Grand Slam

By Ja Miso,자미소

Grand Slam Chapter 4

Grand Slam Chapter 4

Chapter 3 1991 a late night #2

TL: Xceed02/ ED: Raigeh

"…And that's what happened."

Young Suk explained in a very heavy and adult like manner. While he was still confused by his current situation, he didn't want to bury the truth in his chest. Rather, he wanted to tell his parents so that he could organize the series of phenomena that happened to him. He thought that doing this was the only way.


His parents were shocked.
'What is he saying……'
Thirty-two? Disabled? Wheelchair tennis? National team coach?
It was a series of impossible stories. However, it was hard to call all of the stories products of imagination. It was even more absurd to say that a seven-year-old kid was able to think of all of this in his head.

"Prosecutor Han Min JI and attorney Yi Hyun Wu. You two passed the lawyer graduation exam in the same year, while you were a campus couple at your college, and got married as soon as you finished training."

The unexpected story caught Young Suk's parents off guard.

"We aren't lawyers yet, but… campus couple? Where did you hear a word like that?"

Young Suk let out a bitter laugh.
How wouldn't he know? Because of him, their bright future was dragged through the mud.

" Especially mo…ther… no. Mom, because of me, you quit your job as a prosecutor so that you could take care of me for the rest of my life…… How could I forget that……?"

Young Suk's tears dropped on the table.
Even Young Suk's mother, who was hurriedly grabbing tissues to wipe his tears, started to tear up. Right now, it wasn't important whether Young Suk's story was true or not. Her baby, that still hasn't even lost it's baby fat, was making such a hurt face while crying, and that pierced her heart deeply. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and asked Young Suk.

"Why? Why was your leg hurt? Who killed you?"

Hatred burned in her eyes as she asked those questions.

" I remember it was a traffic accident. What caused the accident to happen, was something you never told me. The person who killed me… I don't know."

Young Suk's parents couldn't utter any response to his answer. Full of confusion, neither Young Suk or his parents could say anything. After being lost in thought for 5 minutes. Young Suk's father opened his mouth.

"… Let's talk more after we eat. Whatever happened before, right now you're still a kid who's barely seven. Since you finished a competition lets eat."

His dad said quietly.
Young Suk quietly took his spoon and contemplated.

His dad was right.
It was a really small competition but it was still a competition. Just from that, his body felt like jelly, but he cried, walked, and even explained… Young Suk started to fall asleep whether he wanted to or not.
Young Suk's mom grabbed a hot towel and started to caringly wipe Young Suk's body which he failed to wash.

He was her precious son.
In her eyes, his small hands and feet were adorable.
His chubby and red cheeks were loveable.
However, starting today, something changed.
She was with her son, who was sleeping in front of her eyes as always, but today he was especially precious. Almost as if she had lost him once and got him back

That night Han Min JI and Yi Hyun Wu talked until dawn.
They debated about how they should react to Young Suk's story.

* * *


Pain started to flood Young Suk's body as soon as he woke up. He didn't have any strength, and his head was aching. Young Suk forcefully moved his body and started to stretch it. It was a habit from the past life.

"Maybe it's because I'm young, but stretching is really easy."

His muscles stretched without even a hint of complaint. Young Suk readied his body as he decided to stretch out this lower body.


The muscles were flexible to the point of giving him goosebumps.
Since his bed was bigger than he was, he could do the splits and other stretches without any problem. Just to be sure, he poked his leg. His toes moved on command. After he found out that his body was normal, a feeling tiredness washed over him.

Young Suk put his legs on the ground after taking a deep breath. Everything was fine until now. Now he only needed to stand.

The leg that was moving perfectly fine on the bed started to suddenly tremble like a leaf in the wind. One step at a time. He was moving smoother than yesterday so his aim was to get to the living room.
As soon as he came out of the room he saw his mother busily moving around. There were crutches of all sizes laying all around the room, there was even a babywalker there.
Young Suk's mom who had noticed him standing there started to open her mouth vigorously.

" Dearest son. To help you with your body, your dear mom readied some things to help."

This time the joke wasn't funny.
Young Suk softly took a breath and answer.

"Thank you, mom."
"You know my friend Young Ae? Maybe not?"

How could I not know?
She was the aunty that was also our family doctor, even after the fact I couldn't move my lower body.
She was also one of the three people that ran out to the court when he suddenly collapsed.

" I know her. By any chance mom, did you……"

Just in case, I was curious if she talked to her friend about my story from yesterday, but I decided to quickly push away my curiosity. Young Suk's parents possessed talent he would never have, no matter how many times he reincarnates. The way they think is above the norm. In all honesty, the way they think is probably way above even my level.

" I know her."
" Really? Anyway, I consulted with her and she got her assistants to bring all this here. Also, she said that she'll come to see you herself. She made more of a commotion than me."

After that, she went back to her relaxed and chatty self. Young Suk could only thank her for her attention.

* * *

" There are no problems with your muscles and ligaments."

A beautiful lady with a refreshing personality said after massaging Young Suk's leg. Mom's friend Young Ae came, as promised, to diagnose Young Suk. She ignored mom's welcome and went straight to the house to look for Young Suk.
Young Suk felt better after seeing her thoroughly checking his leg. It was weird seeing his parents as young people, but seeing an acquaintance while she was young was shocking.

" Why is it hard to walk?"

Young Ae asked as she sighed.
She quickly concentrated to find out the cause. Her eyes looked like they would light up. It was so like her. Later, even though she was a woman, she used her brilliant mind to get a job as a cardiothoracic surgery professor.
Unfortunately, since Young Suk's condition wasn't an illness, there was nothing to find. As he rose up, Choi Young Ae opened her mouth.

" For now keep working on walking. Also, Min JI, call me every day and come to the hospital this Saturday. While there doesn't seem to be any problem, I still need to do more tests."

She was even more extreme than mom.

" Since you're here, you should stay and eat."

Mom tried to keep her here, but she said that she was busy and quickly left.
So the hurricane like visit passed by and the son and mother pair was left.
Young Suk opened his mouth like he suddenly thought of something.

" What year is it now?"
" Ha even though you heard it yesterday…what are you saying? Either way its February 25, 1991."

Young Suk was in shock…1991……
No wonder the clothes and the future were children like.
1991… Young Suk couldn't remember it clearly since it was a memory from such a long time ago, but he was living here.

" Come to think of it, where's dad?"

'Were there pagers during this time period?'… while thinking of something insignificant like that I asked since I couldn't see him.

" At work."
" Huh, what about you mom?"
" Me? I used my vacation to look after you."
" Can you do that?"
" Why wouldn't I be able to do that? I have a couple of days off, until your entrance ceremony."

Young Suk was flabbergasted.
She might have a top class job but she was still at the bottom in her workplace. Can she just use vacation time as she pleases?

"…… When's the entrance ceremony?"
" It's next Monday dear son. Now hurry and stand up so that we can eat."

The bewildered Young Suk stood up and moved towards the dining table.