The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 4

The Peerless Master Chapter 4

Chapter 4 "Bone Distortion Hand"

"They are coming out! They are coming out!" when Feng Chen and Gazi just walked out the Greedy Zhou's office, they are surrounded by fellow workers again.

"Is there any problem?" Uncle Li asks worried.

"Better than that! Look!" Gazi raises a small pile of money in his hand, says with proud," the Greedy Zhou is not a real man, he begging me after hit by my fist twice."

Suddenly, voice of praise raises up surrounding them, which makes Gazi a little smug for his success.

Among those fellow workers, only Uncle Li smoking deeply and says nothing. After he considering for a long while, he throws away the small left part of his cigarette to the ground, raises his head, says to Feng Chen and Gazi," You have hit the Greedy Zhou, and he won't let you leave so easy, he will find you and revenge for that. You should leave this area quickly, or it would be a big problem if you are stuck by helpers of him here."

People think of his words and agree with him. So, they join in to persuade the two men to run now.

"Ha ha! You want to leave? It is too late!" at this moment, an abnormal loud and aggressive voice raises up behind all of them. The Greedy Zhou rushes towards them and roaring at Feng Chen and Gazi with his figure pointing at them. He even hasn't clear up the nose blood on his face.

During he is talking, there are a group of people run into the door of building site, clamoring walk fast to those workers.

"Go away if you don't want to die" a strong man with long hair seems to be the leader of this group people, shouts at them while waving the watermelon knife in his hand.


Fellow workers have never see such a situation before, so they dismiss quickly.

In a short while, this group of people comes to the front of the Greedy Zhou. They are all looks evil and bad, walking in a curve rather than a straight line. They all have tattoos of dragons or tigers on their body and shakes their heads when walking. All of this shows obviously that they are just a crowd of rogue.

"Big brother Long Hair, how are you coming yourself!" the Greedy Zhou changed to another attitude in face of those people. He no longer in aggressive manner like before but starts to take out his cigarettes with big smile filling his whole face. He presents the cigarette to this group of rogues one by one with respect. His acting of pleasing them looks so obscene, especially when it companying by the bruise and blood ink all over his face.

The man be called big brother Long Hair holds his laugh and pats the Greedy Zhou's shoulder softly. He says," My boss is in trouble and called on me, so I should come and help to solve the problem by myself. What's the problem? Who of those inferior without eyes pissed you up today?"

Heard big brother Long Hair's words, the expression on the Greedy Zhou's face becomes serious and cold suddenly. He points at Gazi and shouts loudly," There he is! This beast hit me on my face! Big Brother Long Hair, please revenge for me. And also, the boy besides him is also the helper." After said this, the fat guy checks the expression of big brother Long Hair and returns to big smile and says while greeting his teeth, "They are so arrogant that they said even my big brother Long Hair comes, they would hit you as well!"

"What? How dare they be so arrogant! Brothers, take your tools and disable them two now!" While saying this, Long Hair rushes to them himself. He waves the watermelon knife in his hand quickly and cut towards to Gazi.

Gazi is a good person since he grows up, the wildest thing he has ever done is just fighting, and never think of dangerous situation like this with real knife and guns. He suddenly froze in there, forget about hiding.

"Watch out!" a could light shining in Feng Chen's eyes, and he pushes Gazi away at once.


The watermelon knife of Long Hair cut along the edge of Gazi's clothes while he is pulling back by Feng Chen. When Long Hair watches he has missed his target because of pull of Feng Chen, he gets angry at him. He hums with anger, and soon follows the power trend of his moving knife to hit it targeting Feng Chen's chest.

If it happens before, this fighting trick of a rogue is less than a piece of cake to Feng Chen. However, his new body has limits his ability a lot that he cannot display any of subtle Gong Fu tricks he used to before.

However, the subtle ones can be displayed, the ordinary ones still can!

Looking at the light of the coming knife, Feng Chen ban himself backwards immediately, and his whole-body curves into a circular arch. The watermelon knife of Long Hair passes his nose sideswipe.

Long Hair get shocked by watching Feng Chen's a series of moves, and just at the moment he is going to attack again, he has a numb feeling on his wrist, and then following the fall of watermelon knife from his hand. Originally, after Feng Chen avoid the first cut, he turns over quickly, and then he grabs the right hand of Long Hair and twist it softly in a weird way to dislocate his wrist.

"Bone Distortion Hand"!

It is not a subtle move, but only one of the simple basic combat technique Feng Chen learned before his real practicing in his former life. He has a fighting experience of thousands of years, which makes all of those techniques seems so easy for him.

] "You little ugly tramp, fuck you…" When Long Hair notices he cannot move his right hand anymore, and scolding Feng Chen heavily, both of Feng Chen's hands touch his mouth quickly. He can only feel another same dump feeling in his mouth, and then lose his talking ability totally.

"Woo- Woo- Woo-"In Long Hair's horribly looking, Feng Chen's hands seems like magic, and the bone joint is relocated at every place they touches. After a few seconds, Feng Chen claps his hands, looking satisfied at Long Hair who is already lying on the ground weakly. During the past several seconds, there are already seventeen joints on Long Hair's body be relocated by Feng Chen. It is already impossible for Long Hair to stand up now even he wants to.

"Hum!" a stuffy hum sounds up, and Feng Chen turn around. He finds a group of rogue cuts heavily following Gazi.

Also, during the same several seconds when he was fighting with Long Hair, Gazi has already got five or six knife wounds on his body. Luckily, the knife they are using is the normal type of watermelon knife which blades are not too sharp. The wounds on Gazi's body looks horrible, but actually they are just skin trauma. This is also the reason for those rogues can use knives to hit people carelessly, it won't hurt people's lives anyway.

At this moment, that group of rogues noticed Feng Chen has already conquered Long Hair too. Besides confused, they separate some people to fight with Feng Chen immediately.

To those who has hurt his friends, Feng Chen won't be polite. A sharp light shining in Feng Chen's eyes, and then his both hands get busy suddenly.

Bang- Bang- Bang- in a short while, those people' watermelon knives falls down, and their right-hand wrist holding the knives be relocated suddenly like Long Hair. Besides, Feng Chen added some strength when he does this by twist it heavily after relocation.

Ah- Suddenly, cold sweat appears on those rogues' faces, and they all scream loudly like pigs being killed. However, there is not long time for them to screaming before Feng Chen's hands continues to touch their chins. In a quite short period, the sound of relocation of jaw raises up and then, the whole place becomes so quiet again.

"Fuck, you don't come further!" Watching this situation, the rogues left give up fighting with Gazi. They get together, waving their knives and shouting while starring at Feng Chen who is walking towards to them now. Although they shout loudly, their shaking thigh sell them out showing how nervous they are.

Feng Chen walks slowly towards them with cold smile on his face, brings a huge invisible pressure to those rogues and break them down at the same time.

"Ah, I quit!" one rogue throws away his knife, screaming and crying, runs to the outside of this building site immediately.

As there is already someone give up first, the left ones who still can move follows him quickly and run out of this site.

"Hum!" Long Hair watching those escape rogues angrily, and a cold looking flash in his eyes.

"Wow! Crazy man, when did you becomes so good?" Gazi looks at Feng Chen carefully, looks like he has discovered the new land, and forget his wounds totally.

Feng Chen comes to the Greedy Zhou who is shocked to a stupid totally, and says with a nice smile," Boss Zhou, which trick do you spared, please show them all now."

"Hey! You are my grandpa! Please mercy on me, my Lord!" In the Greedy Zhou's eyes, Feng Chen's smile looks like the smile of Death. The Greedy Zhou breaks down directly," My grandpa, please believe me that I will treat those friends of mine nicely later. I will never delay their wages from now on! Can you please believe me!"

Feng Chen looks at the fellow workers around them who all be shocked to dumb, nods his head and says," I will be back to you if I hear you still bully them in the future." After this, he greets to those fellow workers, and walks out of the building site with Gazi.

Workers in the site watching their back with gratitude. They are different with Feng Chen and Gazi because they do need this job heavily. No matter how hard and heavy this job is, they have to go back to work for the live hood of their big families.

And this, is the same sadness of all the little figures at the bottom class in big cities.