Hero? No, I'm an Ordinary Citizen (Monster) 東西南喜多

In the summer when I was 16 years old, I was summoned to another world as a hero.
After that, a psychic, an alchemist, a sage, spirit mage, Demon Lord —being summoned by many other worlds, I repeated a lot of meetings and partings.
Lives I could save; lives I couldn’t save.
Hatred, sadness, happiness; with many things mixed, I recklessly pushed through.
And then, at the seventh parallel world summoning, I was dragged in a hero summoning.
Being summoned into Rivadeil, I wish for a peaceful life as an [Ordinary Citizen ]
——But his wish wasn’t fulfilled at all.
He was dragged into it this time around, so he was thinking of passing this one half-heartedly, but he was dragged into trouble right from the start.
The truth of the hero summoning, the disease of the king; dragged into the rampant darkness of the kingdom, by the time he noticed, he was turning into a central figure.
As he watched over the summoned heroes from the shadows and under the sun, he complained as he resolved the problems that he was dragged into.
And so, new encounters bring forth new enemies, and the tragedy repeats.
This is a story of a pitiful ‘toy’ that had its fate distorted by a god and wants to bring back what he has lost…

Table of Contents