The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 9

The Peerless Master Chapter 9

Chapter 9 the refusal of Feng Chen

When Feng Chen holding the pot of soup walks out of the kitchen, he is shocked by the picture he sees.

These two women, Lily and Wanr Mu are actually begin to devour ravenously without any regards of their images. Especially for Lily who is chewing heavily with her mouth filled with food. The most exaggerated part is that she has completely abandons the essence of chopsticks and starts to learn from the earlier ancestors' tradition—using her hands directly. Maybe for having too much food in her mouth, Lily's eyebrows are crumples heavily but still can't swallow down anything no matter how hard she tried. She looks a kind of cute to Feng Chen in such situation, so he can't help to have a snort of laughter.

"Hum!" Lily glances at Feng Chen, and it seems she has image the food in her mouth as Feng Chen and swallow it hardly. The food full in her mouth is swallowed miraculously which has stuck there for a while.

However, not for long before Lily choked from the food and her face becomes pale. Looking at the situation of Lily, Feng Chen hurriedly to scoops up the soup and pass it to Lily. She takes the spoon and drinks it quickly regardless of the heat.


With the help of the soup, Lily relaxed after swallow the shocked food in her throat.

"It is too delicious!" compared with Lily, Wanr Mu is having her dinner gently, and she says," Feng Chen, what are you really doing for? I never thought you are so good at cooking!"

"Em, I remember I said before that I am only a migrant waiting for my next job." Feng Chen smiles to those two women and telling the truth.

"I don't believe you." Heard Feng Chen's words, Lily's laugh bursts out. Then, she suddenly stops her laugh like she realizes something out of a sudden. She says angrily," What are you looking at? You never saw a beautiful woman laugh before?"

Feng Chen smiles helplessly for they don't believe him for the fact. Out of a sudden, Feng Chen feels a breath of wind, and when he raises up his head he finds a white bowl is nearly his forehead already. Lily looking at him with full of smile on her face," Feng Chen, I order you to refill my bowl with soup now!"

Feng Chen suddenly feels unbelievable…


"Ah, I am so full!" Lily pats her belly satisfied. Feng Chen feels a bit strange for Lily has had so much of food, but her belly looks didn't change to bigger at all.

Lily suddenly changes her expression to serous one, and with a sound "Pa" she steps one of her feet on the chair already. Then she says loudly," Ha ha! I here announce that from now on, preparing dinner for everyday is your responsibility!" After saying this, when she sees Feng Chen seems concerning of something, she says aggressively," no refusal, and if there is refusal, it is invalid."

Feng Chen looks at Lily with purity on his face, and says," I have no intension to say no."

"Then what were you thinking of a moment ago?" Lily put one hand on Feng Chen's shoulder like a female boss.

"Er, I was thinking that, when tonight you will be mine?" Feng Chen's eyes shining, and on his face, there is full of cheap laugh, looks like a real goat.

"Do you want to die? You hooligan!" Lily's face gets pale suddenly and scolding at him. Then she runs into the room and didn't looking back with a clatter to lock the door. There is no any sound she makes later.

"Hahaha." Feng Chen laughs happily. It feels so good to make this strong woman be shy.

"You two are really!" Wanr Mu looks at Feng Chen with a bit of helpless. What a nice couple.


After they clear the table after dinner, Wanr Mu watching TV in the living room alone, and Lily stays in her room quietly.

Feng Chen returns to his own room, and today, although it is just the first day for him to gets along with these two women, Feng Chen feels it is quite interesting to have this little quarrel with Lily.

Sitting with his legs crossed on his bed, Feng Chen feels his mind clear enough.

"Now, already my body hasn't turns into the purified perfectly with not a little stain, however, I can start the first step on practicing."

Inside Feng Chen's head, a completely set of description of practicing emerges up.

"Dragon will of the sky and earth" is a description of a practicing from which Feng Chen found from one secret ancient book in his former life. The level of this description of practicing is unknown, however, depending on this description Feng Chen has once been practicing to the extreme level of practicing, the break through period of disaster of his life. However, because of the area of his heart is not perfect, he finally dissipates under the thunder disaster.

"In this life, I will practice searching for the final truth of the Tao with experiencing the mortal world. What level will this "Dragon will of the sky and earth" finally lead me to this time?" In Feng Chen's heart there is full of firm. In this life, he is determined to break through the chains of life.

The spirit in the area slowly absorbed by Feng Chen in small quality like thin lines of silk. Then, it goes along the meridians, flows into Cinnabar Field in a complex and mysterious way. Gradually, Feng Chen feels a bit lively in his Cinnabar Field, he knows immediately that it is the true Qi based on his experience in the former life. Within just one-unit period of practicing, Feng Chen has already finish the task which for others usually takes several years or even dozens of years to complete. He has the true Qi already!

"The first stag for practicing has been finished. I have finished the period of gathering Qi." For one moment, Feng Chen feels a kind of enlightenment in his deep heart.

The following stage is just a process of accumulation. By constantly absorbing the spirit of in the surrounding air between heaven and earth, the Qi region will grow bigger and bigger.

Don't know how long time past, Feng Chen opens his eyes. The spirit in the nearby area is quite thin already, and it needs some time to recover to previous level. It would be a waste of time for him keep practicing now.

"Well, it's enough for today." Feng Chen gets down from his bed and stretch his body for a while. Then, he opens the door to his room and walks towards the bathroom.

Even the practice person has to do the normal things like eat and shit. They will finally say goodbye to those things only after the golden core be compensated and the cycle of self-cultivation formed.

The door to bathroom closed loosely, and the room is totally dark.


Feng Chen turns on the lights, opens the door and walks into the bathroom.

"Hi," Feng Chen surprise to find someone in front of him, he says in shock," You come to the toilet too? What a coincidence!"

Lily was in the toilet and intended keeps the lights off just because she is not feels one hundred percent safe with a man moved in the room suddenly. Her plan is that if she keeps the lights off, Feng Chen would see nothing if he intended to peep. However, just at the moment she finished the pee, and going to put her underwear up, the lights of the bathroom turns on and that guy walks in carelessly.

The accident happens out of a sudden, which makes her so shocked to freeze there without one move from the action she was going to do.

Feng Chen looks at Lily with a little embarrassed, what is this woman doing now? In the bright light, the thine and transparent nightgown can't cover her attractive figure. The faint outline of her body, and the charming figure are clearly presented in front of Feng Chen.

Besides, is this woman an exhibitionism? Why didn't she put on her underwear?

"Grunt" the sound of Feng Chen swallowing breaks the quiet at this moment!

"Ah!" finally, Lily recovers from her shock. However, the first reaction of her is not puts up her underwear but just close her eyes and scream out loudly.

"Hey, hey, don't shout!" Feng Chen moves quickly and covers her mouth with one hand and says," My lady, don't scream. I am not intended!"

"Woo, woo-"Lily tries to struggle when her mouth be covered by Feng Chen with strength, but she suddenly feels slips under her feet and falls on her back. In the hurry moment, she grabs something before her back hit the wall heavily.

"Shit! That hurts!" Feng Chen grinning, his hair just be grabbed by this woman heavily, and then he falls to towards the wall.

Both of them are bumped into the wall, but Feng Chen just feels the soft body of Lily, and didn't hurts when he hit the wall.

"Er, that." Feng Chen opens his eyes broadly, and says embarrassingly," It is you pulled my hair and hit the wall."

Lily looks at Feng Chen logy, and one drop of tear falls down on her face. Suddenly, she smiles sadly, and says," It is just a bet. Come on, I won't deny the thing I promised you this afternoon. I am yours tonight." After said this, she looks at front emptily.

"You really willing to?" A smile shining in Feng Chen's eyes, and his hand slowly approaching Lily's face.

Looks at those big hands, Lily's heart is full of desperation, "Such a big hooligan!"

However, next moment, this hand of the man gently removes the tear on her face for her, and then Feng Chen walks out of the bathroom without look back once more.

"Sorry, I didn't prepare well yet!" He left these words before he left the bathroom.

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