands, he hurried use them in front of him to stops the fist of Gazi. He shakes his both hands, and he is in such a pity situation with nose blood all over his face.


"You asked for it! You should take out the money earlier to save yourself!" Gazi takes the money from the Greedy Zhou's hand quickly, and then counts it carefully. After that, he nods his head, and says." The amount is right, wage for half a month is 800 per person, it's exactly 1600."

"Fine, let's go!" Feng Chen gets the result he wants, so he waves his hand to show Gazi, and then walks out of the Greedy Zhou's office directly.

"Hum!" Gazi glances once again at the Greedy Zhou ruthlessly, and then follows Feng Chen to walks out of this office.

"Two beasts! Don't even think you can walk out of this site like that." The Greedy Zhou shouts ferociously. Then, he quickly picks up his mobile phone, and dials out a number.