League of Legends: 700 Years Later Chapter 1

League of Legends: 700 Years Later Chapter 1

Chapter 1: 700 Years Later, New Humans!

Ice-cold, shaking…

Ye Che’s eyelids moved slightly and he woke up.

“Clang… Clang… Clang…”

This was a train driving to some unknown destination. The sound of the train travelling was heavy and distant.

A hint of confusion flashed by in Ye Che’s eyes, but very quickly he flicked his finger and stood up.

But the moment he moved, all of the people in the train car looked towards him.

“Hm?” Ye Che furrowed his brow and looked over. There were about 30 people in the train car, but sweeping over with his eyes, all of these people had tightly knit brows and their clothes were also very old.

“Where is this!?” Yu Che’s eyes narrowed. This truly bizarre scene made him involuntarily ask aloud.

“Giggle…” A couple of decently pretty girls instantly covered their mouths and started laughing.

A boy in particular who looked kind of careless muttered: “Could this person have been scared dumb? He doesn’t even remember that he is on the exclusive train to challenge becoming a New Human?”

“What New Human?” Ye Che furrowed his brow even deeper. He was clearly on his way back from the S7 world finals. Even though he was also riding a train, but how could he have been riding such an old and rusty train!

Ye Che’s mind rapidly turned, but the passengers on this train had already started whispering to each other.

“This guy looks like he’s already over 20 years old?”

“Definitely, he probably received some sort of stimulation. After all, those who still dare to take the test for the New Human Promotion Tournament at this age either have great willpower or are idiots.”

“Yeah, one’s reflexes and creativity are not as sharp after 20. No wonder he can even forget where he is after taking a nap.”

“Look at his stupid appearance, creativity, great willpower?”

The buzz of chatter constantly travelled into his ear. Ye Che knit his brow even tighter, his left hand finger secretly flicked even more rapidly.

If it wasn’t too noisy, you could even hear a trace of wind. (TL: Is this humanly possible?)

“New Human!”

This noun suddenly gave Ye Che a very bad feeling.

Just thinking up to here, the entire train suddenly jolted.

“Choo… Choo Choo….”

The train whistled and then an incredibly cold voice sounded in the train.

“Train Unit zs-465 departing from the Abandoned Land to the Testing Canyon has already arrived. Those who have yet to leave the train within three minutes will automatically forfeit their evaluation qualification!”

As soon as the voice stopped, Ye Che felt the train suddenly shake and then the train door clanged open.

A chill instantly rushed in, at the same time the doorway bustled with chatter as though they had been waiting for a long time.

“Step aside!”

One figure ran over wanting to shove aside Ye Che.

Ye Che slightly moved his feet and brushed past with the figure within inches.

“Not bad, you’ve got some reflexes, but at your age you still dare to take the test for New Humans, stop daydreaming. Whether or not there is a team willing to accept you is still a question, hahahahaha!”

This figure was the careless looking boy.

Ye Che’s eyes flashed and carried a colour of thought. He watched the boy swiftly get off the train and then drown in the crowd.

Very soon, following the crowded stream of people Ye Che also stood outside of the train.

But he instantly sucked in a cold breath, because this train was actually at the peak of a large canyon.

This peak had a sufficiently large area. Where he stood someone had carved out three words over a thousand meters tall, League of Legends. Adding the grooves created by it and the sufficiently large area, it was extremely massive and astounding.

“League of Legends?” Seeing this Ye Che was a bit anxious and doubtful.

And at this moment, there were thousands of people on this peak.

A lot people were gathered in groups of four and ten.

Their attire was not good, even very bad. Their clothes were already about to lose colour from washing and had a kind of medieval style.

But right now their faces brimmed with enthusiasm, groups of people raised all sorts of signs and shouted.

“Wolf Prince! Four missing one, anyone who plays ADC or solo top please come, completion rate for New Humans last year was 60%!”

Dawnlight! Looking for ADC, completion rate last year was 50%…”

Ye Che turned his head over. These two shouting teams were especially close to him so he was entirely able to see their expressions.

Wolf Prince was okay, this Dawnlight team was calling out without energy, as though they just came here to make up the numbers.

Right now, the people of Dawnlight were listlessly calling out. The eyes of one youth suddenly lit up, he saw Ye Che who was closely observing them.

Soon, he trotted over and whispered: “My name is Little Fei, do you know how to play ADC?”

“ADC? A bit…” Ye Che smiled lightly, a trace of nostalgia flashed by in his eyes.

“Hehe, that’s good, our team is…” Li Fei hadn’t finished speaking yet and his arm was pulled by another youth who ran over.

“Li Fei, why are you wasting your breath on him, can’t you see that this guy is clearly over 20? He’s clearly someone who hasn’t successfully challenged become a New Human even after x number of years. Even though our team is at the bottom, we obviously can’t pull in trash!”

While speaking this youth sized up Ye Che, he did not hide the contempt in his eyes at all.

Li Fei’s expression was a bit awkward. He smiled apologetically to Ye Che and was then dragged away by the youth.

Ye Che was slightly stunned. He sighed but then turned his head unbothered.

He just closely looked at the entire canyon, looked at these groups of people and looked at the incredibly clear sky here.

He sighed with feeling: “Looks like I, Ye Che ran into some extraordinary thing.”

“Team Azure, recruiting periphery members, must be 16 years old or younger, female! New Human challenge completion rate last year was 92%!”

A cool voice suddenly rose up.


It was one of the four ace teams, Azure!

The surrounding hundreds of people all instantly stirred, a completion rate of 92%! An extremely terrifying number, representing that this team would have an extremely high chance of succeeding this year.

Like that the entire team would successfully advance as New Humans and obtain the qualifications to enter into the city!

If one became a periphery member of this team, then the benefits went without saying. Skill guidance, material support, at that time they’d have it all.

Listening to the heated discussions of the surrounding people, Ye Che also couldn’t help shifting his gaze over.

He was a bit amazed. Afterall, each place had its own way of supporting its own inhabitants. Ye Che noticed that the air in this canyon was extremely clean.

The five chicks of this Team Azure didn’t have any traces of makeup and they looked to be just around 16 or 17.

Even though Ye Che liked girls to put on some light makeup, but if they had an even more refreshing beauty without makeup and there was nothing to criticize.

“Well damn, it’s a pity Team Azure only recruits chicks. Otherwise even if I go play support for them that would be awesome too!”

Listening to the tone of longing of a boy beside him, Ye Che couldn’t help smiling.

I think many years ago, I also had this kind of thought before, but… It’s already been many years.

Very soon, while Ye Che was wandering around everywhere and looking around, nearly two hours had passed by and the sky had also gradually darkened.

And in this near two hours of time, the train came again and the number of people increased again.

A lot of people had already found their own teams, as one of the four ace teams of these canyons, Azure in particular did not lack supporters and in just half-an-hour their team was full.

Ye Che looked at his situation of neglect and flicked his finger in slight frustration.

After these two hours he understood now that these people, including himself, were all Old Humans.

In this area there were a total of three canyon’s like the one he was standing on.

And where he lived was especially lacking in resources, it was a place called the Abandoned Land. Only by succeeding in the evaluation and becoming a New Human did a person have the right to go settle down in a town or city.

Why the game League of Legends was used to separate people into classes, Ye Che did not know, and asking the surrounding people they were all at a complete loss.

It was like by birth this kind of concept was already deeply embedded in their souls like eating and sleeping, it had already become a lifelong conviction.

Moreover, very soon Ye Che discovered an even more frightening thing.

“700 years later….”

Ye Che muttered to himself, his eyes were filled with a myriad of emotions and what he was thinking of was unknown.

Just like that, time, gradually passed. Finally, the sky had already completely turned black.

In an instant the noisy crowd stopped all movements, an inexplicable atmosphere started to develop amongst these thousands of people.

Ye Che stood up from the rock he was leaning against, he noticed that an unusual thing had occurred on the mountain opposite of the canyon.

The mountain on the other side of the canyon was over a hundred meters taller than the one Ye Che was standing on.

In the night he was unable to see exactly what happened there, but bursts of rumbling represented that an inexplicable change was occurring there.

“It’s finally starting!” A person quietly muttered in excitement.

Suddenly, Ye Che felt the scenery before his eyes light up and a glaring strong light instantly entered his eyes, but Ye Che actually didn’t even blink his eyes and his expression didn’t have any change.

But amongst the many newcomers in the surroundings this year who just arrived, many people let out surprised cries while those experienced people had already closed their eyes.

“657 people eliminated!”

The cold voice once again rang in the entire canyon!

“What! Why, I refuse to accept this, I refuse!!!”

This group of eliminated people didn’t even figure out the situation and a couple hundred beams of red light instantly flashed by like lasers in the sky, marking these 657 people.

And these 600 over people were rapidly pushed out of the circle.

“A steady composure is the first element to League of Legends, gasping and being affected due to the sudden change in environment, fail!”

After the cold voice finished speaking, the canyon once again returned to silence.

And those eliminated people never appeared again.

Quite obviously, that strong white light was a test.

These 600 over people panicked due to the white light that suddenly appeared. Facing elimination wasn’t anything surprising.

“Huhu, good thing I’m naturally slow, or else being eliminated like this would be too unlucky.” A boy at the side patted his chest in relief.

A lot of people in the surroundings also had looks of relief, but they all didn’t dare to make a sound, for fear of being randomly eliminated out of carelessness.

In the blink of an eye over 600 people were cleared away, making some newcomers feel the harshness.

Ye Che sized up the boy beside him and then turned his head once again looking at the canyon across from him, and at this time a shocking change had already occurred to that canyon.

On the surface of the canyon facing directly to Ye Che, an immensely enormous screen of light silently emerged. Afterwards, it instantly enlarged in Ye Che’s vision, enlarging… And enlarging even more!

And then, Ye Che was immersed in it like he had turned on bird’s eye view.

This was not looking at 3d, nor was it 5d, this was an immersion that not even 10d could describe.

Expansive… Vast… Astounding… Crazy… Great… Tongue-Tied… Stunned…

Right now it was impossible to use words to describe Ye Che’s senses, he looked down from above and his expression was even a bit dazed.

Below… Below….

Ye Che cast his gaze downward in astonishment and instantly, that seething uproar that was enough to drown out the sky and oceans broke through the sky and rushed straight at him.

“Attack! Valoran’s pride will not be desecrated!!!”

“We live! You guys die!!!”

The voice was deafening and the endless battle below swept millions of kilometers. Ye Che had just shifted his gaze over towards the area of the voice and noticed a creature with the head of a jackal and body of a human wildly roaring.

Next, its entire body suddenly expanded by 100 fold, like a colossus holding up the sky and supporting the earth.

“Ah, that’s the Curator of the Sands Nasus, his… His ultimate skill Fury of the Sands has actually been cultivated to such an extend. Perfect, this is definitely a perfect ultimate!”

A monster screamed.

Ye Che also watched completely breathlessly. He saw that there were originally thousands of spotted monsters intertwined in his surroundings, but with the activation of this skill of his, those spotted monsters all snapped layer after layer.

Next, the Curator of the Sands Nasus shouted: “10,000 Fold Siphoning Strike!”

The staff in his hand that had also expanded was raised up high by him, suddenly it was like some rift had appeared in the entire space and that staff was swung down by him.


This swing was like a magnitude 10 earthquake. The entire ground suddenly sank and the spotted monsters in the surrounding 500 meters were like they were ploughed by a tractor and wiped out in an instant by an unstoppable force.

In the air, Ye Che watched with cold sweat on his hands, this kind of power… This kind of power!!!

“Let the bloodshed begin! All Hail Noxus!!!” A cold and despairing voice suddenly appeared.

Ye Che didn’t have the time to pay attention to the shock of the Curator of the Sands and hurriedly shifted his gaze over to that area.

In his vision there was only that blanket of crimson red hair and that figure which was like an unsheathed blade.

“Mach 10! Shunpo!”


A crimson red mirage instantly appeared 100 meters away, the space along the way shattered like a bunch of mirrors.

“Bouncing Blade, Sinister Blade… And… Death Lotus!”

“Shu shu shu!”

A wild twister suddenly appeared on the scene, it was like a storm of blades, millions of daggers blotted out the sky and swept the battlefield like the tide of a tsunami.

“1000 spotted monsters, dead! 10 thousand! 100 thousand! Die die die!!!”

But… There were honestly too many spotted monsters… Too many…

Very soon, the spotted monsters that spread for millions of kilometers submerged that crimson red-haired woman.

Ye Che only faintly heard that… Unyielding shout, All Hail, Noxus!!!

“I’ll bring the Big One…”

A sharp but firm voice travelled over from the distance.

Ye Che looked into the distance and saw that that area was like an erupting volcano, wildly collapsing and roaring…

Including itself was also collapsing and being dragged in.

“Fear not, I’m coming! Demacia!!!”

The surrounding space instantly turned silent, at this moment it was like the entire world had come to a rest.


The horizon seemed to reveal a trace of starlight, and then with a flash, a massive golden greatsword like a skyscraper descended from the sky.


The area affected by this greatsword reached tens of kilometers in an instant, a massive, bottomless crater was left in the ground and through it, it was as though you could see the stars at the bottom.

This planet, was actually pierced through by this greatsword.

“Malfunction… systems powering down… Malfun…”

Suddenly, a metallic synthesized voice travelled over from the encompassment of the spotted monsters. Ye Che didn’t have the chance to take a close look, he only faintly felt a yellow shell getting completed covered within.

Tragic… Incomparably tragic.

The fall of this yellow shell was like a catalyst, those spotted monsters that spread for millions of kilometers started to surge madly.

Blood flew and he could no longer tell whose it was.

“Learn from your mistakes, a sword mirrors its owner! What is broken can be reforged!!! Attack!”

With this voice containing an unparallelled fortitude, the shadow of a thousand meter long greatsword appeared.

An aura that put people in shock and awe burst out from it.

“Attack!!” This silver-haired woman had a solemn expression, and with her voice, a voice that stretched across space actually also travelled out from that thousand meter greatsword shadow: “Attack!”

As one with her greatsword, it was like she held the spine of the world.

Afterwards, the greatsword swept sideways and sword energy flashed by like a laser, countless spotted monsters were divided into dust.

“So… So strong…” Ye Che watched with glowing eyes, his body shook uncontrollably and he was drowned in excitement.

Furthermore, he wildly flicked his hanging finger out of habit, bringing up waves of whistling.

As though like this, it was like he was controlling this battle.

“A twist of… Fate…” A deep and rich voice just rose up.


“Old Human permissions exhausted, return… Returning…”

Upon just hearing this voice, Ye Che didn’t have that time to make any movements and he felt his eyes burn, his consciousness was instantly turned back.

The calm peak of the canyon… And the three big glowing words fixed on the screen of light on the canyon across from him, League of Legends!

Ye Che’s eyes were dazed like a lifetime had passed for him…