The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 6

The Peerless Master Chapter 6

Chapter 6 first meet for the joint lease

After walks for a long time with many turns left and many turns right, Feng Chen comes into a street inside living area with less people.

He stops and turns around, shouting at several people not far away," Come on, don't hide anymore, come out now!"

Those people have been following him from the street where the rob happened till here. It couldn't be just a coordinate if they didn't intend to do that, Feng Chen thinks.

Just when Feng Chen finished his talking, several men with the rogue quality come out suddenly from several corners of the streets nearby. The leading one is just the Boss Sha who said he will take the revenge.

"Boy, you have discovered me." Boss Sha takes more steps towards Feng Chen, and says angrily," You have intervene with my business, brothers, go and hit him badly for me!" After he finishes, he rushes to Feng Chen in the first place.

Feng Chen's looking becomes cold again, and says with a sigh," I have already offered you an chance to regret, but you still come yourself." His hands still quick as usual, and grabs Boss Sha's fist with his both hands before he approaching him.

"Crunch" with the sound, Boss Sha's face turns to bloody red immediately and he screaming miserably as well. He drags his right hand which is already becomes red and swollen, and cries painfully," Fuck! Beat him to die for me!"

The several fellows behind heard this, their eyes turn into bloody red, and they run faster than before.

Inside Feng Chen's eyes, there is full of sharp lights. He kicks at Boss Sha's belly, and knocks him to the ground heavily. Then, he moves to face the several fellows who are running to him. Those fellows are just bully others relaying on their strength. When they encounter with Feng Chen, the "old monster" will full of warrior wisdom, they are suddenly awkwardly defeated.

Feng Chen's action is quite simple actually, one move, one twist, one push, and one hit. Each one looks exactly the simplest action can play out the best effect of defeating enemy. Within a few seconds, those rogues are all rolling on the ground painful and looks tumbling. This time, Feng Chen spares no effort and bit them at the most vulnerable part of these joints. These actions are not used for killing, but they all bring a lot of pain to people, make them screaming for the pain.

After he finished, Feng Chen walks to Boss Sha who is in huge panic now, and says softly," I gave you the opportunity before, why don't you learn to cherish it?" After this, Feng Chen fetch out one of his figure to press lightly on one acupoint on Boss Sha's hand.

Boss Sha thought he is going to have pain again, however, he has no special feeling at all after Feng Chen pressed his acupoint.

No feeling? Boss Sha suddenly got scared very much. He tries his best to raise his hands, but only realize that no matter how hard he tries, both of his arms are just swing in his body, soft like noodles. He can't control his own hands!

"Brother! Please forgive me!" Boss Sha cries and screams in tears with snot. Without his both arms, how can he live on?

Feng Chen looks at Boss Sha peacefully, and says," After half a month, your hands will recover. If ever I know you are doing bad things again, it would not be so simple as this time."

"I promise! I promise I would never do that again!" Boss Sha nods his head fast as a little chicken eating rice with scary face.

"En?" Feng Chen suddenly see something. He walks to a wall of one living building nearby, and full of happiness on his face.

There, posted a piece of leasing advertisement publicly:

House leasing

There is a single room around 20 square meters for rent. The amount is three Hundred per month. (remarks: this room is for joint leasing, the cost of water and electricity is shared by all, don't bother if no intention.)

People who are interested in this room can come to room 502 upstairs to inquiry for detailed information. Don't bother if you have no intention.

Seeing this advertisement, Feng Chen is a little confused. This advertisement is quite strange from normal ones. Generally, the two parts of house leasing should be contact with each other through telephone at first, and then agree on the date and time for checking the house. No one ever ask people to go upstairs directly for inquiry. So, Feng Chen's first thought of this advertisement is question if it is a trap. However, since it is so hard for Feng Chen to find a room that he can affordable, he decided to go upstairs to check further.

This building belongs to an old residential district, and the corridor inside the building is looks quite dark. Following the stairs, Feng Chen arrives at Room 502 quickly.


Feng Chen rings the doorbell.

"How can you come back so soon, don't you bring your key?" A nice lady's voice sounds inside the door. Then, the door opens quickly.


Looking at the view in front of him, Feng Chen can't help himself to swallow slobber. The sound of his swallowing seems so abrupt in the quiet corridor.

The lady opened the door is a beautiful one, to be exactly, is a beauty who seems just after her shower. She standing extraordinary in front of Feng Chen with just a thin towel around her body.

Watching such a pretty beauty just after shower, Feng Chen suddenly felt his mouth parched and his tongue scorched.

In his former life, Feng Chen has been practicing for thousands of years to purchasing the utter truth of the Alchemy and has nothing to do with those things of relationship between male and female. At this moment, he feels a stream of warm at the end of his nose, and two thin red line of blood flows down under his nose.

"Ah! The hooligan!" The beauty opened the door suddenly realized and shouts loudly immediately, and then try to close the door with all her strength.

Feng Chen notices her movement and reacts quickly too to holds the outer door, and try to explains himself quickly and loudly," Beauty, please do not get me wrong. I am coming for the leasing!" However, while he talking, his eyes still wandering over this beauty's body. It looks like the body has such huge attraction to Feng Chen.

"What…what do you want?" The beauty saw Feng Chen has hold down the outer door, she is frightened and steps back a few while her hands holding the towel much tighter.

Feng Chen touches his nose, and feels it is not so decent for him to starring at the beautiful lady like this, but he still can't stop himself to watch the beauty, and says," I , I am really come for the leasing room."

The towel beauty looks at Feng Chen panicky and just at the moment when she is going to say something, suddenly, a burst of rapid footsteps sounds in the quiet corridor. Then, another woman appears at the corner of the corridor dressed in sportswear. She looks capable and experienced with her long hair tied up simply.

"Wanr, are you OK?" This capable woman rushes dozen stars within a few steps and standing in front of Feng Chen with anger in her face. She shouts loudly," rogue! What are you doing?"

"Lily" The towel beauty named "Wanr" touches the capable woman's clothes nervously.

"Er, I, I came here to rent the room really." Feng Chen says with a bit nervous too.

"Rent? Really? You are not looks like to rent the room at all!" Lily shouts quickly, and says, "Let me teach you a lesson today." Then, she punches towards Feng Chen's face with her fist.

"Hi, hi, hi, calm down, don't fight" Feng Chen knows he behaved a little wrong himself, so he moves aside to avoid this fist while he shaking his hand.

Watching Feng Chen avoided her fist easily, Lily can't believe her eyes. However, she is in the extreme anger now, how can she listen to him. She spread her fist quickly and even making some sound of wind.

"Xing Yi Fist!" Feng Chen moves his body again to avoid Lily's fist without any difficulties. A light shining in his eyes as a piece of memory comes to his mind when he recognized Lily's practice.

"Is your family name Li?" Feng Chen asks Lily who is preparing the next attack.

Lily gets a little shocked, she then turns to angry again and says," Well! So, you are prepared to come you bastard! You already know my family name!" After this, Lily raises her foot to kick towards the most important part of Feng Chen's body.

This kick is one of the most killing move in the practice of Xing Yi Fist, and it can conquer enemy within this one move. It is easy to predict the result Feng Chen get if he be kicked by this foot.

A strange smile suddenly appears on Feng Chen's face, he raises up his right foot, and kick back to her in the same way as Lily did. Although it is the same form of this kick, when Feng Chen kicked it out, it looks like randomly without exact aim or intention. Before Lily noticed, the two feet crashes together.

Deng Deng Deng-

Lily can't control her body after the crash, and she pull back a few steps and arrives at the area of the stairs. All of a sudden, there is no more place for her further feet, and her body lose its balance and falls.

"Oh! Shit!" Feng Chen says secretly, and rushes to go forward to pull Lily with one hand. Then, he feels the strength is too big for him to resist with this new body at this moment, so he falls down too together with Lily.

In this urgent situation, Feng Chen hugs this woman with his hands, and try his best to cover her with his brace when they falling down.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

They fell together continuously for dozen stairs, and then suddenly hit the wall on the corner together with hugging each other.


The crash is too heavy, and makes Feng Chen feels a lot of pain on his new body. This body is far too weak for such a crash.

"Rogue! Let go of me! Now!" an angry voice sounds from Feng Chen's brace.

Em, Feng Chen loosen his arms softly, and says innocently," Em, I, I mean I didn't mean to do that, do you believe me?"

However, what he encounter with is the firing eye sight in Lily's eyes.