“my sister, me! Became a coat of the son-in-law,”
 I love the chest, high school students devote the youth in underwear making , Submit Akihito one day, is recommended a permanent job from Hattori kimono.
“Why!? I just want to make the underwear to touch the breast’s coat Yet!”
 At such times, Akihito is third daughter of the Hattori sisters, meet with the seven together. Moreover, in the momentum grab the chest …… !? I had a 
 couple of the worst encounter. But Nanaitoguchi was approached rainy day trading to Akihito.
” . I’ll then touch the breast of Oane So, me and cooperation,”
“First of all from Kimi’s chest – ! Painful ”
 and begin trading relationship. Before long, Akihito has been involved in abnormal sister -.