The Peerless Master

By 黄落碧泉

The Peerless Master Chapter 10

The Peerless Master Chapter 10

Chapter 10 "The hand of smoothing the muscle and vessel"

"Ah, it is really a good sleep." Feng Chen yawns and walks out of his room.

"You are up just at the right timing. I have cooked some porridge, come and have breakfast with us." Wanr Mu walks out of the kitchen holding a big bowl of porridge and wearing the apron. She greeting Feng Chen with a smile when she sees him.

"Nice." Feng Chen answers with a smile too. Then he goes to the bathroom to finish the washing quickly and goes back to the table after.

Wanr Mu isn't at the table, maybe she is still busy in the kitchen. There is only Lily sitting there. When she saw Feng Chen, she lowers her head suddenly and starts having the breakfast directly herself.

"Er, Moring!" Feng Chen looks at Lily who is keep eating quickly all the time with a worried and say hello to her carefully.

"Hum!" Lily make a sound coldly and turns her head aside to avoid eye contact with Feng Chen.

"The hooligan" Feng Chen seems to heard this woman says this in an ambiguous way.

Feng Chen touches his nose, and couldn't help to tease her with a smile," Oh, it's just I didn't prepared well, why are you so angry?"

"Hu- "

Just at the moment Feng Chen finished his words, he feels a dark shadow gets big immediately. Lily stands beside him with her two hands on her wrist and one foot slams on his chair heavily with a sound "Bang". She shouts at him fiercely, "Your big hooligan! You dare say it again! I will stripe all your clothes and throw you into the street now!"

Feng Chen suddenly shrinks down his body a bit, acting like he is scared of her. This woman is so tough, who knows if she can really do such a thing to him. He glances at Lily from the corner of his eyes, and suddenly his expression becomes queer that there is a strange smile on his face which he can't holds back.

"Ah! What are you laughing at?" Lily gets so angry when she saw Feng Chen's laugh and she wants to teach him a lesson immediately. However, Feng Chen is pointing at someplace on her body with this badly smile.

Following Feng Chen's figure, Lily looks at this place and quickly gets flush on her face. When she was under her fierce anger before, she totally forgot that she is wearing short skirt today which means in the pose she is standing now, the under view of her is presented to Feng Chen directly.

"Pink…" light shining in Feng Chen's eyes, and he giggles heavily.

"Ah! Your big hooligan! You are taking advantage of me!" Lily quickly pulls back her right foot and picks the cushion on one seat and pat at Feng Chen heavily.

"You two are really matches well to each other. Meet for just one day and fight like this!" Wanr Mu comes out of the kitchen holding one tray of instant freeze dim-sum, and sighs when she saw these two people are fighting again.

"Who is his perfect match." Lily sits back on her seat with a "Hum", and she takes one dim-sum and bite it heavily. Then, she eat this dim-sum while starring at Feng Chen in a wild bit style, looks like she has treat this dim-sum as Feng Chen.


This is Monday today, so Feng Chen goes out of home after Lily and Wanr Mu went to work. He has to try find a new job to live on after lost his income source. He doesn't think a woman tough as Lily will support his living for free. After all, it is not suitable for him as well.

This moment is the rush hours for people to get to work. On the bus, people are crowd standing shoulder by shoulder and occupied all the space inside the bus.

Summer time in HZ city is quite hot. Although temperature in the morning is a bit lower than in noon time, but in such a narrow place as this carriage, because of it almost has no ventilation inside and the air conditioning doesn't work in the morning, the whole bus is as hot as a steamer.

Suddenly, there is a riot in the back side.

"Driver, please stop the bus! Someone passed out here!" A scream is shouts out which sounds quite anxious.

When the driver heard this, he hurried to turns on the light of right-turn and slowly stops the bus at a safe place nearby.

"Shuo…" The door to the bus opens, and passengers gets off one by one. Not after a while, the carriage becomes empty with lot of space. People now can see the situation of the back area clearly.

There is an old man whose side hair is mixed of white and grey lying on the floor of back area unconsciously. His face is pale and sweating heavily.

"Someone calls the ambulance!" a steady voice sounds up, and a middle-aged man come to the old man after." Everyone, please step back and let the air circulate around." This middle-aged man says in a serious way, and then he begins to check the old man carefully.

"No, wait. This elder is got the acute myocardial infarction. This is very dangerous illness!" The looking on the middle-aged man's face suddenly changed, and he shouts out quickly," Driver, there is no time waiting for the ambulance, please drive straight to the hospital fast, now!"

"Isn't he Doctor Wang? He is the vice president of the City Hospital of Chinese Medicine." Someone has already recognized this middle-aged man.

"OK!" the driver is reacting quickly too and he hurried to start the car. However, don't know why, the car which was working well cannot start at this crucial timing. The Driver is in such a rush to try every method he knows, but he doesn't success to start the bus after he got sweating heavily.

Doctor Wang has already put on all the first aid measures at this moment, but the situation of this old man is no change any better in the slightest.

"There is no other way, I have to try this." Doctor Wang becomes serious in his attitude. Then, he presses his right hand on the chest of this old man suddenly with strength. He moves his right hand slowly irregularly round the old man's chest as the center. People surrounding them can somehow get a strange feeling that some magic power is emerging from the middle-aged man's hand.

"The hand of smoothing the muscle and vessel" Feng Chen recognized the name of this movement of his hand. However, after a short while, he shakes his head and comments," It is just an imitation of the movement but not perfectly learned the spirit of it!"

Exactly as Feng Chen said, after a while, Doctor Wang sits back on the floor sadly.

At this moment, the breath of this old man becomes heavier. The old man broadens his eyes to the biggest, and he scratches his neck with both of his hands. His whole body shakes at the same time!

"No, this aged man's situation getting worse!" Doctor Wang looking at the old man's symptoms helpless, and he is nervously sweating all over his head," If the ambulance hasn't come yet, it would be too dangerous for this aged man."

"Let me have a try!" Feng Chen comes forward with a light smile and looking at the middle-aged man.

"You?" Doctor Wang glances at Feng Chen surprise, and asks worried," Are you a doctor too?"

Feng Chen shakes his head as the answer.

Doctor Wang suddenly angry in his eyes, and says," Then please do not disturb us." After said this, he put his right hand on the old man's chest once again. It would be better than just waiting and doing nothing, no matter it works or not.

Feng Chen looks at Doctor Wang's reaction and admire him. A doctor must put the life of his patients as the first priority than anything else, so he has to try his best no matter it will works or not.

"Press ten percent harder on the Danzhong point, yes, right there. Lighter press on the Rutu point, thirty percent lighter, why are you so stupid! Press three times on the Tianshu point with half of the strength, you only did it twice…" Feng Chen reminders him sometimes, or shout at him heavily, which makes people there shocked and keeps quiet. A young boy is teaching Doctor Wang?

However, those words to Doctor Wang sounds like the enlightening thunders to makes him getting clearer with the situation. Following the young man's instructions, he surprise to find that there is an unusual wave emerges in the movement of his "The hand of smoothing the muscle and vessel". It feels like that the blood of the old man's body is under control of him, and he can lead it to the place he wants it to.

And under this power, the block place inside one of the old man's vessel be suddenly washed open. Out of a sudden, the blood and Qi inside the old man's body back to normal, and his pale face getting the color of blood again.

At last, when Doctor Wang finishes his last move, the breath of this old man back to normal too. Doctor Wang is relieving that the old man's life is saved finally.

Then, Doctor Wang bow to Feng Chen in a polite manner, and says heartfully," Sir, thanks a lot for your advice which help me to master this 'The hand of smoothing the muscle and vessel' finally."

Feng Chen shakes his hands softly and says nothing.

"Em?" at this moment, a slightly old figure comes over from back, and then, the old man suddenly opens his eyes.

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