Grand Slam

By Ja Miso,자미소

Grand Slam Chapter 0

Grand Slam Chapter 0

Grand Slam Prologue

TL: Xceed02/ ED: Lesurous

Squeak- Squeak-
Rapidly accelerating and decelerating without stopping.
The constant friction with the floor produced an illusion of the smell of burning rubber.
No, to the athletes it was a definite smell.
[Inhale] They stop their breathing to gather their full concentration for the next moment.
The sound of sweat dripping from their bodies, the sweat gathering at their eyelashes does not bother them.
Feeling cold while being hot, their nervousness visible in the light of their eyes.
The heat from their bodies rising up in a haze.
The muscle that was tense stretched to make a beautiful curve.
The ball pressed against the racket and bounced off.
The ball flew like an arrow toward the opponent and the spin caused the ball to draw a beautiful downward curve.
The ball flew down at such speed that it should have made a loud bam sound but instead bounced up immediately.
The ball spun with such speed that it's neon yellow fuzz was unobservable and bounced 1.5 meters into the air after hitting the ground.
Exceptional topspin.
But the opponent also moved diligently to receive the ball.
And so the rally continued, and the winner of the rally was decided.
"Fifteen all."
The end of the journey was still far off.
The blue court that was bathing in the sunlight, this was the place where the Paralympics Wheelchair Men's Finals were being held.