Nightmare Demon Islands are where youths are abducted and forced into a contract with the Nightmare Demons. It is a nightmare to all but the strongest. The Nightmare Demons would slowly consume the soul of their hosts. While at it, the youths are thrown into survival camps to strengthen their souls, only to feed the Nightmare Demons longer. A camp where they are pitted against other beasts, pitted against each other, and those who fail will be disposed of.
Chu Mu, a youth from a small branch of the Chu Clan, found himself abducted and tossed into one of these Nightmare Demon Islands. Like the others, without knowing what happened, he was forced into a contract with a Nightmare Demon. Using his wits and knowledge, he was finally able to obtain his first and the most loyal Soul Pet, a Moonlight Fox. Then, struggling through life and death situations, Chu Mu was finally able to rise to the top and allowed to leave the Nightmare Demon Island. But all that was only to be shipped to another larger Nightmare Demon Island where his “training” continues.
In the end, he managed to leave the larger Nightmare Demon Island but only to be shipped to Prisoner Island, a place where three thousand prisoners will enter and only one will leave. And that’s only the beginning.
This is a story of Chu Mu struggling to survive and protect those he loves while trying not to regret his actions.