Goblin Survivor

By Taro Bandou

Goblin Survivor Volume 1 Chapter 1

Goblin Survivor Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Suddenly being exiled, I have to live a hard human life, ah no, it’s a super hard gob life!

【 1 】

First, I needed to survive.

Now surrounding me was all jungle.

My fellow goblins were killed, and there was no one around.

「The carriage has just crossed it, it must be going somewhere ……」

I looked at the road and murmured.

Those humans who helped the girl and killed goblins were heading over there.

The opposite direction was of the carriage.

If I followed the direction of the carriage, maybe I would go into human territory.

「Yoshi, how about going to to humans's place! Maybe there is a place  where humans live with goblins ………… Maybe not! They even fought a while ago! 」

These were some meaningless words in this quiet forest.

And listening to my words… no need to say, were those corpses.

Well, maybe they really were my comrades.

…………. I came up with an idea.

Living in the forest was hard, and from the beginning I didn't think those goblins were my comrades, and no one was around here at all. That was also the reason why I could only peek! One way to improve your peeking skills!

So, I’m sorry!

Yes, what I was doing now was「searching the corpse」

I was going to steal items that can be used from those corpses, a relatively humane behavior.

I was a goblin anyway! Things like humanitarian weren't matter at all! I was just a little devil goblin!

The human corpses were put in the carriage by the ikemen’s group, here there were only eight goblin corpses.

I searched everything.

Self-esteem? I didn't have that! I had decided to be just a little goblin trying to survive in the forest!

A rusty knife, a stone knife and a wooden stick.

Such low quality weapons! Just with this two men were killed!

There were a bag of chestnuts, and another bag of leather used to contain water.

I smelled something strange. How long had this bag been used?

Shit, such a high level of hard survival smell…

What to do now.

Anyway, I had to use them, but…

No, don't hesitate! I had decided to survive!

Generally, they weren't my comrades! They were just gobs, my enemies!

The stinking fabric, filthy filth and animal skin.

I should have stripped all of them! Just like a demon!

That’s right, I was a goblin! Just a little devil!


These  clothes weren't washed.

They smelled too much.

I smelled the odor from my own body, it was not pleasant at all.


Are you kidding me……

Small, ugly, bald, dirty, smelly ……… There was no good point at all!

Well, maybe for goblins this was an attraction!

From the beginning I didn't know whether there was a goblin or not! Well, they probably didn't want to be attracted to goblins like this!

Yoshi, now to look for water.

First of all I went to the forest to avoid catching people back and forth.


Also, I wanted to have sandals…….…

I felt that something wasn't right. And then I suddenly realized.

A forest in the fantasy world of swords and magic that had goblins, was definitely a dangerous place.

However, I was still fine now.

I saw a big spider.

A rabbit with horn on its head. Temporarily I would call it Horn Rabbit.

This size was also acceptable.

Oh no, I just passed by! Actually, if they were strong, it would be very scary!

But if I just looked, I would be safe! My specialty was peeping!

Now I was shaking and hiding under the tree.

There was a deer.

A forest must have deer.

Uhm, There wasn't any problem at all.

No big deal.

It was rather smaller than an elk.

There was also a horn.

The horn grew from the deer’s head.

Ah, wasn't that a knife? The horn, it looked pretty sparkling.

Instead of calling it horn, maybe a sword was better?

Yoshi, I will call it Sword Deer.

Ah, the Horn Rabbit was hunted.

It’s eating time!

Deer eating meat……. Right, it had a sharp horn on its head.

Truly, being in the forest wasn't fine!

But the path that the human had just passed by wasn't good.. Of course, humans territory wasn't good, either.

And here was the forest!

Ah, I had finally come to another world but wasn't this difficulty too hard?

Wasn't my life in danger? Ah no, it was my gob life! That was why this was a dangerous situation!

After I was worried about my situation, the deer finished eating and left.

I was lucky.

Thanks, anonymous Horn Rabbit. Thanks for being eaten, you saved me!

I took the horn left after the meal! It was quite sharp so maybe I could use it!

Looking for all the corpses, I was also getting used to this.

Dignity? What was it, can I eat it?

Self-esteem? If in front of your eyes was a meadow, what can you say? And now I was in a forest!

I started to walk slowly in the forest.

In order not to be detected by dangerous animals, I had to move really slow.

Goblin in the fantasy world, if they were a group, maybe they were dangerous, but if there was only one, then perhaps even children could defeat it.

Skill【Peeping】were working at full capacity! If there was danger then I would look forward to you, skill 【Escape Foot】!

Also the title【Forest Coward】, I hoped it would work.


The texture of the skills was also perfect.

Combining【Peeping】with【Forest Coward】was so good…….

While thinking nonsense, I just walked slowly across the forest.

After each rest, I drank water and suffered the stench from the leather bag, I had walked for an hour or so.

「I’m also pretty lucky. Although I reincarnate into a goblin! Although I seemingly don't have any cheats! 」

Suddenly, I muttered helplessly.

Again, I hid in the tree and【Peeping】forward, there was a very clean river flowing.

Finding a nice and clean river but I couldn't get down.

Again, I was still just a little goblin.

If I encountered a deer, even human would be killed immediately.

I examined everything around me,…. 'It will be fine', thinking like that I just stepped in.

…… But here was the limit.

Yoshi, of course I was just a coward. Oh, no, it was a coward gob. I wasn't human anymore! Haha!

By the way, I was rubbing my smelly cloth and shameful body into the ground.

Otherwise I can not go out anymore.

That stinky smell. I understood how bad it ws……

Although I ws a goblin chibi, ugly without hair but I still want to be clean!

This smell from the beginning can also cause me to die unexpected death!

As soon as I thought, I just looked at the rock opposite the river


Since then I had not seen birds fly again.

At this time I no longer hear the rustle of rustling trees.

The forest was completely quiet.

It was like some dangerous creature is approaching.

I tried to hide my breath, from the shadow of trees I peeked out the river.

The grass on the rocky side of the river was shaking.

Its silhouette slowly appears.

Even with only one eye, I understood enough.

This guy was not good at all.

Its presence is completely different. That extreme aura overwhelmed everything?

The deer who had met this guy would have been killed immediately.

Hard skin. Muscular.

Claws and pointed fangs. Red eyes.

He ignored the surroundings and slowly walked toward the river.

It was 3 meters high. That was , about 4 times as bigger than mine.

I couldn’t tell how tall it wold be if it stood up.

5 or 6 meters? I’m not thinking about that anymore. Ha ha.

The thing that is appearing in front of me now is a bear.

Mm, it was a bear.

It can be said that this brown bear was very strong, if I fought with it I would be killed instantly.

This bear monster drank water and didn’t care about its surrounding.

This was the style of the strong.

It was totally different to my goblin.

Just then if I wasn’t being wary and went down to drink water I must have been died already.

Oh no, because I was so small compared to it so it wouldn’t even care.

But they were just my fantasy anyway!

First of all, I had to hold my breath and wait.

It did not see my presence at all. It was true that the peeping expert was different.

I wait for a while. When it finished drinking, it seemed satisfied, the bear monster returned to the direction it appeared.

Signs of living in the forest have returned.

What is this, really, this is not good at all!

Living in the jungle with this guy was a super-super-difficult mode, ain’t it!

Oh no, this one was special.

Surely it was the god of this forest. Um, there was also a personal style. That was for sure. Was it friendly? Would it be friendly? I bet it was friendly.

I sat under the tree and suppressed my heart pounding.

Man, bear too, anyway this world was so broken.

When I had no longer feel any dangerous animals, lil’ goblin me started to act.

First of all, thanks to that guy, the river at this time there was no living creatures at all.

Yoshi, first of all I would go there and shower, I had to do it fast and then come back.

If only a little is okay! No problem, just a little bit! It will be over soon!

I headed for the river to clean up.

Without hesitation, I started to get into the water.

So cold!

I put the water in the leather bag with the left tray, while my right hand was rubbing my body.

Do it quickly and get out of here.

Again, I rushed out of the shallow river and back to the tree.

I squatted and look around.

Yoshi, nothing unusual.

Now my body was shaking because of the cold.

Ooooo, this was embarrassing. This was a silly mistake.

First of all, I needed to wash the cloth and then dry it, then maybe I should go into the water again.

No items to clean. Even before that I did not even have clothes! Out of this hole, I am completely naked!

Since the smell was better, I wiped my body with my own hand.

Yoshi, also a bit drier. I thought I would die from cold. This one I was not joking.

I didn’t want to face this life and death situation continuously. It wasn’t even half a day yet! Not even half a day yet!

Really, the mode in the otherworld was too hard ……

Traveling back and forth several times in the river, my body and clothes were finally washed.

The bag also no longer smell, so the water inside was completely clean.

I continued silently into the forest.

At this time, the sun was also preparing to set.

The other was west. West, was it not.

Was the sun set in the West in this otherworld. But in the beginning I didn’t know whether that thing was the sun or not.

Thinking about it. Wasn’t I also wise? Although I was just a goblin!

Of course, it was not that I didn’t know it.

It’d been a day since I noticed! Well, since I came to this world I had not talked to anyone yet!

Although I thought so but my situation now couldn’t be called a good turn.

The sun had set.

That meant I had to go to sleep.

There was a Sword Deer in this forest, and a beast-like monster.

「No problem, no problem This goblin body is still alive. In addition, the goblins steal carriages also live normally. No problem, no problem Only thing is that goblins are killed right away! 」

I couldn’t laugh!

Temporarily I need to stay away from the river.

Though it disappeared on the other side, the bear monster was still somewhere in the forest.

There was no bed.

I couldn’t see any caves.

Should I sleep on a tree, or in a tree niche?

Well, Tree House is fine too! Something fashionable!! LOHAS!

[TN: LOHAS means Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability]

I thought of pointless stuffs while walking in the woods.

First of all, I aimed at a place like a cliff that I could see from far away.

At that steep cliff there could be caves or cracks? I thought.

Occasionly I took some breaks, sit back and took a drink from the leather bag, ate chestnuts that my teammates gob left.

If there was sign of living creatures, I hid away.

Then I continued walking slowly in the forest.

Since there was a super strong bear monster in the forest, I had to look for a safe place to sleep.

Yeah, it’s unreasonable?? This is pretty impossible?

That bear, its rank was completely different from the wolves.

A straw house or even a stone house, it could send them flying with one hit.

Surely there was no area called safe …….

Wandering in the forest in the otherworld, I continued to seek shelter.

And then, I found it.

It was not a cave.

It was a bunch of monsters.

Now I was standing in the bushes and looking at them.

My skill 【Peeping】 were operating at full capacity! Sorry I was just a peeping devil!

It was very useful when things happened! Maybe!

From the bushes, I could see them through the slit.

They were about 1m3 tall, with pointy ears, long nose, and small horns on the forehead

Green dwarf.

That’s right, it’s the goblin. Kind of like me.

「The problem is I do not know if they are my comrades…… I do not know the goblin rules. Goblins probably do not even distinguish their faces! 」

If I ws asked I would try to answer as short as possible.

At this point I only know to bet.

I walked slowly.

Gaza gaza … the footsteps I created.

It seems they recognized me.

6 goblins started looking around.

They were not being wary! Normally, you have to carry a weapon and that’s it! What if I was an enemy? Yes, these goblins are stupid!

And now.

They saw me.

「What, a brat? You’re alone gob? 」

This one also ended his line with gob! I thought  there were only those bunch!

Moreover, it looked as if it was deliberately added!

Of the six goblins, the largest one which was wearing a big suit talked to me.

Calm down, calm down me.

Goblin’s line ended with gob. Remember, remember, gob.

The good news was that they were my friend for now

Ah, well, he didn’t think I was a weird goblin, right.

I would try to be as natural and as few words as possible.

「Yes gob」


It can not be helped! Until now I just saied gob with the goblin!

Uwa, damn, this thing is so embarrassing!

「Tch, they have failed. What a useless gob gob」

Gob gob is what ………. Goblin ‘s abbreviation plus an infinite gob.

And I was not confident enough to be able to tease them …….

While looking at me with difficulty, my fellow goblins and the big eye goblin had no doubt at all.

That they all said I was useless.

They were no different from me, we looked like a family.

「Yoshi, so let’s go home to repot. Come here gob」

「Understand gob」

This is it, just playthis gob game and I could pass.

Come on, come on. If I tried hard now, maybe I would get to the goblin’s place.

Compared to living alone in the forest, it was much safer there. Ah but not a lone* man but a lone gob. Haha!

[TN: alone here is translated from hitori (人), with hito means 'human' and ri means 'one' but now he isn't a human anymore]

First of all, I went with 6 goblins.

From now on, the goblin’s village maybe where I’d live.

Thinking like that, I took it as a milestone to get my determination.

Around me now was just the forest, the road that I was walking around was extremely dangerous.

The goblin advances without ever seeming to be lost.

They were not aware of anything around.

Damn it, these people usually live in the forest. Are they really really strong?

While thinking, I just walked and watched around.

The big eyed goblin who started talking to me, not just its lower half, but also its upper half body was wrapped in fur.

It looked like the deer’s skin just now.

Hey, really, did they win against the deer?

Wait a minute, they didn’t need to win to get its fur.

But, I didn’t know if there was any other animal which was bigger than a goblin and could win against the deer.

It was possible they found the corpse and began to peel off the skin.

This guy was just rummaging the corpses! Just like me! Ha ha.

The Goblins’ weapon was all club.

The club or rather shaved wooden sticks.

There was differences in size, but other goblins were also holding wooden sticks.

A-re? The rustle knife I took from the corpse seemed to be rare.

「Ouch gob」

「What a slow brat. If you can't go, we will leave you gob」

I pretended falling down.

I hid the rusty knife in the gap between the tree and the ground

If it was precious, it may be stolen from me always.

Power is everything gob! Maybe they would say that then take it.

And from the beginning it was not mine either!

If it was their property then of course I have to return it!

In that case, I did not mind.

At the time I knew it, I did not know why I became a goblin, so I wasn’t their teammate.

While walking, I threw the horn of the rabbit horn in the bushes nearby.

There was also an obsidian-like stone knife that I hid it inside my waist cloth.

Well, now I just was wearing only a waist cloth.

That’s right, I was wearing the fur that was washed in the river.

So it’s okay, they couldn’t see this me inside this goblin! I’m a goblin and not a pervert!

At this moment in my hand I was holding a club, on my sides were the water bag and an empty bag since I had eaten chestnuts inside.

This, even if I was robbed, it wouldn’t hurt.

Since they were goblins, I didn’t trust them at all.

After walking for a while, I could soon see the land of the goblin.

Mm, due to the encounter with the monster, I wanted to see some of the power of these guys.

Well it couldn’tnot be helped. I might be dangerous and I did well for today.

A person, a no, a gob like me followed the six goblins and returned to the base.

There were companions named meat wall, in this village of Goblin.

Yossha! This will increase the possibility that I survive!

Meat walls-san, nice to meet you!

【 2 】

………. This goblin, their intelligence was really low right.

I thought so while looking at the place call Goblin’s Village.

The Village wasn’t very big.

There was a small fountain, I could see things like houses surrounding it.

Instead of a house, it more like it just leaning on the branch of a big tree that was furnish with leaves.

With a quick look there were about thirty goblins here.

Ah no, maybe there were some in those house things so there should be more.

The Goblin Village was noisy with Ge-gya-gya, and there was nothing feel like civilization.

There didn’t seem to be anyone using working too either.

Weapons were clubs, houses made of broken tree branches.

Really. I was living a civilized life and now I had to get used to this tribal life.

I didn’t even see a bow, is this really ok.

Rather, how could they live in the forest with that monster.

Despite my doubts, six goblins still walked on.

They stopped in front of a small fountain.

Seems water gushed out of this.

It was a beautiful fountain that didn’t suit the Goblin

Oiiiii ! Wash your body if clean water is available !

These guys were really smelly, I thought so the moment I stepped in the village!

Not good, I don’t feel like I can live here!

I was anxious about the future, but the problem was still now.

Right now.

Exactly this moment, in front of me, the goblins were gathering.

There, at the center was a big goblin, surrounding it were some big eyed goblin.

Different from them, the biggest goblin had a rusty sword on its waist.

Seems he was their boss.

I could only distinguish them through their size and the things they wore. I couldn’t tell from their faces.

The boss goblins, came towards me suddenly.

The big eyed goblin that I went with was whispering something to its ear.

What the……. I got a very bad feeling about this…….

「 Hey, brat. It seems the raid feel gob? 」

It used gob at the end! Why is the gob at the end!

Oops, this wasn’t the time to be baffling about this.

Because I didn’t answer immediately, the atmosphere was getting worse.

To not get suspected I used as little words as I could, and with a natural feels with it.

「 Yes gob 」

So why is there the gob……. some philosophies….

「 So then? Why are you still alive gob? 」

A, damn, I really got suspected.

Aren’t they getting bored about this gob. Although it had nothing to do with me.

「 Etto, a very strong group of human came and killed them in a blink of an eye! That’s why only I survive! I thought that if I fought alone I would die too so I ran way! 」

Was it because I didn’t use gob but the goblin’s expressions were a bit strange……

I’m only a no name brat……

「 Fun, what a coward gob. So, where did those human went? 」

A, seems there was no problem. Though I had become ultra-suspicious feeling…

As I though, these goblins were stupid.

「 That way, they left the forest and went that way! Because they in the box pulled by animals so I couldn’t kept up!」

For the time being I talked like an underling. Somehow.

Fu…..The boss goblin let out a sound as if looking down on me and stared at me.

Right, I didn’t feel anything when looked down on by a goblin.

I am a goblin but I am not! I don’t think they’re my kin!

「 You brat is the only survivor. What a useless gob gob  」

Even this one said gob gob! Is it that? Is it some kind of popular in this horde??

The goblin boss stopped looking at me.

It looked round the other goblins and opened its mouth.

「 Follow me gob ! If you find the human, kill the man! Rape the woman! Tonight we feast gob!! 」

(TN: Lok’tar ogar!)

What the hell with that slogan.

Even the boss was also enjoying and getting excited! It was a miracle that they lived till now!

Along with the boss goblin’s cry, the other goblins were also making an uproar.

With this the goblins were put into his fold, rather it was a boss goblin policy.

A bunch of idiots….

Although I didn’t think there was camaraderie in Goblin.

Nevertheless, I opened my mouth naturally.

「 The human, I don’t think we should follow them. They are quick, and strong, so」

「 What ? Brat, what do you want to say gob ? 」

「 We can’t catch up to them, even if we catch up, we’ll get killed anyways」

「 You mean we, I am weaker than them gob ? 」

With the remark of the boss goblin, the noisy surroundings calmed down.

All the goblins around were staring at me.

A-re, this is bad?

「 No, no, It’s not like that, you see, doesn’t human always stay in flock? If we did kill them, their friends would come for vengeance, then we’d be attacked by another group」

It did not reply to my remarks, the boss goblin took a step forward here.

A, this is dangerous.

Say something, I must quickly say something! Work my head!

「 Etto, I think we shouldn’t attack the human ! Because human is clever and ruthless! 」

Yossha, They will understand with this!

It wasn’t that easy, yup. I knew it.

Now I was rolling and rolling on the ground.

It seems that I was thrown away by the boss goblin.

「 Cowardly Goblin! Never reveal yourself before me again gob! Go die in the forest! Ignore the cowardly goblins you guys! Kill the man! Rape the woman! Tonight we feast! 」

(TN: Lok’tar ogar!)

My word seemed to have been totally ignored.


How could these fools understood the fear of human.

Leaving me rolling on the ground, the village goblins sortied.

A-re? In the contrary wasn’t this good for me?

I didn’t think they could catch up, even if they caught up they would be killed anyways.

I couldn’t see the image which they won over the human.

Yup, the result was all right. Moreover, they didn’t take anything.

GJ, me ! From here is my life, no, my goblin life begins!

Haa, I want to become a human again…….

I, a small goblin didn’t understand my fellow humans, nor can I go to the human so I can only live in the forest.

HEY ? A-re? Alone in the woods, no, a gob in the woods?

In the forest where the monster bear and the sword deer? Isn’t it too hard?


Yoshi, let’s live near the Goblin Village!

At worst I could run back to hide and let them fight the monster!

A guy looking for corpses like me wasn’t afraid to become a MPK!

[TN: MPK means Monster Player Kill, someone who lures monsters to kill other players in game]

It is the lowest!! What a small devil I am!


It was the first day that I was about to die a few times, I thought that I reached home and then I got exiled.

The life of a goblin was so tiresome!

This is bullshit, but I’d survive somehow!

3 】

Leaving my hometown, I returned to the way I came.

Not all goblins were gone.

There were still childish goblins with little body and female-like goblins left in the village.

What I meant was, they did not bring anything from the village!

I only rummaging corpse, I’m not a thief!

Ah? Taking stuffs from the dead in the end is still considered stealing isn’t it?

………….. Let’s stop thinking about details.

From the beginning it was the fantasy world of swords and magic, and also monsters.

The law was certainly more or less different. So I would put safety first!

And it seemed law didn’t apply to goblin. Some goblins were killed right away!

There was nothing taken out from the village. But, on the contrary, I could not steal anything either.

The item I had at this time was just a piece of cloth wrapped around my hips, fur and two leather bags.

Well, the weapon was a club and an obsidian-like knife.

I used the empty chestnut bag to draw water from the fountain in the village.

I didn’t steal anything with that size right?

After the goblin left, although the female goblin looked at me with pity, but I thought it didn’t care much!

With this.

「Yoshi, right! From that time until now it has not been two hours! 」

Before entering the village, I hid the rusty knife under the tree.

After looking at the goblin villages, I understood enough.

This was a valuable item.

Only the goblin boss can own a metal weapon.

I had never seen a pan or saucepan in a land of goblins, nor have they seen the use of nails.

Cutting leaves and folding tree they didn’t do a proper work either….

Their civilization level was extremely low! Well, even in story only a minority goblins had built advanced civilization!

Well, besides, I also had to pick up the horn of the horned rabbit. Yoshi yoshi.

Well, here was one problem.

Since I was a goblin, I couldn’t go to human habitation.

In my hometown of goblin, I was chased away, so I could only stay in the forest but …

………… Where do I sleep today? There were a bear and a sword deer in the forest.

The sky was beginning to dye a reddish tinge, which was a very urgent matter for me.

I meant that sunset in this world was also red.

Whether it’d be hot or cold, it”d not be hard to spend a night.

I had to think about monsters. There was no choice but to escape.

At that time I would try my best with 【Escape Feet】! Because with my 【Night Eyes】 I should be safe in the night! I had to go to sleep!

Ah? Do goblin sleep right from the start? Wasn’t【Night Eyes】 supposed to work at night?

Well, I did not know, let’s stop thinking.

Let’s stop thinking about this complex reality.

More importantly, the night is approaching.

What to do now.

As a matter of fact, I also decided where I would be.

It would be a place couldn’t be seen from the Goblin Village, but in the territory of the goblins.

What for?

If I encountered a strong monster or attacked by humans, I’d run to the village to hide!

I would hide in there and leave the opponent to them! Hyuu, such heresy!

It can not be helped, I was just a goblin! Just a little devil goblin!

While simulating the attack, I walked in the forest wary of my surroundings.

It was temporary inn.

I hoped there was a big rock, a fallen tree, a dent hole or something. Or I wonder if I would stay on a tree.

By the way, I had not seen the birds of this world yet.

I wondered if they were not just birds but monsters.

Aa, is there a monster monkey in the tree?

It was so annoying. Although I was troubled it can not be helped!

Because I didn’t have any information source! Seriously what fate this is!

Haa, why did I say those words in the goblin village?

Just a little patience, living in the goblin village I can gather knowledge then…

Well it wasn’t time to be depressed! Switching switch!

*Pop* Banging my cheeks, I comforted myself.

Because I would seriously die if I stayed down here.

No more worrying, now if I didn’t prepare a camp it’ll be very bad.

Alright, I’ll do it on trees!

I was scared of birds and monkey monsters, but they might not be in this forest!

I needed to know where the bear monster and sword deer or strong beast monster were on the ground!

Assuming that there were monkeys or birds monster coming, I had to run to the ground quickly!

Watching around me as I walked in the forest, and then looking up at some big trees.

If you make a tree house, you will need to classify the tree or type of tree, but if it was one night, then whatever.

It was not necessary to find a place where you can lie, just enough to sit.

Immediately I found a tree that looks good.

I quickly cut the vines (ivy) that are wrapped around the nearby tree with an obsidian knife.

Long ivy, got it!

I curled it up, holding onto one side of the vine that was rolled into bundles with my right hand.

I turned a bunch of ivy behind the tree and hold the ivy even with my left hand.

When I touched the trunk of the tree with both hands, the bundle of ivy that went around behind the tree was pulled.

So I was able to climb the tree.

How do I know how to do this?

Was it once I was human I also lived like this?

Since I couldn’t remember, so I also asked such a question.

I could only leave it.

Placing my legs on the trunk, I began to climb like a worm.

Legs embraced the tree. I just leaned and supported my body with vines and hands.

Body swelling, pulling legs. Then he hugged the tree. Repeat.

About 5 meters from the ground, I immediately arrived at the branch I was aiming for.

Climbing was fast but I couldn’t get down immediately.

Sitting on a thick branch, I suddenly breathed out, Goblin.

After this I wanted to twist the ivy which I put together properly and made it rope-like.

The rope of life, I hoped I could use it to climb down quickly in case of danger.

But what I needed most now was to stay calm, first of all let’s rest.

I took the leather bag on my hips and drank water.

What a turbulent day…..

When I realized that I was a goblin, my goblin friends were killed by humans in an instance, now I was in the forest and rummaging corpses.

I discovered monsters that seemed stronger than me, and were exiled from the Goblin Village.

How many times have I almost die today?

But, I must continue to survive.

Although it seemed I was incarnated, but I was goblin without any cheat, wasn’t this too hard.

Well there might be level up or evolution, right! I hope there was! Haha.

Oh, I got a skill displayed for some reason.

It was even in Japanese again. I didn’t understand anything.

Tomorrow, I’ll think about it tomorrow.

I still didn’t know what to do next!

Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Let’s survive tomorrow.

Haa, I wanted to go back to being human.

If so, I had to get into the carriage of those human, or to go towards that road, whether it was the place of human or not……