Goblin Survivor

By Taro Bandou

Goblin Survivor Volume 1 prologue

Goblin Survivor Volume 1 prologue

Prologue: Although I don’t get it but I’ve become a goblin

When I realized, I had already been in a forest.

A while ago…… What did I do a while ago?

I couldn’t remember anything. Was I forgetful that much?

However, the fact that I was in the forest couldn’t be possibly wrong.

In front of me was some tender trees still growing, and next to them was some big trees.

There were trees in every directions.

Yep, this was definitely a forest.

I stuck out my head from a small bush and looked ahead.

As expected, I could only see some trees, and at the other side there was a street.

In that street there was a collapsed carriage, a man with a pool of blood and a bunch of green dwarfs.

………. Eh? Wait, wait a minute.

A collapsed carriage?

A man with a pool of blood?

Green dwarfs?

I sneakily stuck out my head once again.

Indeed, the carriage had collapsed.

What the hell was that? Eh? Carriage? At a modern era like this?

There were two men lying on a pool of blood.

Their blood was permeating through the soil. Both of them didn’t move anymore.

Etto, it seemed like they died because of losing 1 litre of blood? Maybe I should come closer to confirm it? I felt nauseous but at this time I mustn’t be scared right?

Thinking like that, I crossed the forest and looked at the truth.

Green dwarfs.

They were 1m3 tall, had pointy ear, long nose and a small horn in the forehead.

……….. Wasn’t it goblin?

Wasn’t it goblin in fantasy world?

But, the problem wasn’t that.

Right after sticking out from a small tree, I hung on to a branch.

My hand, was green.

Yoshi, I would try to ascertain the situation.

My hand was green, my naked upper body was also green, and it seemed like my forehead had a horn.

………… Wasn’t it goblin?

Wasn’t it goblin in fantasy world?
[TN: Yep, he repeated the same line.]

「What the hell is this……… Cosplay?」

I tried to scratch my skin with those dirty hands.

They had been swollen up.

「This isn’t paint…….. Maa, sorry, now I understand it. When I try to talk, I just hear ge-gya-gya! But I still understand what I talk!」

It seemed like I was a goblin.

I didn’t know well, it’s just when I realized I had been like this already.

「Goblin huh……… This kind of monster exists, which means it’s a fantasy world right? Wait a minute, or this is some kinds of cheat! I don’t remember meeting a god!」
[TN: Re: Monster ref.]

Status open! Menu! Ah wait, log out!

I tested a lot of things.

However I just heard ge-gya-gya like usual. Haha!

「Skill Window! Really!」

Suddenly in a forest, became a goblin and wasn’t being taught anything. I just knew that I was a human before but I didn’t know what kind of human I was.

This level was too hard! Maybe it wasn’t easy like having cheat right? I thought like that while testing, a information appeared in my head.

【 Skills 】

Night Eyes, Goblin Language LV2, Peeping, Escape Foot.

【 Titles 】

​Forest Coward


I had skills! But it was just simply peeping! 【 Escape Foot 】 would help me not getting caught right! 【 Night Eyes 】 would also be useful! Haha !

No, I didn’t want those skills….

At least it had to be double EXP, Steal, eat to be stronger, Divine Protection, Martial Artist or Great Sage, something just like this.
[TN: All of these skill are ref: Growth Cheat, Konosuba, Arifureta,… ]

Also what the hell was this title ​……. I didn’t want to be a noob! I didn’t want to be a goblin, either!

Why was it a goblin huh…

I knelt down and put my hand on the ground helplessly.

I had become a goblin without any cheat.

Even when the Skill Window with Skills appeared in my head, I didn’t know how to use them!

Ah no, wait, I had Level! If I leveled up I could evolve right!
[TN: Re: Monster ref too.]

So, no need to hurry!

But Race and Level didn’t appear in my head! Maybe there wasn’t any items right? Haha!

………….. Why was it too unfair? Why was it a goblin huh?

Why was it the weakest race in fantasy world huh?

Moreover, I didn’t have any special abilities or cheat in my previous life? And now I automatically became human’s enemy?

Look, those bunch of goblin killed people and stole the carriage, and now they were tearing the clothes of a remaining young girl who survived and prepared to rape……… Eh? What was that? What did those goblin who was my comrade intend to do? ​​​​​​​

「Kill the men! Rape the women! Hyahha, today is our day GOB!」

What “Gob”! Because they ended the sentences with “Gob” so they were called goblin huh! Were they idiot! Stupid!

And what’s that! The way they did it was just like in some eroge games!

But why could I understand goblin language!

Ah right, I have【 goblin language 】 skill! I’m a goblin too! Ha ha !​​​​​​​

I commended myself with some tsukkomis.

They might be my comrades but now those goblins were enemies.

Ah no, those gobs.

If they were enemies I must kill. there were 8 of them in total.

But I must not fear, and now I needed to asset the situation.

To help the girl whose clothes were being tore apart and surrounded by 8 goblins…. Oh, such big breasts. Damn, she’s cute.

Haa, not good, I’m simply a peeping tom!

What to do, of course I had to help her, but I was to far I couldn’t do a surprise attack, although I didn’t want to be a coward or a peeping tom, now I had to save her but is there any chances for me? Or should I just wait? See, it seemed someone’s coming?

If this kept going a hero would come by chance to the damsel in distress. That’s right, just like that a horse carriage would pass by…. Eh? horse carriage?

My pointy ears heard the sounds of horse gallop "Kappo Kappo"

And the sounds of running wheels " Gara gara".

I peeped at that location.

I had 【 Peeping】 skill right! Let this peeping goblin shine!! Ha ha!

From the bushes, I could see human figures and horse carriage.

It seemed the human saw the goblin and the collapsed carriage, someone jumped down from he carriage and ran.


I meant very fast, eh, faster than the carriage, wasn’t this something amazing?​​​​​​​

『 * * * * * * * * * * * * ! 』

『 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ! 』​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

A, I couldnt understand what they were saying.

Well I didn’t have【 Human Language 】 skill! As you can see, I’m a goblin!

There were a boy and two girls jumped from the carriage.

And then there was a girl in the driving sear, she stood up, held out a staff and said something I couldn’t understand.

Eh, really? I did think that this world had magic, because there was a fireball concentrated at the end of her staff.

I looked to the flying fireball with curiosity.

The fireball hit the collapsed carriage and made a big explosion.

I stood there, petrified seeing the wreckage of the carriage blown everywhere.

Hold it, I was actually looking from behind the short tree while standing on my knee, so I was actually not standing.

It seemed the goblin surrounding the girl had notice their presences.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

「 Incoming human! Kill the man! Rape the woman! Hyahha, charge gob !」


Most of these goblins had pig brains huh.

The boy jumped from the incoming carriage, he sheathed his sword from his waist and slashed.

Eh, you’re still there yet boy? This guy has pig brain too? But, it seemed I was the stupid one to think that.

Four goblins fell down.

They were cut in half.

「 This guy can use wind blade? This is in manga, isn’t it 」

Even if I mumbled that only ge-gya-gya sounds came out. Ha ha !

A, blood and entrails of the goblins splashed to the girl. She looked pitiful.

Why thinking so, the two other girl jumped down from the carriage and killed the remaining goblins.

They died in an instance.

If it was for magic users this should be obvious result right.

These people were actually very strong or these goblins were pretty weak I thought.

Well, I’m one of those goblin! And a weak goblin with no cheat, isn’t this unfair? Skill for a peeping tom only?

But well, since the goblin was weak that girl didn’t have to die, this could be somewhat acceptable.

The boy came close to help the attacked girl.

You ikemen should all go die.

Ah why did you keep staring at her breast. Go die you son of a.

In short those goblin of my kind, whether they die or not didn’t matter to me, the only matter was that the girl was free.

Save by a bloody boy and his 3 girl harem, since he was a pervert ikemen so I couldn’t tell if she could protect her virginity or not.

But it’s good that she was safe, I squatted down feeling relief.

With her being saved, I felt much happier than the goblins which seemed like my comrade died.

I suddenly became a goblin, and I didn’t feel like those goblins were my comrade either.

Fuu……. I sighed.

I sighed really deep.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

『 * * * * * * * * * * * * ! 』

『 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ! 』​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

Four human killed eight goblins, and now they were heading toward the jungle.

I hid and peeped.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

The goblins killed human, the human came latter killed goblin.

And, me = goblin.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

…………….. A-re?

If they found me would I be killed?

Standing on my knees while peeping, I slowly lower my waist and hid in the bushed.

Just like that I tried not to make a sound and prayed.

O god, tell them to leave here right away.

Look, the girl was cover in blood, go help her wash up!

I’m just a cowardy goblin!

Sorry ikemen-sama for telling you to go die!


It seemed my prayed was heard, the four people brought the girl and the two fallen man on the carriage and left.

Probably 【 Peeping】, 【 Escape Foot 】 skill or the title 【 Forest Coward 】 help me survive.

Thank you Kami-sama* ( Thần linh ).

But suddenly became a goblin and having no cheat, I didn’t need to thank anyways!​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

I couldn’t hear the sound of carriage anymore, maybe they left.

I quickly stood up.

Ah, by the way I walked bare footed. And they were also green. Ha ha !

I came closer to the goblin which may be my comrade?

Attacking carriage, assaulting woman, these goblins were killed easily.

Although we were the same kind but I didn’t feel any sympathy toward them.

Weaklings wanted to enjoy pleasure like that of course you would be killed.

Although I thought that, ain’t I also human’s enemy.​​​​​​​

When I realized I was in the jungle and I’d become a goblin.

Aside from 【 Skill 】 , 【 Title 】 and many more unknown things, I didn’t get it but first of all….

First of all I needed to survive. Yup.

Going back to my world or become human, there were a lot of things I wished for but it was certainly impossible!

Because goblin was too quick!​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

Yoshi, I’d decided.

From now on I’ll be a GOBLIN SURVIVOR!​​​​​​​

……… There ain’t any Goblin Slayer around here right? I’ll be fine, right??​​​​​​​