I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home. Shimesaba,しめさば

Broken-hearted and drunk, Yoshida, a 26-years old salaryman, stumbled upon a runaway-from-home high-schooler on his way back from the bar.
“Hey, you. JK.”*
“What the heck are you doing out here. Go home already.”
“Uncle, let me stay at your place for the night.”
“You can do ‘that’ to me if you let me stay.”
“If you meant that as a joke, it’s not funny.”
“I’m not joking. It’s fine by me.”
“Then allow me to tell you that I have no interest in brats.”
“Then, just let me stay.”
[*] JK is slang for Joushikousei (high school girl)