HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Sakamoto 666

My name is Saitou Yuuki, a normal boob-loving high school student. Well, this is my status in this different world:
HP 1
MP 1
Strength 1
Agility 65535
Defense 65535
I wanted to retort with “Isn’t this like a metal slime?” but whatever, there’s no helping it. In addition, as a hero, I’ve been tasked to defeat the Demon Lord. Even with a large agility and defense, there is still always a risk of death. The degree of difficulty here is like a nightmare. The other heroes who have been brought here are unlike me and now I’m being excluded as I’m seen as the weakest. I’m already being bullied. I’m sorry about my status. Due to this regrettable status, the king discharged me, tore off my possessions, and kicked me out of the kingdom…man, this kind of life I’m living…
Little did he know that in his status of “1” , the units were expressed in Nayuta.
*Nayuta = 10⁶⁰ = 100000000000000000………0000
This is the story of the strongest hero who thought he was the weakest.
[Web novel has since been removed]

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