Small Clingy Embrace 公子闻筝

Luo Yang has an elder brother and a younger one. His life is very happy but he always wanted to go out on his own once. Fortunately, The heavens heard his wish and he was changed into a small fox. Unfortunately, he was picked up by his arch nemesis Rong Yu.
This arch nemesis Rong Yu that was stepped on by Luo Yang had soared high and had become powerful. Now in his arch nemesis’ hands, it was hard to say how his fate would end!
For the betterment of his own survival, Luo Yang who was shaking with fear, can only hide in Rong Yi’s embrace, obediently letting him pet him, lest he recognises him.
Rong Yu: Have you found that person?
Luo Yang: meow meow meow?
After a while, Luo Yang already thinks of himself as a smal, foolishly cute cat. However, Rong Yu already knows that Luo Yang is Jiang country’s last nine tailed fox by changed by heaven’s will.
Luo Yang who suffered and hated, soft, cute and clingy white silk (from a rich family) shou X attractive index off the charts, omnipotent big shot gong