The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 8

The Peerless Master Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Betting

In one second, inside the room left only one-person Feng Chen.

"Shit, what is going on now." Feng Chen murmurs. However, after a short while, there is a slice of smile appears on Feng Chen's face, "But, after all, I am not the previous God of Alchemy anymore, I am now just a migrant worker wandering in the bottom area of the society."

"So, it is nice for them to leave, and left me some time to handle my own business." Feng Chen comes back to his room, and then comes out with a big bag of Chinese herbal medicine in his hand.

"although such a huge bag of materials, it only enough for me to make it into one dose of 'strong body soup' medicine." Feng Chen takes out the herbal materials out of the bag one by one, and then put it all into a soup pot altogether.

It would be better if the pot is make of ceramic and special for boiling the medicine, but for now, Feng Chen has his only choice of this normal soup pot to use. Although the pot would have an influence for the medicine effects, there is no other choice for this moment.

Not for a while, the whole soup pot is full of all the herbal medicines. Feng Chen adds some water in to the full, and turns on the gas stove, then he left it unwatched.

This medicine of "strong body soup" is created by Feng Chen in his previous life. It is not actually suitable for practicing people, but was designed especially for those mortal ones, and it can help them to improve their body strength.

Thousands of years ago, in the secular world there is a heavy plague emerges over a large area. Human suffers a lot from it that numerous people are dying, and most of them are destitute to live. Later, people who are in the world of practicing have to intervene and help humans. However, this plague is so strong like a centipede dies but never falls down. When people conquer it in one area, it emerges at another place, and it seems no way to control it totally. At last, even the famous ones in practicing has no way to deal with it, they have to get together and ask help from the God of Alchemy, the former life of Feng Chen.

After the God of Alchemy knows the situation of the plague, he written down a piece of prescription to those people quickly. All the herbal materials for that medicine are common ones which can be found easily in the mortal world, so not for a while, this strong body soup becomes popular among humans. At that time, after people drink this 'strong body soup', their physique increased greatly, and soon can resist the erosion of the plague. Moreover, under the influence of this 'strong body soup', more and more people in the moral world begin their journey of practicing. With more people practicing, the competition for the resource for practicing is more and more serious, and ultimately lead to the biggest war at that time, the magic fairy war which is named "The war for Gods" by descendants.

However, with the passage of time, the "strong body soup" has long been lost.

Within just one hour, a refreshing aroma overflowing the whole room suddenly, which makes Feng Chen feels comfortable already just by smelling it. Feng Chen knows that it is the perfect time for this medicine.

Enters the kitchen, Feng Chen pours out all the juice of the medicine in the pot, and it fills the bowl exactly.

Feng Chen takes the bowl up and drink it up directly despite of the heat. The perfect timing for take this medicine "Strong Body Soup" is just the moment when it is poured out of the pot because the medical effects can play to its full and leads to the best result.

"Grunts!" The boiling hot medicine runs down Feng Chen's throat and goes straight into the deep area inside his belly. Feng Chen gets some cold sweat because of the burning in his throat and he looks badly. However, just a moment later, a warm stream emerges from the inside part of his body, and the pain from burning fades immediately.

"Here it comes!" Feng Chen opens his eyes a bit and feels the warmth inside his body becomes hotter and hotter. At last, he feels like his whole body is burning on the fire, and his skin changes to a color of bright red like a well-cooked prawn.

"Hum!" the blue vein on Feng Chen's forehead becomes obviously. Feng Chen greets his teeth and holding on with his strong will.


It is like the eruption of a volcano, a strong stream of Qi gushes out suddenly inside Feng Chen's body. This Qi flows along his vein and finally sprays out from every pore on his body. Suddenly, an endless heavy stench fills the whole kitchen.

This is the foul smell of the body. The first step of the strengthen process of "strong body soup" is to leads all foul smell inside the body to be eliminated outside.

Along their whole life, people mainly eating different types of grains and vegetables, so some foul smell left every time. After a while, this soul smell accumulated which will make the body aging and suffering from different diseases.

Gu do…

Following soon, Feng Chen feels some heavy movement inside his belly part. He rushes into the toilet, and then there comes a deafening thunder.

The toilet becomes stinky at once.

After a long while, Feng Chen walks out of the toilet satisfied. At this moment, Feng Chen feels that his body becomes unprecedented relaxed, and even his skin becomes whiter miraculously which is originally dark.

"Finally, I have got all the dirty things out of my body, and then, comes the period for strengthening." Feng Chen murmurs. Then, he sits down on the ground with his legs crossed without think if the floor is clean enough.


"We are back!" a female voice sounds up outside the door, then, the door opens and two beautiful figures come in.

"Em? What is the smell? It is so strange." Suddenly, Lily creases her lovely nose and smells hard.

"Yes, it smells so good." Wanr Mu moves the end of her nose, and doubts too.

"Ha ha, you are back!" the door to the kitchen opens, and Feng Chen walks out holding one dish with light smile on his face. He is in the apron, and says," just wait for a moment, dinner is prepared with another dish of soup."

The two women run to the dinner table with surprise on their face and feels totally unbelievable.

"Your lothario, are you sure you made all of this by yourself?" Lily looks at Feng Chen with distrust like she was seeing a lying kid.

Wanr Mu didn't say anything, but in her looking there is full of doubts too.

"So, what's the problem?" Feng Chen asks inexplicably. He don't understand why they are questioning, all those dishes should be wonderful in all three figures of dish: color, smell and taste. Is he doing something wrong for not practice cooking for thousands of years.

Lily takes up the dragon carved by one whole carrot, and looks at Feng Chen strangely," Is this your carvings?"

Feng Chen heard this, shocked a bit, and says," Yes, what? Isn't that nice?"

Lily's expression becomes serious suddenly, and she fetches Feng Chen to the kitchen, and takes one carrot from the fridge, says fiercely," Good, then you can carve this one to show me again."

Until now, Feng Chen finally understands why these two women are shocked. He smiles badly, and says," What if I can carve this carrot again? What's the award?"

Lily rolling her eyes and says without thinking," If you can carve this one again, I am yours tonight!" At the moment she finished her words, Wanr Mu fetches her clothes, and reminder her with wink. Lily looks at Wanr Mu carelessly, and smiles," Don't worry, think yourself, how can he carve this dragon by himself!"

"No, look…" Wanr Mu broadens her eyes, points at Feng Chen, looks like she has something to say but don't know how to say it.

"Look what?" Lily follows Wanr Mu's pointing and looks at Feng Chen, and suddenly lost her talking ability. Feng Chen is using a fruit knife, carving quickly on that carrot. With the brushing sound of carving, a brief shape of a red dragon is forming up.

"Er, well, the weather today is very nice." Looks at the dragon in Feng Chen's hand which is almost exactly like the one on the table, Lily hastily shift the topic.

Feng Chen feels she is funny, so he can't help to kid her," Do you want to deliberately dishonest?"

Heard his words, lily feels like she has been challenged a lot. She jumps up and points at Feng Chen's nose, says loudly," You are kidding! I will keep my promise. Let's have dinner first." Then, she walks to the dinner room directly.

Wanr Mu looks at Feng Chen worriedly, and then walks out of the kitchen with her head keeps low.

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