Yin Yang Eye GunGun's Marriage Contract(Interstellar) Chapter 1

Yin Yang Eye GunGun's Marriage Contract(Interstellar) Chapter 1

Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage Contract(Interstellar)- Ch. 1-Pandas are rolling over(to attack)-Panda GunGun is Here to Invade

(T/N: 熊猫滚滚来袭)


I figured that I should say this because I’m sure some people get bothered by it, but I am not fluent in Chinese and as such much of this is done through machine translations, this is also my first time doing any work like this unless editing my classmates’ crappy 500 word essays on phones and social media counts.

I am only uploading this to NU because I want more people to be able to find and read the story, I do plan to try and (m)tl this till the end but if there is a legitimate translator who already has a lot of chapters translated but not yet published feel free to do so.

From my knowledge this novel has 115 chapter, but idk if there are any extras etc.

Thank you to the people on NUF for the help because this probably would’ve taken hours longer w/o them. I’ll stop my rambling here, plz enjoy the little GunGun’s misadventures in this first chapter.

Oh yeah, and for everyone who doesn’t bother checking the genres before reading, this is a BL story.

Interstellar Calendar, Spring of Year 43221

Lights are shining bright in the night sky above the empty floating island, the clouds are circling under the island. Bright tails crossed the sky, and in the blink of an eye they disappeared, already thousands of miles away. (T/N: I know that it's bad that it's only the first sentence and I'm already somewhat confused [I took a few liberties with this one plz tell me if it's wrong…] 夜幕下悬浮的空岛灯光璀璨,岛屿下云雾缭绕。天际划过几道炫尾,眨眼闪行千里消失。)

The diamond-shaped building suspended in the middle of row upon rows of buildings is the central military deployment building of the planet Celta. (T/N:  the building was described as lozenge shaped or diamond shaped(菱形) on different mtl sites, i asked someone who is fluent and they said either one works so I went with diamond b/c i can't imagine what a lozenge shaped building looks like)

At this moment, it has become a mess.

"The Fifth Special Forces A Team is ready! Hurry! Open the defense system!"

"The Hongkun Nation sank our military cruise ship 011, planet A654QW had a nuclear explosion, more than half of the Second Corps is injured or killed." (T/N: Hongkun Nation 红昆族 I haven't read ahead yet so idk if this is a nation or a pirate group, I asked around on NUF and someone told me that it could be Hongkun Nation[kingdom] or Hongkun Group[pirate group])

"Marshal! The mecha on the land's signal disappeared! The planet's nuclear explosion caused a black hole, and the admiral was likely caught up in it and died…"

"What! Lu Xiao Qi, how is this possible…"

A sudden flash of light shown over a planet of primitive ecology.


In the green grass, a small head that looks like a small black ball with black ears and eyes, looks to the left and right suspiciously.

What, what happened just now?!

Wind rustles, Mo GunGun's small furry body could not help but shrink back, the four small claws holding a purple bamboo shoot tightly, he raised his chubby little face, tentatively swaying his nose, his little black ears slightly shaking. He didn't see any terrible monsters around him and sighed in relief.

He picked up the bamboo shoots, looking at the small tree hole that was very messy. (T/N:他扒着竹笋,看向那不大的树洞,很是纠结。)

He wants to hide the bamboo shoots and eat them slowly, but the seductive fragrance filled his nose, Mo GunGun's mouth salivates, subconsciously licking his little black nose—still wants to eat.

He moves slowly: or, he eats a little. (T/N:他缓慢的移动:或者,他就吃一点。)

Thinking, he accidentally slipped on a stone, and the hairball fell on his head. He subconsciously clung to the bamboo shoots, and like a black and white ball, he rolled(fell) into the tree hole.


Mo GunGun was stunned, still clinging to the bamboo shoots.

On his short tiny tail, there was only a little bit of off-white fur, which was conspicuous because he was upside-down at this moment.

Wherever it rolled, the hairball lied flat.

Come on, just want to eat a little bit, just a little bit. Using Mo GunGun's stubby little legs, he took the bamboo shoots, tore open the skin and took a bite.

Mmmmm! It's delicious, so sweet and fragrant!

Mo GunGun the panda is easily satisfied. He took another bite and squinted his eyes in joy: it was a hundred times better than the little bamboo shoots he hid in his last life! To be able to eat this all the time, how great.

At the thought of that, Mo GunGun's mood became low, his eyes became a little more sorrowful and uneasy.

Last life, it hurts.

Skinning hurts.

In fact, GunGun didn’t understand why he, who should had died already, appeared here.

In his last life, when he was looking for food in the bamboo forest, he was caught by a terrible monster. He didn't understand it. He only faintly remembered the sounds of those monsters' voices: 'Sell it live….' 'Boss, customs! Skin it and hide….'

Then he was stripped of his skin alive.

That place was smoldering and with smoke, in the pain, he could only remember a reddish liquid flowing into his eyes, and the world became a blur.

He is not aware it. (T/N: 他没意识了。)

He didn't have a chance to eat the tender leaves he hid underneath the small stones.

Mo GunGun took a bite, his mouth was full of the refreshing and sweet taste, although it was a pity for the young leaves of the last lifetime, the small bamboo shoots also make the panda happy.

He is content.

Mo GunGun wiggled its round black ears slightly. After he gulped down a whole bamboo shoot, he licked his paws longing for more. He rolled over twice, and then strolled towards a small pond with several leaves on his head.

There the sweet water! (T/N:  那里,是甜索索的水!)

He has been there for more than 20 days, and from the beginning to now, he has determined a small territory. This new home is richer in food than his previous little space, the taste is also beautiful. Mo GunGun used his small round body to sway and whirl through the forest. Every time he ate the delicious food and drank the sweet water, he was so happy and satisfied with his new place.

However, today he came to the edge of the lake, but he did not see the deep and clear pool water(T/N: 清湛潭水), but instead a thing spanning five times the surface of the lake.

There was a big glowing monster in the lake, he wasn't really sure what he was looking at.

This, what is this?

In the face of the battleship's wreckage, Mo GunGun was puzzled.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through, and the cold rushed from the tip of his nose into his heart. He saw a cloud of  black mist coming towards him.

Mo GunGun's soul was scared out of his body for a moment, and he scrambled up a tree.

The great potential of this slow hairball broke out. He was tens of meters above ground in the blink of an eye. He turned his head around and accidentally met with a semi-transparent head. The head was all red. A pair of ox-like eyes was staring at him, as if it wanted to swallow his alive.

Mo GunGun was so scared he almost peed himself.

“Die! Go Die! Go die, you worm!! Be careful, general!(T/N: 将军小心!)” The floating head opened its big, bloody-basin-like mouth, and its eyes dyed a scarlet red.

Mo GunGun stiffened: "Hm!"

He only felt a coldness in his cheeks, a cold sneeze, and then…..

The translucent head that was within inches of him turned into powder with a bang.

The wind blew and the black mist dissipated.

Ok, so terrible! Tightly clinging to the tree trunk, Mo GunGun shivered, his eyes watering and feeling very wronged.

He felt like he had seen a ghost, Mo GunGun's only way to his new territory is now blocked by the big scary monster and the monster looks like it  wants to eat the little panda. (T/N:完全不知自己见了鬼,莫滚滚只道新地盘来了可怕大怪物和吃熊猫的小怪物。)

Trembling, Mo GunGun looked at the deep pit, afraid but still thirsty.

The small round face's eyes bags were getting bigger, Mo GunGun hesitated, he held onto the branches like a koala. (T/N:小圆脸的眼袋都变大似的,莫滚滚陷入了空前的犹豫中,树袋熊般死死抱着树枝。)

The monster scared the panda.

But his throat was so dry. He wants to drink a little water, just a little.

Mo GunGun slowly rolled into the grass, carefully staring at the monster, but fled when there was a sign of movement.

He waited patiently for nearly an hour and then crawled to the pond in great terror when there was no sign of more terrifying monsters. Once he reached the pond, he drank a mouthful of water swiftly and turned to run. Dashing away with his short legs, he rolled himself into bush. In the shadows, a pair of dark pupils observed all around for a while, he confirmed the mission of rehydration was success.

Mo GunGun got more confident.

The cycle continued three or five time more, and finally he was full from drinking, Mo GunGun panted under the bushes with salted fish, the panda was exhausted.

He looked over at the monster, the panda got really curious.

Is it dead?

While he was thinking that, the big monsters stomach slammed open, an oval shaped thing ejected from it. Making a perfect parabola in the air and fell on the ground cracking open into two halves, like a broken egg, the egg white, and the yolk……


The panda was terrified, staring for a few seconds. After confirming it was true, he turned and ran, his eyes full of fear.

It's a skinning monster! Oh, my god. Oh, my god!

Wants to kill pandas!

Rolling back into his little tree hole, the panda pulled a stone and blocked the entrance hole, hid in the corner and shrank into a ball.

The weather on the planet was changing. It had just been clear and sunny, but it didn't take long for the clouds to gather and start to thunder.

After a while, it began to pour.

It rained heavily, and the world was foggy. The air was refreshed, and Gungun could not smell the stinky blood anymore.

Squatting at the entrance of the tree hole, Mo GunGun held a small bamboo shoot that he had hidden earlier, and ate while watching.

The raindrops beat the leaves emitting a unique sound, it was a gift from nature.

Mo GunGun was very fond of rain, especially after the rain finishes falling. He would actively look for the delicious bamboo shoot that had just started sprouting. With the cover of this rain, it was safer. He considers himself a clever panda, he used large leaves to catch the water and drink from them slowly.

The rain continued for five day and five nights.

The small round belly full from food shook, its fur soft and fluffy. Marching on his four little paws, he faced the sun and headed towards the lake. (T/N:吃的小肚溜圆的莫滚滚抖了抖一身蓬松柔软的毛,踏着四只小爪子,迎着朝阳向水潭而去。I asked someone and it seems the author messed up the 'de' next to ‘chi吃’ instead of . I think it might've been a typo.)

It's been a long time, the monster should be gone.

After five days of horror, he secretly decided to understand the situation in order to escape. Once again, he reached the water, and the scene in front of him broke his expectations. The monster was still there, and the yolk monster also looked the same as how when he had left, only it's whole body was soaked.

It seemed that he had been drenched with water from the rain from before.

It must be dead.

Mo GunGun wasn't sure whether that made it more relaxing or awkward, he took eight small steps closer to the body. What are these monsters? (T/N:莫滚滚不知是放松还是恍惚,迈着小内八靠近尸体。这就是那些怪物吗。)


What is this?

Mo GunGun saw a long whip-like tail, which was not the same as the monster that killed him last time. It might not be the same species. Those people have no tail! Not as good as him!

This tail is so beautiful.

The panda sat on the ground and explored the unknown creatures, full of envy. Looking at his own little short tail, there was no room for comparison.

Mo GunGun wanted to kneel down and take it for himself.

While he was thinking about it, the tips of the tail’s claws shook a bit.(T/N: Again I haven’t read ahead very much but I believe the ‘monster’s’ tail is (similar to) a dragon’s tail)

An, an illusion?

Mo GunGun stared intently, when his beady black eyes didn't see any movement he was no longer suspicious.

The monster was dirty, because of his curiosity, GunGun sprayed some water from a leaf onto his muddy face. The monster that killed him had a flat face and a head of yellow hair, but this silver hair looks good, a bit like him. (T/N: 怪物脏兮兮的,他凭借一点点好奇,给满是泥泞的脸喷了一叶子水。杀他的怪物面扁平扁平,还一脑袋黄毛,这个银色的毛好看,有点像他。I'm pretty sure the 'monster' is the one with silver hair, the person with blond/yellow hair being the one who killed him in his last life.)

He stretched out his claws and pulled on it, but then he saw the person's eyelids shaking a little.

Mo GunGun: "Σ( ° △°|||)︴" Holy cr*p, quickly throwing down the tail, the timid fur ball desperately ran back with all his strength.(T/N: He didn’t actually swear I just thought it would be funnier this way.)

Just as the fur ball rolled away twisting his little butt, the handsome and powerful man suddenly opened his eagle-like eyes.

They were filled with ice cold killing intent, but with every laborious blink of his eyes it dissipated. (T/N: 杀意凛冽,不过眨眼功夫悉数收敛。This one and the one below were probably the hardest to mtl out of everything, any suggestions are always welcomed.)

Lu Xiao Qi's line of sight flickered, in his retina, which was not clear enough, there was a small plump butt and a little upturned tail far away. (T/N: 陆骁亓视线闪烁不定,不真切得视网膜中是远去的圆滚滚小屁股和一小撮上翘的小尾巴。)

The man had deep facial features looking a bit on the tough side, turning his head over to the wreckage of the battleship and the completely scrapped rescue capsule. Violently wheezing, his eyes were overflowing with coldness, he struggled to sit up and eventually fell, coughed heavily, his lips stained with blood clenched.

Looking around, then up at the blue sky, his faint gaze gradually became dignified.

Mo GunGun ran back to his tree hole in one breath, he ran so fast he fell paralyzed on the ground: The monster was alive! What to do!

T/N: So there is an author note, I was wondering if you guys would like me to translate that too. It seems like the author said they might write a little theater section in the future, but so far I think that they were pretty much just talking about how they just neutered their cat(I haven't really read ahead yet).

I had a lot of sentences I wasn't sure about and this honestly took about 10+ hrs to complete(excluding the summary which probably took up another hr) I was working a lot at it so I hope it turned out good. Hopefully I can get faster at this as my skills with mtl and my fluency in Chinese grows…but for now this is the extent of my abilities. 

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