The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 5

The Peerless Master Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Help for a just cause

"Crazy man, I am going to stay at my cousin's place for the following a few days. What are you going to do?" Gazi says with a heavy look on his face. Lose the job makes it more difficult for some migrant worker like him to living in such a big city.

"Me?" Feng Chen thinks for a while, and says," I am going to find a place to settle down, and then try to find another job I think."

Actually, in his mind, Feng Chen has already had a plan. The most important thing for now is to buy some medicines to improve the strength of this body. Then, he can start his practicing. As for the further future, he decides to go with the situation as a practitioner.

"Well, then I am leaving now. If you want to find me, you can go to the Red Tree Bar in the east development area of this city. My cousin is there."


After farewell with Gaze, Feng Chen carrying an old-fashioned denim bag wandering on the street. Many people automatically keep a distance from him judging from his plain clothes.

Migrant workers are always being excluded by most people in this big city.

Feng Chen didn't mind at all, he has gone through thousands of years, and if he can't bear with this little discrimination, he then has no need to practicing and searching for the Tao (the truth of nature).

Walking into a Chinese medicines pharmacy, Feng Chen suddenly feels a shock of comfortable feeling through his whole body. In such a hot weather outside, it is the best entertainment for coming into an air-conditioned room. However, this entertainment be interrupted by an unharmonious voice.

"Go away, just go away, don't enjoying the cool here" a fat middle-aged woman scolding at Feng Chen heavily with her figure pointing at him as well.

Feng Chen just smiles lightly and snaps a piece of paper to the counter. Dozens of names of Chinese herbal medicines and component accordingly listed on it. He says," Please prepare those medicines according to the prescription for me."

"Oh, you are really coming for medicine." The middle-aged woman takes the prescription, murmurs indifferently in a low voice. Then she comes to the cabinet storing the herbal medicines to prepare the medicines for him.

"Wolfberry three ounce"

"Borneol semi-money"

"Astragalus eight ounce" When she preparing this, she glances at Feng Chen, says secretly," eight ounces? Enough to die after you eat them all."

And then she continues her preparing.

"Pinellia ternata eight-money"

"Houttuynia, two ounces"


This middle-aged woman is quickly when working, she packs all medicine up into small bags one by one in a short time.

"Four hundred and thirty-eight" after pay the money according to the bill, Feng Chen shows a bitter smile. He didn't expect that those medicine costs more than a half of the money all he had now.

"Here, take your medicine!" middle-aged woman hands the packed medicine to Feng Chen, and then, she can't help to remind him," Young man, you should go and see the doctor because there are several herbal medicine here are conflict with each other, and should not be taken at the same time."

Feng Chen looks at the middle-aged woman with a bit surprise. He smiles from his heart and says," Thank you for remind me, madam. From my opinion, the fire in the Yin part is a bit more than normal inside your body, maybe you are not satisfied with the sexual intercourse. If so, you can take the Epimedium for 15 grams, companied with Purple Flowers, Placenta, white peony root, medlar each for 10 grams, and two centipedes. Using the smallest fire to boil it at one time and ask your husband to take it for separate two times."

Heard Feng Chen's suggestion, the middle-aged woman cursed at him suddenly," little bastard, you dare to teasing me! You are definitely die!" After saying this, she raises her hands seems like she is going to hit Feng Chen. Feng Chen has prepared for this before he said those words, so he takes the medicine bag and walks out of the door quickly.

Watching Feng Chen's figure running away, the middle-aged woman still in huge angry and scolding him when standing alone. After a while, her face blushes, and she says to herself," How can the little bastard knows my situation? Or, should I have a try as he said?"


After get out of the pharmacy, Feng Chen wandering on the street again. Although the sunshine is still so heavy, it can't stop beautiful girls to go outside and shopping whose dress is so short to allow men enjoy the view.

However, Feng Chen has no time for enjoy the beautiful views because he is stuck by one problem.

"I have already searched all the information centers around this area, but there is no cheap house to rent." Feng Chen grabs the four-cash paper tightly in his pocket, and each one is only worthy for one hundred yuan, and thinks," I never thought of today, the previous God of Alchemy has been stuck by the problem of such small amount of money."

While he is in his deep thinking, a scream be heard.

"The robbing! Catch him!" a lady dressed in fashion is try her best to run after someone. Not far before Feng Chen, a middle-aged man with ugly looking is running fast to escape.

The most ridiculous thing is that as so many people in the street, there is no one dare to offer help and stop the middle-aged man robber.

"Help me! Catch him!" The voice of this lady sounds quite hurried. She is holding her breast with one hand tightly and pointing at the robber who has robbed her bag with another hand. She is running so hard, and both of her feet are moving fast. However, she is in her high heels, how can she catch up with a normal strong man. Not for a while, the distance between her and the guy becomes further and further.

Lin Xiao is very proud of her figure, especially for the breast she has. Today, she has an appointment with her friends to do the shopping, so she picked up a beautiful sun-top which can set her wonderful figure off better. However, she has never thought that the robber not only cut off the belt of her bag, but also cut off one of her tie of the sun-top. As a result, it is much harder for her sun-top which is originally with less fabric covers her body decently. So, she has to cover her front while running in case of accidental exposure of her body.

In a short while, this man approaching Feng Chen in not far a distance.

Feng Chen smiles with the corner of his mouth curves a little and reaches his right leg forward a bit suddenly. The running robber fall on his trap as expected and falls on the ground badly. The bag in his hand be throw away, falls on the ground nearby.

The robber gets up quickly from the ground, stars at Feng Chen for a while, and says angrily," Boy, wait. You dare to intervene into my business. Remember, I am Boss Sha." Then, when he notices there are more and more people getting around them, he runs away directly.

Feng Chen picks up the bag, looking at the back figure of that man, thinks with a cold feeling raising in his eyes," I let you go this time, and if you are not regret for what you did, hum!"

Lin Xiao, the girl be robbed finally arrives while he was thinking.

"Thanks a lot! If it weren't for you, I am losing the bag today." Xiao Lin keeps thanking him, and reaches both of her hands to pick up the bag.

She never thought that when her hands left her chest, the piece of clothes in the front falls down, and a large area of her body suddenly exposed.

"Wow! So white and so big! What a deep cleavage!"

A low voice heard by her, as well as a strange feeling comes to her. When she raises her hand and looks at the man she faced, she found a glory light shining in his eyes, and he is starring at something. While being confused, she looks to the same place where Feng Chen starring at.

"Ah!" Lin Xiao screams suddenly and hurried to covers her chest. She looks at the face in front of her with a lewd smile, scolding in a low voice," what a lothario!"

However, how can her two small hands covering all of her chest, parts of her front is still exposing from the area between her hands.

Feng Chen wake up from the fantasy, he looks at the lady with recalling the feeling, and says with a smile," Beauty, I didn't mean that, it is just, en, I just can't stop myself. Yes, can't stop."

"You still talking about it!" Lin Xiao was so embarrassed. At this moment, there are many people in the street, and lots of them are attracted by the accident just happened. Lin Xiao feels a lot of eyes are looking at the place where she tries to covering now. Suddenly, a mixed feeling of both shame and angry fulfill her heart, and she seems going to cry soon.

However, suddenly, Xiao Lin feels warm and she realize there is a shirt on her shoulder before she notices when it is there. The shirt has been washed many times and it is already changed to white, and it covers her top body wholly. Then, the man in front of her smiles apologetic and says," sorry for it is a old clothes, please just use it for now." Then, the man picked up his old cowboy bag and a big bag of Chinese herbal medicine and goes away directly.

Looking at that thin figure walking away, Lin Xiao has complex feeling in her heart. What kind of a man he is?

"Thank you, I am Lin Xiao!" Lin Xiao shouts to his back, don't care if he heard her or not.