The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 7

The Peerless Master Chapter 7

Chapter 7 the troubles of joint rent with beautiful women

In the living room, Feng Chen sitting at one end with full of innocence on his face. On the other end, sit the other two women.

Wanr sits hiding almost of her body behind Lily. At this moment, she has changed her clothes already. However, this big sized dress seems still has some difficulty to hind her attractive figure wholly. Wonderful curves are everywhere over her body, which makes Feng Chen feels thirsty again.

Lily, on the contrary, greeting her teeth and staring at Feng Chen with anger on her face. She can't calm down considering the embarrassment of she lying on Feng Chen just one moment ago. From the moment Feng Chen entered their room, she hasn't show a good expression to him. She looks like killing and torturing him with her eyes sight. However, her acting like this is a kind of cute to Feng Chen.

Even for Feng Chen himself it is a secret that why he has no any affection to woman in his former life, can have the strong feeling for woman after he get into the new body. However, he would do nothing to stop this emotion's development because the best way of practicing is to follow the change naturally.

"Well, Actually I really come to rent the room from you." Feng Chen touches his nose a bit, breaks the quiet lasting for a long while.

Heard this topic, Wanr gets a flush on her face, and looks at Feng Chen. She shakes her head and says," That's impossible! Look, we are both women living here. You are a guy, so it would be too much trouble for we to sharing the room."

"Alas, if it is so, then I shall go to other place to find me a room." When Feng Chen finds the possibility is little, he stands up and going to leave.

"Wait." At this moment, Lily who keeps angry for all this time stands up and stops him. She says," Please wait, and I need to talk to Wanr first." Then, she pulls Wanr who is in totally confused towards the inner room.

It confuses Feng Chen a lot, why would Lily, who seems can't wait to eat him alive changed her idea and stops him to leave? A kind of bad feelings growing in his mind.

However, Feng Chen would by no means to refuse the possible opportunity to rent the room here. After all, all the money he has now is much less than enough for him to stay in this big city for a long time. Feng Chen fetches the remote control on the table and opens TV in the living room. He watching some soap opera program interestingly, and totally ignore the fact he is just a guest to this room now.

Not for a while, Feng Chen is so happy to immerse in the classic plots of the TV program.

After more than half an hour, the door to Lily's room opens suddenly, and the two beauty walks out of that room hand in hand. They look at Feng Chen with naughty smile on both of their faces.

"Rogue, do you still want to sharing rent with us?" Lily says while trying to holds back her intention to laugh

"Of course, I still want to rent the room, or why I am still here waiting till now?" Feng Chen is attracted by the scene on TV and says without turns back his head to looks at them. The expression on Lily's face turns dark, she thinks, who is this guy think he was, and who is the room lord at all?

Lily take the controller from Feng Chen's hand, and turn off the TV straightly. Then, she shouts at Feng Chen angrily," You should listen carefully while I am talking!". When she said this, a strong doughty atmosphere emits out in a burst, makes Feng Chen confused for a while and thinks how huge the murderous Qi inside this woman's body.

Lily standing with one hand posts on her waist, and the other hand reaches out throw a piece of white paper, and then she put it into Feng Chen's hand with force. Lily says loudly," Since you want to rent a room, you should look these terms carefully!"

After she finished, she sits down on the sofa opposite to Feng Chen, and stares at him with big smile all over her face. She looks like waiting for a big show to start.

Besides her, Wanr still in the flush, and she lower her head. She is too shy to look at Feng Chen for once.

"Uh," Feng Chen takes the piece of white paper, and suddenly jumped up after a glance at it. He shouts to Lily loudly," Fuck. Those are not just items at all! This is simply a contract of selling myself."

On this piece of paper, there are full of words.

Agreement on joint rent: Item 1: To protect the property and personal safety of Lily and Wanr Mu, Feng Chen should not enter other rooms except his own room without the approval of host.

Item 2: During the period of sharing the rent, Feng Chen must obey every order given by Lily and Wanr Mu unconditionally.

Item 3: During the period of sharing the rent, Feng Chen is in responsible for all the housework that has nothing with the privacy of Lily and Wanr Mu like cleaning work.

Item 4: To avoid any unpleasant problem, when Lily and Wanr Mu are taking shower, Feng Chen must stay in his own room and can't get out even one step outside the door to his room.


Item 28: Feng Chen has to promise that he will never snore at night, in case to disturb the normal rest of Lily and Wanr Mu.

All of the twenty-eight items are written on this agreement. Don't know how these two women can think it out. Except the first one, other items make Feng Chen feels like he has entered the den of wolves.

"I am not really like in the joint rent, but a nanny for free!" Feng Chen protest unwillingly.

"Ha ha," Lily chuckles with her hand covers her mouth. Then she stands up from the sofa quickly and put one of her feet on the tea table in front of the sofa, and says bossy," You have a choice to give up the idea of joint rent. Anyway, it's not us begging you for this."

"Hu-"the angry looking on Feng Chen's face disappears suddenly. He grabs the four banknotes in his pocket secretly, and falls down into the sofa weakly," Fine, you win."

"Then, what are you waiting for? You should learn this agreement by heart now!" Lily raises her head to high, and pats Feng Chen's shoulder dominantly, says in an old woman's tone," boy, do a good job!" After she finished, she can't help to laugh loudly. Her behavior makes Feng Chen grits his teeth because of hate.


The rent costs 300, plus the fee of water, electricity and gas for 100 yuan, Feng Chen lost most of his fortune after paying this. Grabbing the dozens of cash in his pockets left, Feng Chen drags his luggage and get in his room.

This room is quick clean without too much unneeded things. The furniture is only one small bed with width of one meter and one cabinet in front of the bed. On the top of the cabinet, there is a used lamp which is cleaned very clear.

Although the conditions are not the best, but it is obviously much more comfortable when comparing with the one in the building site.

After he cleaned the room again, outside the door to his room, Lily's roar sounds loudly," Feng Chen, come out now!"

"Fuck, there must be some problems for me!" Feng Chen curves his lips and walks out of the room anyway.

There are Lily and Wanr Mu in the living room, so he asks gruffly," what's the problem you asked me for?"

Lily looks at Feng Chen with a teasing smile on her face. Her eye sight looks not so nice makes Feng Chen's heart trembles a bit:" What? I have some errand for you, and you seem have some problem with it?" Then, Lily put both of her hands on her waist, and shouts again," Today is weekend finally, and Wanr and I are going to do some shopping now. My order is that you must have the supper prepared before we come back. Am I clear?"

"Fuck, why would I do the cooking!" The angry looking in Feng Chen's eyes sprayed out like fire.

"Why? Because it is written on the terms clearly that you must obey requests from Wanr and I, do you want to deny that?" Lily glances at Feng Chen with the corner of her eyes and says without any polite.

"Fine." Feng Chen suddenly surrenders, the feeling of living with other's limits is too bad!

"Hum, finally you know the rules." Lily walks out of the main door proudly.

Wanr Mu looks at Feng Chen feeling a bit sorry for him. However, soon she seems remembers something and get flush again on her face, and then runs after Lily out of the room quickly.