The Black Healing Holy Beast ~Is What It Is Exaggeratedly Called but It Is Just a Black Rabbit~ S

When I realized it, I had been reborn as a rabbit.
The carnivores, the associated threat to the herbivores, were not present in our habitat in the forest. That’s why I was careless. Carnivores were not the only dangers. One day, all the rabbits in the surrounding habitat disappeared and I was alone. It wasn’t a place with rabbits. The forest looked completely different as the grass and trees were missing and only traces of vegetation were left and the hole at the back of my den.
「There is a rabbit in such a place…?」
I was puzzled as I carried by something with a tall stature, and a tanned tempered body… A large human greeted the black rabbit he picked up. Huge! His face is of ikemen class but his eyes are sharp and scary like a carnivore!
The carnivore-looking, sharp-auraed, mofu-mofu loving king × the black rabbit whose only redeeming feature is its mofu-mofu, stir up a love comedy story.